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In magic I don’t have any level but I would like to start slowly. I first have to anchor myself because I am very disembodied, with a very strong wound of rejection and refusal of incarnation. I have learned that a bad anchoring makes the rituals fail. I also know that a magic training is necessary, but before doing so, I would like to learn a little bit about the magic universe, in order to find a “motivation” that will lead me to be able to do the proposed draconian trainings. In order to get anchored it is necessary to go through Wicca? It’s not possible in the satanist branch?

Satan, one day, at my request (when I wasn’t afraid of him) made me experience a level of anchoring… hallucinating. I felt completely connected to the Earth and my energy circulated between me and the Earth. In New Age, I didn’t find that again.

What do you advise me to do?
I’m in a Satanism Theist orientation (I think it’s obvious).

Please let me know if you know. And thank you very much.
I tried Koetting but it’s too raw to start…for someone…who is out of the New Age and Catholic… Same for Asenath. I’m looking for an XD brew, something for beginners.

I just learned that this forum has LHP and RHP. I haven’t figured out how to access it yet, except by “all category” but I don’t see anything about RHP. So this forum had the courage to unite the two polarity, which the Catholic Church didn’t succeed in doing? Impressive, and moreover it exists for real, it’s fabulous !!! So a priest who knows how to unite the two, maybe there is such a thing?

Thank you for your attention and your reading.

Firstly I’m not certain how you figured Satanic for Draconian. These are two separate things, technically. How ever there are many branches of Satanism that you could work through. If that’s what calls to you directly.

If Theistic Satanism is what you are leaning obviously toward, start by looking for study in the selected area that interests you.

If E.A Koetting and Asenath Mason are too raw for you, I can tell you that Draconian Magick isn’t for you. Though you’re speaking of Satanism which is different entirely.

Technically there is such a thing, however alot of people have travelled both sides of the path.

For me Satanism and the draconian are not the same. The draconian is Asenath Mason, Satanism, there is Joy of Satan that I know, and only that for the moment. Also Anton’s, but it is not theistic.

Greetings! :+1:

Simple guide for evocation:

And I think this will be useful, reply on that thread if you need translation help for anything in the post. :+1:


Thank you very much Lady Eva, I wasn’t expecting an answer from you at all and I thank you for it.I have learned that evocation is very dangerous, so I abstained for the moment. But there is a question I have.If I have no malicious intention, and I even have the very ardent desire to serve the Devil with heart and devotion, why would evocation be dangerous? What exactly is dangerous? I know I’m naive, so that’s why I’m asking the question, because I know I’m quite unconscious?

In evocation, I would risk looking for a way to “abandon myself to him” to rely on him (in fact, to realize the Christian idea of relying on God, which does not exclude personal work). Naively I think this is safe because my intention is pure. But am I mistaken?

I also seek how to incarnate myself in my body (very strong refusal of incarnation) by magical means that are without risk. Can you direct me ? Because I know that this is the basis of the basis.

Secondly, I am looking -( and this is important for me ) to know how to contact the Demons.New age methods do not suit me for this faculty, moreover the new age medium often channels a being that is not the one claimed (ex; Jesus) and in fact it is another entity. So I would like to know how to channel for real. The evocations don’t allow that, because apparently it would be necessary to develop faculties. Can I have a light on it, or be sent to the corresponding articles? I learned that there may be an opening of the third eye for that, which is annoying for me because I’m not allowed to open it if I have no anchorage, it’s dangerous. I’ve also read some scary stuff like that

Koetting offers a training course ( ), but I can’t access it because I’m French and I’m going to struggle to translate his videos. Isn’t there an easier way? How can I make sure or verify the interlocutor ? I tried a little bit to channel Satan, the answer is impacting but I still doubt what is done.

In relation to you, I don’t know who you are, but I have the feeling that you are like a priestess (in any case I feel the feminine energy well developed) and if this is the case, I am very interested. Interested in this course, in studying to be a priestess, in defining and knowing what a priestess is. Have you reached the level where you know WHO you are beyond the character (awakening)?

Ultimate Jackpot!! This is what I was looking for. Thank you Lady Eva it’s thanks to you !!! The base and the Truths I’m looking for are !!!

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