New kid need Help in invoking spirits

Hello Everyone, I am new here.
I am starting study about invoking after I get a hardcopy of Lesser Key of Solomon.
but after I read a lot from this forum, there is a different way of invoking spirits.
Can anyone tell me which way is better to get help from the spirits (financial help)?

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When it comes to invoking spirits, the main point is to establish a line of communication. Sigil magick is the simplest way.

Trust yourself, your imagination is supposed to fill in the gaps and communicate to you what the spirit wants to project into your mind.

For a new person with no background or a mentor to guide you, I would suggest working with magick in a way that’s already established some precedent for working in a consistent, safe as possible manner.

The Gallery of Magick Books by Damon Brand has some financial magick books, but Gordon Winterfield’s Demon book has a working system for invoking the Goetic Demons.

Other than that, look around the various BALG authors and use the search function to find various money spells.


oke, thanks bro
any ways can you help me how to invoke spirits like King Belial?
Solomon way of invocation is forcing the spirit and a little complicated

Look up how to use spirit sigils from BALG.

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Marbas is a good entity to start with, The Chief is a lot of fun, go in with no expectations as to what he should look like, it’s more fun that way. The Chief is awesome. I found his sigil to work well for me, just had it on my monitor, no candles, nothing, just focused on the sigil, didn’t even need to draw it. I’ve apparently had experiences with him in other existences. Offer up some good booze from time to time, drop a little cash, treat yourself to some good single malt scotch (Glenfidich worked well), proper sipping tequila, a good red wine, or some Good beer/ale (not Budweiser, or any of the major brand piss water, his words).


I tried but nothing happened, maybe someone was summoning him or the planetary hour wasnt not right

Goetic demons don’t really have planetary hours, and they are capable of appearing to millions of magicians all over the world, all at the same time. The demon most likely came if you opened his sigil properly, but your senses aren’t developed enough to tell.

Take a look at your expectations. Calling demons is not like it is in the movies. If you don’t have a materialization base, like incense or blood, you won’t see anything, even if the demon is standing right in front of your face, unless your inner vision is open and you are capable of peering into the astral.

Please check your terminology. Invoking a spirit is to take the spirit’s essence inside of you. Evocation is calling a spirit to stand before you. Knowing the difference is important if you want to do a proper search for information on this forum, as suggested above. You will find everything you need to know here.


Hello Lindy,

First of all I’d like to start by pointing out the fact that BALG is a very tight and supportive community, however I advise you to introduce yourself so people will know that you have good intentions.

It’s one of the rules, please read them.

Regarding to this topic, I suggest reading a lot before trying to do anything involving Magick.

I recommend getting a copy of Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, it will explain how spirits work, how to invocate/evocate and much more, believe me when I say that it will help you a lot.

Best of luck,


@DarkestKnight thanks for the recommendation, I should starting learning from other magician.
@Kamarov I has introduced myself, thanks before