Need help, sort of urgent

I have only seen them make economy worse.

Haircut?? Gives me trauma.My mom never let my hair grow hair beyond an inch.



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Hail Lord Belial.
Hail Archangel Michael.

I got into the college I gave the entrance quiz for. But, my mother refuses to allow me to take the seat. She gaslighted me again and again. I have been invoking Michael since yesterday, I was able to keep the strength to not cry.

I was so proud of myself, I really was. Because there was an impromptu interview and I know I nailed it.

But my mother refuses.

It was revealed that she lied. We narrowed down 4 colleges out of a list of 10. She had said she applied to all 4 but is now telling me that she applied to only 2.

She told me that I’ve wasted my father’s money and their efforts. And that I have no option.

She told me that my sis gave the law entrance and they made her study law, ignoring, BLATANTLY ignoring how much she’s struggling. She hasn’t earned a penny.

And now they want to do the same to me.

It was also revealed that my sister had said she told her (my mother) to not apply to any colleges at all.

I don’t know if what I’m feeling more of. Anger, dissapointed or just sadness. I’ve tried to show them who I am so many times but they always ignore everything about mbe. They don’t know me at all, they fail to see me for who I am.

All I know for now, is that I need to get the exam out of the way, and that it’s time for a more aggressive approach. I refused to be stepped on and let my dreams be squashed by people who project.

She says I’m causing a disbalance in the family while I’ve been breaking all the cycles and healing for all generations.

I, refuse to do what she says. These are my dreams in my life, I will follow my heart and bow to none.


Omfg. That’s both amazing and sad.

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Honestly fuck her

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Fuck me… that’s evil. Just straight evil

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Not saying your mother is right or anything, but she probably has that fear of seeing her kids fail in life, that’s why she wants you and your sister to do medicine/law (if I followed the thread correctly). That’s a common fear. Just continue to do what YOU want, she might change her mind one day, or not.

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It’s not fear. With things at home rn (which I haven’t mentioned in this thread) it’s high time she understood the way the universe work. At this point, with what she has said she’s being the classic example of an Indian parent.

She literally said,“I don’t care about your dreams or what you want to do. You are doing medicine.”

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The wanting your kid to be a specific profession and saying they won’t make money isn’t limited to immigrant parents. My parents are both 3rd generation Americans and they still (Well mainly my father) insisted that I would not make money in anything except engineering. I took that route, and failed the math. I ended up getting a technician degree and then getting married to (I hoped) avoid the whole thing and let my husband do the actual work. That ended up not working out so well, so I am basically back where I started at 40.


Damn, that’s difficult. I hope you’re now able to do what you really want :muscle::purple_heart:


:confetti_ball: Update :confetti_ball:

I did it guys! I’m doing BSc Psycology! After a week of probably the worst depressive and anxious episodes, a shit ton of purging and facing my fears I did it.

I had to give the exam, yes. I knew that the moment the petition made me uneasy but I lied to myself to hopefully try and change the future. But the lessons have to be learned someway.

After scoring even worse than last year (but surpirisingly better than I expected, thank you King Paimon. I invoked him before writing the exam) and talking with my mum today, we settled on Pyscology. I got the chance, I took it. My mum has been convinced.

I’m gonna call the college that had contacted me about the seat. I’m praying they have one. Then I have to call my dad to convince him.

During these days I had petitioned Duke Dantalion once again, for helping my relationship with my parents. And although there were times that were painful af I believe we’ve reached a middle ground. At least I have.

Thank you to everyone who wished me and supported me through this.

Thank you @dagar @Twilight_Dragon @MagickVigilante and @SilentSeeker . Thank you to my friend Moon, who’s not a magician but has been my support.

And of course, thank you to every spirit I worked with for this. I’m extremely grateful for them and to them. For giving me strength and support as I bawled my eyes out but always shaking me up so I believe in myself and push through.

A big thank you to everyone here and this forum too, I’m really glad to be a part of this. Thank you everyone :purple_heart:


Congratulations Sir :grin::beers:

Your hard work paid off :muscle:t3:


I am happy for you! Thanks for sharing, especially today:
last month I did a ritual with King Paimon, I also had the need to change something in my career (he practically proposed to help me, and I will never thank him enough).
Right now I am going through a period of tremendous and frightening instability in my current job (disappointing, boring … I guess you understand this better than I do).

Knowing that you have achieved a great result after a shitstorm gives me calm and determination; Thank you and best of luck!


Thank you :muscle:

@Il_Matt You got this, you can do this. Don’t lose faith in yourself. I invoked Michael and meditated with Lord Belial quite frequently when I needed a push. I went to Azazel and my friends when I needed some emotional support. My dms are always open if you want to talk about it. Purging and letting go is painful. Keep going brother, you will get through this​:muscle::purple_heart:


Thanks, really :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! That is awesome news! You got this :muscle:t4::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you! :purple_heart:

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:sob::sob::sob::sob: you’re incredible! I’m amazed by your tenacity and drive. I know this was incredibly difficult for you but I knew you would make it and here you are. Your deserve every beautiful moment of this so relish and bask in your complete and total divinity. You’re a fucking badass and you got this!


Thank you :sob::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


That’s so awesome, I kept my fingers crossed for you.

Keep it up!

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