Nephilim DNA

Hey everyone.

I’ve been pondering about this for a couple weeks now and never come to a satisfying conclusion.

I am thinking if the Nephilim did exist, some of us might be descended from them, but then again the bible takes place in the middle east and I suppose only people from the middle east would descent from them.

I have done yes or no tarot reading and gotten the 5 of pentacles, which is a no, so I am out of the equation. Either way I have strong doubts that this is actually real and feel like this just being marketed to the average “tik tok witch” to feel special, like that whole starseed thing. So I have a feeling that this is a ruse, or at least exaggerated to make people spend money.

I’m wondering what you guys think? Are you perhaps Nephilim or what are your thoughts on them and the possibility of being descended by them?

And btw I know that some people can be starseeds, I am not denying that, but that whole subject has been blown out of proportion by these new agers.


I am looking for the article I read a few years backing saying that - blood types could be who you are talking about.

What I am linking is not it but I think you would find it interesting.

I personally am rh - and have green eyes and reddish brown hair naturally (so lots of rates so to speak) I am also American and my bloodlines for the most part are Irish (most dominant) Welsh, English and German.

So the descendants would literally be all over the world.


Given that they are the offspring of incarnated angels with humans… I know already a few angels that have sacrificed their immortality and power to descend to human level to incarnate in human forms taking on ego minds and the like but carrying a decent bit of their power. Some more so than others. This would make them fairly common and since these genetics are more a spiritual code any reincarnations would count if that latent potential is awakened.

Would be hard to tell between a strong psychic and one such higher level soul though without training and most likely would just suppress such and continue to devolve back into base human stock.

It could also likely refer to angels that forsake their role to take human incarnations and not just the offspring resulting from their playing around and indiscretions after taking human form. I would say it refers to both possibilities.


So between my studies and personal gnosis, it’s a multi layered thing really.

Part of it actually has to do with the stars.

From there, a lot of “giant” stories involve a flood.

My gnosis is that what’s remembered as “giants” and the “nephilim” actually ties back to Atlantis, and the flooding that destroyed it and it’s people (and scattered the survivors)

Remember, the bible is pretty new on the scene and parts of it’s content are lifted from previous sources. Babylonian, Egyptian…

I think Damien echols is close on his take:

On the anthropological end of things, the “nephilim” could also be an ancient form of humans that interbred with everyone else…interesting to contemplate.

The other theme that presents itself a lot is the association of giants with Darkness


People think rh negative blood is nephilim or hybrid


I am what you said।
It’s no big difference other than quick success with working with spirits.

Nothing else.

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where can I learn more about angels that come to this life as humans?

There’s a current of thought that not only are human hybrids with ET DNA, but that many species and races contributed more or less in different waves. The kinds of ETs that were the watchers had DNA that wasn’t 100 compatible and the documentation speaks of the pregnancies killing the women with babies tat were too big or had to be born by cesarian. The historian Freddy Silva has studied the available documents and talks about this in several books with some interesting references to back up his analyses.

Another line of thinking has it that the nephilim were the children of the survivors from Atlantis, were not giants, but as basically dumbed down selfish people with siddhis they caused gigantic problems. LHP thinkers are, or so I hear, generally rejected from mystery schools, (think Crowley getting thrown out of the Golden Dawn) not because you have to accept being a conduit of ‘god’ to gain adept skills, but because the teachers don’t want masters that will cause destruction at will, aka ‘sin’, by not acting in alignment with god (which I read as, “don’t be a dick and we’ll teach you”).
So that brings in a lot of judgement, regulation and a level of control by the ascended with the intent of skewing outcomes to the positive.

In ether case, the DNA is in all homo sapiens to a greater or lesser extent.

This could say something else as well… It’s a card about poverty, and the effect of being impoverished on the mind. We tend to withdraw menially and focus on ourselves and immediate survival when times are hard, which can cause us to miss seeing opportunities. The implication is that there’s information you’ve already come across, but it didn’t register as important. You might find something cool if you look back over your notes. :slight_smile:


Mostly just through personal experience. They aren’t common but I’d say a few exist at any given time though of lower rank and unknown name. You aren’t going to find a big one incarnating as a human for many reasons.

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I heard that the watchers see you as a part of their family, what are your experiences in that regard?

Interesting interpretation. I have a strong connection to Azazel for some reason. I remember saying his name once and literally saw a white light move across my room. Lol that sounds so crazy, but its true. Idk why Azazel is like that, but I tend to stick to Lilith and spirits that are around her.

I thought I might have been a Nephilim, but I really don’t want to fool myself into believing something just because it’s cool to be different than others, so I’d rather take the “no” answer than a “yes”. I just can’t 100% prove it, so a No is better I think.