Need Suggestions on Books (Beginners)

Hey as some members suggested i completed reading

The Ritual of Greater Magickal Power

Magickal Seduction

can you guys suggest me more books
(I am more into seductive magic soo those type of books are highly appreciated)

you can also suggest other books which will help me more during rituals and meditation


If you are ok with these books and have experienced success by them, then go ahead with other books of gallery of magick since they cover many aspects.


Second that

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I would recommend:

Initiation into hermetic - Franz Bardon

Practice of Magickal evocation- Franz Bardon

Magick in theory and practice - Crowley


thanks for the suggestions

All works of Jacobus G. Swart, some of the best magick books I have ever read plus Franz Bardon IIH

And you can search further back than 2 years. This forum is over 8 years old, there’s more than a lifetime of reading. You might want to start on something more general, but not too many, then specialise.


Initiation into hermetics…I second that.

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just got to “gallery of magick” website. they list all their books. Different flavors of magick for all kinds of purpose. than you can branch off from there after getting core basics down.

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What kind of magick are you practicing?