Need help with my business contract

Next week im gonna role in a contract which can give me plenty of money. Tho i asked king paimon to help me through that (by what ever means he sees) and also claunek but i want to know if i can add anything else to the equation so the contract happens 100%

In reality what you did is already seems enough If you want more ideas you may use
the book of Financial Sorcery of Jason Miller

ıt’ s not one of the best book around but it has one chapter full of Sigils and they use the power of Jupiter which may be useful in your case for now and in the future.

but just let things go out of your mind; that is what you need t the moment.

Please read these two post for more about what I am trying to say :


Good Luck

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Best info i could read about what you are pointing at,
even tho we are/were human after all, getting all your focus and energy to be pointed at that right direction gets hard if we overthink about it xD
i think im a little stressed for the business side of the story but not the magic side which is normal BUT still can affect the results. Yet I’m trying my best xD

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Yes I see that; and that is the reason that I have added the posts of @Norski and @Rahnoren . What they say is highly valuable and more especially in your case. You 'll do much better by easing your stress diverting your focus on other things, hard sure but effective.

I have to add one more book and I guess it will be suitable for your long term ends
and that is the power of your subconscious mind. That is IMHO a must for a businessman.

Good luck :slight_smile: