Need to do a 'neighbour moves' type spell, no access to their front door... help?

So I have a pain in the *** who lives in the flat above me, I won’t get into it too much, but there is a very hostile energy in the building and a general sense of uneasiness and a non-stop banging on the wall every time I move, they’re very difficult basically.

However as they live above me, the doors leading up to their flat is via a communal door that only residents who are not on the ground floor would have the keys to, therefore I cannot sprinkle any black salt or hotfoot powder outside their door, at best I could throw some at their window but then it would land outside my front door - obviously I don’t want that.

Anything else I can do instead? Would petitioning and doing fear-instilling rituals suffice?

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Greetings Niantiel69,

I had this problem few years ago.

I opened King Paimon sigil and asked my neighbor leave the building.

He moved few weeks later and never came back !

King Paimon is a great King. When I contact him through the Sigil, his powerful presence fill the atmosphere. it is like a “collapsing” between his … density of power and the fabric of reality of this world. His presence is powerful. And charming.

Hail Great King Paimon !


I would sprinkle it right in front of that door. I just would avoid stepping in it for a day or so, unless your never near it then you have zero issues. It does not have to be a the very door (it helps but). I threw stuff in my neighbors front yard and three weeks later he was gone. Just make it known when creating the powder or spell that you are not to be affected in any way.

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Wow! And what did you throw at it? I’ve tried graveyrd dirt and banishing fluids that I bought from the esoteric store, but they didn’t work for me.

Cant remember all of it. Used my monthly cycle for one, pepper, lemon juice, anything nasty or rotten I could add, I have my own hot foot power and added that in it. new moon water.

I couldnt believe it when i saw the uhaul truck a few weeks later. meaning it started working in about a week cause by then he already found a new place and such.


Thank you, I was debating on whether this is Belial or Paimon’s specialty, I will call on King Paimon and with great respect.

Thank you for your response

What, so sprinkle a powder of my choosing (hot foot or black salt etc…) outside of the communal doors leading up to their flat (apartment=flat) ?

As many people go in and out of that communal door as about 2 or 3 families live in the flats above me so I don’t want the spell/working to work on the wrong person/people.

Ok, I’ll be sure to do that, thanks.

Try the Forced Exile ritual from the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.


I read someone give that answer on another post but forgot. Thanks for mentioning that, I watch all those GOM books & similar ones like the works of Gordon Winterfield. It’s a shame I can’t buy every book I want in a week :rofl:

Thank you so much

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Corwin hargrove in his book influence magic say get a floour circle, and draw sitri seal and by the he ha oo and 3 angels say sitri tat person move asap…


^^ what does that mean?

If you know them by name then direct the spell to target them and them alone. Yes you want the powder to be sprinkled on somewhere they will step.

When i did mine the guy left and the now ex girlfriend stayed which is fine. He was the issue anyways. Universe knows who to go after.

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And if you have patience, or if you want to develop your own power, discipline and will … You can also use impression in the astral to precipitate a change in physical plane :

  • relax
  • imagine clearly a scene in the future where it is obvious and explicit that your neighbor is no more here (for example imagine you are at home and hear the silence and say to yourself “how great it is to have peace at last”, or imagine the name of you neighbor changed on the mailbox, or imagine you meet someone in the corridor saying “Hy, I am your new neighbor. I live in the number ***)
  • project Lifeforce in the scenery. Whatever technique you use, fill yourself with energy and then project this energy in your mental scenery
  • feel the joy of the goal attained, and the joy to realize you did it ! You are a mighty magician able to change circumstances.
  • repeat everyday with calm focus until reality change.

You can combine this with other rituals as well. You can evoke Bathin, Paimon, Belial … and do a jar spell, and do this daily meditation with calm confidence.

Do this honestly during 30 days in a row.

And reap the results of your magick.



You will find detailed procedure of the practice I propose above in this two books :



Actually, the Principe of imbuing a mental image with power is trans-traditional and we can find such ritual / meditation in a lot of culture and esoteric tradition.

Even in the more new aged but also christian related book Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East from Spalding.

Same esoteric techniques of forming a concept in the astral and then giving it enough energy to precipitate in the physical plane.

Law of attraction have of course taken some inspiration from this old teaching.

And if this is present since sooo long … it is because it works.

The trap is … it takes repetition and persistance to give the idea enough power to materialize in your current reality.

I know I’m far from the initial topic … but it inspired me :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time. Much appreciated :blush:


You CAN sprinkle hot foot powder and in their way and ask the powder only to affect him, not other people.


so kinda like law of attraction type of stuff.

Thanks for sharing, I’ll add that to the working

I could do.
There’s no such thing as “I can’t do it” most things are only impossible until you do it.
Have you heard of the book: ‘Walking With Magickal Entites by Tayor Ellwood’? that book could teach you how to do it even if you don’t have much privacy, you could make it look like an art project but really be creating a servitor.

It’s worth a try:

I’ll take a look a the link you sent me, thanks

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thanks, I hope that would work, because there are other neighbours that I really do like that take the same entrance as they do

I will definitely be doing this then, thanks Viktoria