Negative force slipt through, need some advice

Hi everyone,

Yesterday i wanted to focus evocation on ascend and senses. Doing that i wanted help from Arch Angels and I’m working with Lucifer and with him i Evoke Lilith, i want to do this for a longer period. It where 2 seperate rituals. Beside that i’ve discussed a Ouija thread on a Demon with someone on the forum. After both rituals everything was fine. But when i go to bed i smelt a strange smell and the dim light whent very bright. I was almost sure on a certain moment something slipped through. I had a terrible dream that my mother was possessed and i was possessed against my will. Luckily i woke and i did the Kof Banashing incantation that seemed to work.

Now i’m very worried about going on with the ritual. Anyone any tips, what this could be?
To be honest it could be a low level enitity and still some fear attrackting it.


Hey there, what ritual actions did you do? You might’ve inadvertently put up a ‘Kick Me’ sign, left a door open that you should’ve barricaded shut, etc.

One thing I don’t see people talking about on here is that spells are programs, and involved entities act similar to software or hardware. So unless you established a sub-routine that handles unwanted guests, you’re actually asking for it, on an energetic level. Rituals are their own pocket universe!


I did just a basic evocation and because it where similair spirits in the LHP and i called on the Arch Angels in another ritual i didn’t do the banishing.

Stupid because in the first LHP rituals i used the Sigil. In the second ritual i called the Arch Angels without a seal. So i think i left a door open.

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OP, ‘basic evocation’ means nothing, that’s just a way of saying ‘I switched frequencies and talked to some things I believe were my guys’.

Rituals are pocket universes. Every part matters!

Don’t think of it in terms, think of it in the specific. What did you do?

Yes i think so too. In one i used the sigils. And i felt he was there Lucifer. In the other i didn’t use the seals and call upon the Arch Angels without banishing because you’re right i didn’t know for sure if they where there. I’m going to explain in detail

I wanted to do 1 invocation and two evocations with separate candles LHP/RHP (I work with both):

  1. NAP (New Avatar Power) full ritual (on Health) from the book with invocation. I’ve been using NAP for a year now.

  2. Evocation of Lucifer and Lilith asking Lilith if it’s ok to evoke them more often, to work on my senses/ascend, Lucifer I evoke more often. This is the ritual I use, without the KOF banishing because I do Sigil evocation:

And I use this from Darkest night (meditate on it):

Try the Incantation to See and Hear Spirits, received by a forum member from the Spirit Fastos, Keeper of the Demonic Tongue:

“Altash Faltu Kanta Exune (Lucifer or Lilith’s name) Kalla Kama Fultu.”

I Closed the ritual and then I started meditating and call the Arch Angels to work on ascend and hearing them. I think this was the more blind evocation. Closed the ritual without banishing.

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Ok OP, I’ve got a few cursory questions for you about the procedure.

  • What was your physical setup or surroundings, if you didn’t intentionally set the stage?

  • Are you also focusing on natural energy flows when meditating?

  • Why the ‘conjugation of all magical powers’? You don’t want everything, you want two people. What’s the point of letting anything come through like that, assuming the chant works as advertised?

  • If you weren’t focusing on who you wanted to talk to until you got a response, that’s another door.

  • Enns are just auditory cues for the Spirits, and sigils act like brand names. Color/number of candles makes a difference, and so does welcoming/bidding goodbye to your guests. Walk them to their car, at least! :slight_smile:

  • Unless you have a setup that’s tuned for the type of Spirit you’re calling, anything that refers to itself as an Arch Angel, or looks like one, can join the party.

  • Your banishing may have smoothed any feathers that the intrusion ruffled, but that could be far from the end of it. If their trail being gone makes you think they are, it wouldn’t hurt to get a crossX.

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  • Physical setup ( I use my table in my living room). Smell in my living room. Attack in my sleeping room.

  • Mostly on breath and making my head empty

  • Magical powers, yes I assume, maybe my mistake.

  • You don’t dismiss Lucifer and I didn’t have any problems with former evocations of him. But on the other hand I i did close both rituals. But with the Archangels i think i was to light on dismissal maybe. Can you give me an example? Candle white for Lucifer, Red for Lilith, White for the Angels (another).

  • I think you mean a cross Exam. Does that mean for example the LBRP?

Thanks bye the way @Qayos, for taking the time!

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Hey, where’d you do the banishing? ‘Banishing’ is a silly way of saying ‘cutting the cord’, like from a baby to its mother. Connectivity issues can thwart the lazy parasites, but the big problem with such a broad category is that the produced results differ significantly. Some of that is based on the sequence you use, some on the Spirits you’re banishing, and some on your own power. The best one I’ve seen floating around the Web is the solar one from I AM on Studioarcanis, because it manages to boost your reserves while frying a lot of types of pest. That’s not a superfix though. And yeah cross examinations are a great help from reliable sources.

For Lucifer, white is a good contact color, though some of his aspects are better reached through light blue, bright yellow, and forest green.

‘Dismissal’ is a flawed way of looking at the closing. When it’s your birthday, do you make everyone gather round, give you presents, obey your demands, and so forth? Or are you grateful that they came, host a party, and make sure all your guests get out alright before doing cleanup? Closing matters just as much as opening. Do you throw people out when they give you what you want, or do you graciously accept, hear out what they want, and help them depart easily when both of you have reached a benefit?

The right closing shows you’re capable of doing business as a spiritual adult. It intimidates random predators looking for an easy fix, gives pause to bandits and thieves, and might get you a referral or visit to or from something more equipped to help you, or aligned with your interests.

And no problem! I’m here to shoot my shit after all. :slight_smile:

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I did the banishing in the living room and in one sleeping room.

Got it here ;-)" I Am's Solar Grounding & Banishing Ritual

Thanks @Lady_Eva :wink:

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You did a cooperative evocation of Lilith together with Lucifer, am I correct?

When spirits are aiding with evocation, they should use precautionary means to keep curious spirits and potential parasites at bay. The same goes when dealing with astral projection. This basically means that the aiding spirit uses sigils, salt or any other strong ingredient that will shut the door for any uninvited guests.

Lucifer should know this, too.

I have literally, figuratively and physically felt my succubus spouse doing these precautionary steps before an evocation and for bigger preporatory ceremonial meetings in the astral plane. She put sigils all over the place and threw salt on me and around me. The amount of magical knowledge that some of our spirits have, are invaluable. And our senses of how we perceive our spirits is just as valuable, because there’s a lot to learn about how they operate with us and around us.


Hi @succupedia, the more i think about it the more i was to nice. To open in my evocation. And i felt the presence of Lucifer, so i think that was ok only the second evocation of the Archangels i fucked up. And yes i have to change my steps a bit in the Lilith, Lucifer evocation.

My senses are getting better but they are stil questionable. So chance on error is bigger.

I am a person who opens doors by being to friendly. This has to be more strict

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I did divination about talking to another spirit and it came up with Lilith. So i practised and felt Lucifer there too. First time went great.

Nice to hear your spouse helps and thanks for the examples.

I’ve sensed Lucifer saying to put his Sigil in my bedroom tonight. I charge it always in evocation.

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In which ways did you feel him? Are your head chakra fully opened? If it is fully opened, it often feels like you have a wintercap or a headband on your head, and swirling and moving energies are moving all over your head. Sometimes it’s even the hands of spirits that caresses your head. This basically means you’re powerfully charged and even have strong resistance towards most spirits out there.

There’s nothing wrong in being friendly, but there’s no reason with too much strictness. Keeping things calm and firm by standing your ground, should be enough. That’s how I see it.

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Depends on it, the headband thing not but the energies and the hands of spirits i feel. I’m still developing. I feel him mostly. Like energy, character, feeling someone with you when you are in need. But he is gently. The energy of yesterday i felt straight away this is not right.

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I think it’s the fear also a parasite feeds on it. I was reading the last days to much negative things and i take that with me. So i need to get on with the more positive stuff.

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How did that energy felt? This can be of importance, because sometimes it’s not malicious at all. Lilith can manifest as dark and uncomfortably, yet without no ill intent towards the one summoning her.

Fear, in itself, can be fed upon still without ill intent from the one feeding upon it. You just serve it on a silver plate for them, so they take the opportunity to feed. You just have to remove the fear, and they act differently towards you.

A lot of black magicians put the “parasite” label on Lilith’s children, just because they have a tendency to “latch” upon their human partners. It’s how they operate to bond with humans, and the deeper they bond, the deeper they’re latch and depends on their partners.

The only thing that I see is off with your experience is the smell, though.

I never thought of Lilith’s children or about Lilith @succupedia . The first time (evocation) she felt motherly and it was in my first evocation Lucifer introduced me. I still hear parts not everything.

Just a quick recap.

  1. AVP ritual - Closing
  2. Evocation Lilith/Lucifer closing (using Sigil, candles)
  3. Evocation of Arch Angels

I did read something negative about Ouija and spirits attached (maybe I took energy of it with me).

Then I’ve watched tv and my dimmer on my light went full on, it was so powerful that it made me a bit scared. I was thinking on banishing but I went right to bed. I forgot to drink some water so I got back and then I smelt it. Not thinking to much of it, I went to bed.

Then it happened in a dream. I saw my diseased mother possessed and later I got possessed to, I had no control it all. Maybe it sounds stupid. I did awake, cold energy and did the banishing. Let on a little light and felt a sleep with no problem.

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