Need help, sort of urgent

I’m 19, will be 20 soon. I didn’t mind not having friends over too much after I entered high school, but it came at the cost of my friends not even considering to tell me that they were going out. I found out when I was told by someone else or overheard them talking about it. I used to have an ig but deleted it because it wasn’t the right group of people for me. Now I’m extremely picky about who I allow to follow me and keep in contact with.


Ah okay… yeah you are right where I was about 10 years ago at 19 - 20 y/o. Except I had no knowledge of magick at the time, so I was left to fend for myself. You’ve got a great opportunity here to follow a different path. If I were you, I’d consider getting a book called Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Its a book that seems to work well for folks new to magick. In it, there are several goetia demons that probably could help you. For instance, Bael in the book is said to “make someone loose interest in you and your affairs.” That sounds like the perfect thing to use on your parents to have them not care so much about what you choose as your career path. You could google his sigil and use simple sigil magick to put a short request out there, or buy the book (ebook is cheaper) and use their method.


:thinking: I could get the book yes, but I already have a plan in mind. Plus I’m not sure I want them to lose interest in me…I’ll think about it.


Hmm. I’d be careful how you word things with something like that if you depend upon your parents to live at this point in time. If you make them not care about you and your affairs too much, you might find you need a new place to live.



Today I’m gonna write out the petitions. After a lot of thinking and consulting my guides and the spirits who have come through, the plan is this:

King Paimon for influencing my family in my favor.

Lord Belial to remove the obstacles (goes from present to future).

Azazel to get me out of the exam.

Duke Dantalion to soften my mum’s relationship with money.

Lucifer for helping the admission process into psycology.

Michael also told me to petition him. I asked him why and he told me that protection is not his only aspect, binding is too. (goes to present, he said he would bind other obstacles, not really sure what he meant so I’ll talk to him about it more.)

I have also asked my guides and ancestors to help.

I haven’t written them out yet but the affects have started. Today morning I introduced my mother to psycology and were looking at a university right now. The application for this year has closed (:grimacing:) but I’m hoping other universities have it open. I can also apply for next year too but it’ll be better if it’s this year’s session.

The only other thing left now is the exam (I really don’t wanna give it :skull:) and the rest of my family knowing about it.

The seed has been planted, now it’s only a matter of time till it grows.


That’s awesome!

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Thank you! :laughing:


Update no.2:

Petitions done. Everyone has told me yes through a vision. Duke Dantalion’s was slightly weird, but it was confirmed. With Azazel I had to negotiate. He said to make a deal- he’ll get me out of that exam when I do shadow work (regarding what, he has already given me). I have to do 1 test the same way I would do on exam day and face my fear, and I’ll have to do it in the same time frame mentioned in the petition. If I follow through, so will he. I accepted.

I followed my intuition throughout while writing the petitions. King Paimon had suggested some minor changes as well as AA Michael, my higher self also gave me some tips.

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As someone who spent a lot of time in a field where some people were in it for the money (computer programming) and at a school where half of every class was pre-med, I can say that pushing yourself to do something exhausting and intense that you don’t love just for the money is a pretty sure way to be miserable. I look forward to your updates and hope that you are able to steer your life onto a course that is better for you.


Thank you :purple_heart:

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Update no.3

Hail! I’m happy right now.

I was about to take nap, for some reason Azazel’s enn kept looping in my head. Right as I was falling asleep I was woken up (not new with Azazel tbh, but I don’t mind too much except today I did because I have a headache). My mum was calling me so I went.

She found a video on career choices if med school doesn’t work and called me to discuss. She was at this point between forensics and pyscology. I talked more in psychology’s favor but she was still resisting. I chanted King Paimon’s enn and a final decision was set on Pyscology.

Now we’re looking and applying to colleges! Now there’s only one part left, and it shall also fall into place😆


I feel ya.
My Indian parents do the same. I wanted to do psychology or finance But they are making me do focking CS on which i have no interest on, like not at all. But they think taking CS is gonna get me a god job and solve all the problems in my life.

I don’t even have the liberty of choosing my life partner Until I break ties with them and become independent.

My parents say this too. Its pretty ironic when they say that. I wouldn’t be happy if someone else took my decisions for me.

Yeah they said this when I said i wanted to take psychology, They were dissapointed as hell. :rofl:

I would say, Its fine for your mom until-
Speaking from multiple experiences.

My parents never actually gave me private space, They could virtually know everything at any time, Like I was never allowed to close my room’s door. I had no lock on my mobile phone, Never let me hang out with friends until she (yeah my mother only actually My father kinda is chill with stuff) knew that they had above 3.9 GPA. This list goes on forever and not to mention words like “we do everything for you”. And i wasn’t allowed to read any novels or books which are not related to school.


That’s horrible :flushed: I hope you’re free now?

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Fucking hell that’s incredible!! I’m so excited for your future! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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i can relate to this. When i started buying books on investing and economics…my mother barged into my room one day and started berating me for not putting enough focus on medicine. I’ll never forget what she yelled at me… “THE PRESIDENT WILL HANDLE THE ECONOMY.” I was just like…wow, this biatch really has lost her mind. She wanted control of over every strand of hair on my head (which she literally did, because i could get the type of haircuts i wanted either lol)

She was so controlling, that she even had a problem with the denomination of christianity I was interested in, back when i was christian. She was desperate for me to take christianity more seriously, and over time i actually found a version of christianity that I liked. So i ordered reading materials from their website and was reading them at home. She one day found them…and to this day i don’t know wtf she read in one of them, but it was enough for her to tell me to NEVER order materials from them again and to stop following them. So not only was i forced to be a christian at the time, i didnt even have a choice of what type of christianity it was in.

I really think these experiences with my family are what pushed me into occultism. I lived a life where I had no power and control over anything…whereas occultism gives me power and control over pretty much everything in my life. Its a refreshing feeling…and i hope everyone who lives in a family situation like myself, or you or @Onion can find occultism

P.S. @Onion I’m happy to hear things are working out :blush:


Wtfh. That’s horrible

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Magick has improved my life in more ways than I can count.

Thank you @dagar !:purple_heart:




Nah, I am just in college. So, I am not in their watch, Ya know.


For me too in unimaginable ways. It’s a part of my life now.