Negative thoughts

Even if you don’t believe the positive, keep telling yourself positive things about yourself! Your subconscious mind will believe it. Our subconscious will pick up on it like how people who joke about certain fetishes will begin to have them because our subconscious doesn’t understand sarcasm or jokes.
Others say it takes 5 compliments to recover from an insult. I personally do 10-20 each time I make one negative comment on myself. (10 being a small one, 20 being something that could ruin my day) You can just repeat one thing you like about yourself 10 times or list 10 things you are good at.

Best way to get rid of a negative thought it a distraction from a really positive thought! Intrusively thinking about something bad? Scream the positive thought or repetitively tell yourself it. DGAF how “tiny” the positive thought is or if the negative outweighs it, positive is still good!

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Wow, what a glowing recommendation!

If you could just read one to start, which of the two would you read first?

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Ohhh! That’s a tough one! Dude…! Ohh! If I was to recommend one… I would have to choose the psychic self defense book.

But realistically it has to be both. Because energy work is essential to build you energy bodys strength & stamina enough to be able to utilize the techniques within the psychic self defense book.

However in the self defense book, he does go over briefly how to move and run energy so you will be able utilize the techniques, but it’s no where near the amount of detail and instructions that is given in his energy work book that would build the proper energy development necessary to output enough force to defend yourself in most given situations. Especially the more power you obtain, the harder the attacks appear to become in my experience. But that right there is a different topic because getting attacked from parasites and negs could be a lot of different reasons, such as your goals and the test that come your way which will be reflected in the attacks you will receive.

I’ve been doing the psychic self defense for quite a few years now & dude… if I had read that book first then I would have saved myself ALOT of trouble. I could’ve saved my mom & step dads relationship. I could have saved my step fathers health… I could saved my mom from unnecessary treatment that made me really hate my step father. I could have saved my self from so many blockages that stopped me from obtaining the things that I should already have. I should be well in mastering astral projection & messing around with kundalini and having a successful online buisness. But unfortunately I was so caught up in developing my energy body that I was ignorant of psychic self defense until one day I had gotten a consultation from the man himself and he told me what I needed to do. So if I had to choose one book… Id recommend the Psychic Self Defense Handbook.

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Wow, duuude…This is quite something! I’ll definitely start with Psychic Self Defense.

I wish I had time to do both, but I’m in a bad situation and time is very short right now.

Although, I’ll say — if you ever need help with online business, I’m pleased to help. I’ve been at that since i was a poverty stricken child at the start of the internet, so i know a thing or 900. lol. I’m always pleased to help friends!

Now this is quite interesting,too.

You also do magick, right? So you do banishing with Yohach, Kalach, Michael and everyone, right?

And yet the Psychic Defense works better for parasites and negs, too??

If so, that’s really fascinating… I mean if this can outpower the archangel banishings, I’ve gotta get on it!

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Flip the script. I like that expression.

Yeah it’s pretty good! & you know… doing a banishing with a entity is a lot more powerful!

I mean… if my banishments fail for whatever reason using my own energy… then if I want to or if I don’t have enough time. I could definitely do a banishment with a entity’s and the effects are usually instantaneous. After awhile you build up enough power through developing your energy body, well… damn people will very surprised and at the force… especially with some blood :fire::green_heart:

Black Magic is definitely a different story… Shoot,. the progression in abilities has been outstanding! I was able to get the best job ever, my mom is more happy! I’m healthy! Everything is going right now! It took awhile to learn and a lot of hard lesson being learned, but man… I feel fuckin solid.

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Ok cool! Sounds like you got amazing results!

I don’t know if you use this one, too, but the Yohach/Kalach banishing from Damon Brand takes like 10 to 30 seconds.

So what do you recommend doing on your own with the DIY psychic self defense vs entity based banishings?

In other words, what should i (or other people reading this) focus on the psychic defense book?

It sure sounds like your progression with your black magick went off the hook! (And congrats, btw!!)

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Woah thanks man :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually just got the whole 21 serious book from Damon, I haven’t read them yet, but I’m feeling good about it, a lot of people have been talking about the books, man what a coincidence!

I would definitely focus on energy development and practicing self defense on a daily basis to where it becomes muscle memory, such as understanding how to stop negative thoughts from entering & also understanding thoughts that come in pictures in our minds. Alot of people seem to have trouble with the visual attacks, it’s could be implanted from negs. Things such as recognizing when a particular mindset on something is causing blockages in our progression. Also a big one family attachments. Sometimes our bonds with our parents cause a lot of harm to us since we so connected them that it runs even deeper with our ancestors. Umm, relationships! You know… That’s kind of the same things as parents relationships. I have deep attachments in my relationships and I notice that I temd to take on there weight of attacks from there negs and ancestral attachments.

I mean there is whole list of possiblites that can cause blockages from progressing the way we want to.

The psychic self defense book from Robert has been the best book I have read this far on “ in the moment” Self defense…

As far as DIY self defense techniques… I have been experimenting with great success utilizing a combination in systems. Right now for example… I am testing using my physical body strength & adrenaline to enhance the living shit out of my banishments and reversals. We all should know that the physical body and the energy body goes hand n hand. So I believe the more physically capable we are that the more power we can force into our magic. This might not be new, but I haven’t found any information on it. I plan on taking this to the next level as every new generation should.

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I love talks like these :slightly_smiling_face: it makes my energy raise naturally and I can feel which area in my energy body is first going to give out sooner or later. It let’s me know what I need to focus on. :smirk:

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Yeah, you’re doing great! I’m glad people are noticing. Of course, you are very welcome.

OK cool! That’s a good collection to have. So since you’re into psychic defense, open up Damon Brand’s “Magickal Protection” and try the sword banishing with Yohach and Kalach and their swords made out of starlight.

I also make their eyes out of starlight. It’s actually a lot of fun to visualize them lol.

The Sword Banishing takes literally a half minute or so. I think it’s recommended for twice daily use. So easy.

Then once you get to know that, try the “Master Protection Ritual” once per day.

There’s two genius spirits there you call that will actually increase your magick abilities and powers to do magick. Then there’s other ones will enhance the power over your own domain.

This was odd to do at first, but 10 days in, I haven’t felt peace like this in a LONG time. It’s SO unusual, especially given what happened to me (I was basically murdered Black Mirror or Twilight Zone style recently when my bipolar partner went into a narcissistically flavored mania).

I will get into the books you’ve recommended soon. Even though I talk casually on this forum (since it feels so comfortable here!), I’m actually very short of time until I get out this insane situation.

So if there is a certain chapter I should read first, kindly let me know!

I massively appreciate your posts here, and read some of your older posts about how far you’ve come. It is impressive. You’ve done a fantastic job and have every right to feel good! I also like to see that you care about your family. Good man!

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I appreciate that to the fullest. & I also appreciate your recommendations. <3

I personally feel that I’m at the point to where I have trained enough that whenever I need instructions, I just get into deep physical relaxation real quick while I’m standing and I open my mind to receive information. Instructions are very easy to come by since I’ve practiced downloading information and deciphering them in a daily basis.

A good example is my previous post on successfully getting the best job for me.

The techniques I utilized and the entites that helped me really instructed me & I followed every bit of instructions & what’s crazy… is that a couple of days later Ea Koetting & Connor Kendall came out with the “Wealth Magick Book”. & what’s so crazy is that, the instructions that are in there Is basically what I was already doing! It’s like I know I’m on the correct path!

Of course I’m not saying this too brag, but instead… when you are desperate enough & you really want something, then… you cannot be stopped. You will be given all the tools you will ever need.

Now another thing is, even though I believe that I’m way ahead than what I need to be… that doesn’t stop me from learning from magicians who might be considered newbies. I love the fresh perspective and the fresh set of eyes they bring to the table, it blows my mind all the time!

One thing to note… ( I don’t really have this problem so much) but… itcan be very hard to take advice from newer magicians because there is all sorts of energy interference and negs & parasites that take advantage of them that in can be hard for a higher level magician to not freak out.

Such as… getting frustrated & taking unnecessary anger out on them. I notice that the ego will be very very much tested.

I talk to higher level magicians all the time and I see these things that they are doing wrong… & the number one thing I notice is that… they are much older than I am. Which means that the symptoms for them are much more harder… especially if they are public.

I think the only magician that is kind of the same age as me is Connor Kendall, he’s calm and relaxed… I respect the shit out of him & his methods. I’m even thinking of getting a consultation with him in the future.

So dude… once again I cannot emphasize enough to do psychic self defense ASAP.

I would go as far as using sigil Magick, blood Magick, and Mantras, ect… in combination with the techniques.

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Great words of advice! Thank you.

Also something else you’re about, Connor is incredible! I was trying to figure out how to contact him, actually. I only realized he was as young as he like the other day lol.

It’s mind blowing how skilled he is already.

I also had no idea you’re so young. Well, double congratulations on your progress!

Hey there’s two older magicians you might like on YouTube. One is a Freemason who’s also one of the last well trained ninjas. You might really like him. Look up “Martin Faulks”. He can be really fun in a way.

Although he’s often on an ultra low calorie diet which can make him talk very, very slowly at times. Lol. I think he’s drastically lowered his metabolism with his austere diet.

Then there’s a Finnish lady (magick is still part & parcel of daily Finnish life) who has something like 60+ years of experience… “Marjorie Ek”. She’s done everything. Don’t always understand her since she’s tried EVERYTHING, but I love learning from her. She also has a very caring attitude.

Her more recent content is angel oriented, but not her older content.

Sigil magick never worked me as well as direct mind magick for whatever reason. It’s always self powered, right? I tried A.O. Spare’s sigil book as a teen, if I remember correctly. For whatever reason, just imagining end results worked better for me (which is something I knew to do even when I was something like 6 years old). Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Blood magick I’ve never tried! I’m in such a weird situation, maybe I should (speed is basically all important rn).

Mantras are fantastic, but the ones I’ve tried so far are slow — and I need to optimize around speed right now.

Speed is why I’ve been researching Azazel — he seems powerful, friendly and fast. Not only is he a favorite around here, but one of my favorite “angel” type authors, Ars Aurora, even recommends Azazel. That’s a mighty high recommendation to me. I trust Ars quite a bit.

Actually, with his more recent works, I guess he’s not an “angel author” anymore. He goes quite beyond that now.

When it comes to darker entities or magick, I almost feel like I’m going through resumes… checking their reputation around town (BALG), checking references, etc. lol.

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Yeah dude! Connor goes deep & then when he’s almost done he continues to deep & then when he almost done again… he goes even deeper… and then even deeper…

Oh man… you know, bro… black Magick requires a high level of energy development to utilize the skills… we tend to think that we need to learn all we possibly can and the lack of development would be negligible in the future by acquiring all the skills necessary to make up for the other… but, in reality what you really need to focus on, is just energy body development and psychic self defense first.

You really need the proper amount force to break through!.! You will realize that you don’t need all the extra things and knowledge, but rather it will be a bonus & bonus on top of another after awhileee… I recommend sticking to what you know you will be good at & practice the living fuck out of it first… then move on. You will notice that systems of magic will become much more easier to learn over and over again.

It’s good to have a game plan & gather the required knowledge for your goals and some… but there is a point to where you are basically being distracted by forums and ect…