Need help

Hey everyone something bad happend last night when i was sleeping and computer like broke the screen idk what to do??? I woke up and it was like that i need help fast i want to get it fixed but i dont wanna tell her are their any spells to repair electronics or even shoot turn back time …i didnt touch it at all and im scared they will yell at me what do i o


it was like broke and i didnt do anything

Sorry, but real magick isn’t fantasy magick. It can’t fix a broken screen or turn back time.

Some spirits can affect the internal workings of electronics, but the outer shell, and screen, not so much.

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ok thx ughhh idk what to do

i didnt slam it or anything i woke up and it was like that

Yeah, you’re going to have to face up to it and just ask for another.

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its not my computer its my stepmoms and im afraid they would yell at me

Then let them yell at you. You’ll live.


yea ig your right

:pensive: ive been pain bad luck lately

Dealing with women, if they get upset and start going on and on, repeating themselves without solving anything… it’s fucking annoying, but it’s not about you.
They’re actually just self comforting, because talking about it makes them feel better.

All you have to do, is apologise once, and then just go yes, uh-huh, and repeat the last thing they said to you - they’ll feel like you’re super listening, and they’ll calm down faster.


okay im just so nervous

This too shall pass :smiley: Best to get it over with.


okay thank you

Do your stepparents yell at you often?

Anyway, I think it would be wise to tell them the truth. Electronics like computers can just… go flat for no visible reasons. Especially if they’re old.

Magick can do you little thing in this case, in my opinion. But you can pray for help to an entity.

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my step mom never yells but im afriad she might yell and which entity would u think i mean i should give it a try

Which entity should you pray to- it is your choice.
Maybe you can pray according to your religion or faith, and if you don’t have any, pray to yourself.
It might sound weird, but YOU are most powerful god to yourself! You have more power than you think you have.

And in my humble opinion, you don’t have to be worried.
It seems your stepmother will understand the thing.


okay i understand i looked up the problem on my little chromebook and its a broken hinge

Stuff wears out, it’s not made to last. If it’s the hinge, does it works anyway and you just have to be careful with opening and closing the lid?

Try Botis, a Goetic entity who specialises in courage for a specific situation, according to the info from the author Corwin Hargrove :slight_smile:

Note: I have not called Botis for this specific trait myself. You could just go with Lucifer who can pretty much do anything if you like, or Belial would also be great.


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I managed to fix my friend’s busted screen with some external alchemy