Need help, sort of urgent

Here’s the thing:

I need to change my career. I want to change my career. The one I’m pursuing right now is causing me serious burnout and anxiety (it’s Medicine). I don’t feel passionate about it anymore.

I want to pursue psycology, I’ve been truly passionate about it from a long time. It will help me to work in and help others with mental health, which is a big thing for me.

My family on the other hand is dead set on me going to med school. Whenever I mention not wanting to do it they either scold me, tell me that I won’t be able to get money in it, or take me to a therapist (which was horrible and a different story in it’s own). They don’t understand, they literally ridicule my ADHD.

A few months back my mom was fine, but the entrance exam for med school is on September 12th and I do not wish to give it. If I give it I’ll score horrible (I know this, this is not a mindset. I don’t know shit, what I did know I can’t recall because I’m not feeling it) and there’s gonna be a really big drag of an emotionally exhausting and abusive process.

I don’t want that. If possible I don’t want to give the entrance exam at all. I’m at a point where I don’t care that I’ll have to fall sick to miss it.

I’ve tried talking to my family, tried showing them that I can do it and that I’m passionate about it but it’s of no use and bringing 0 results. I don’t know if this is something for which petitions will suffice, because this a major change.

What I had in mind was:

King Paimon for my family agreeing to pursue psycology and Lord Belial for whatever blockages would be on the way.

I am financially bound, I do have a bank account but every detail of where all the debit credit info will go to is my mom’s. It wouldn’t be a problem if she wasn’t so obsessed and manipulative when it comes to money.

To summarize: Want to shift from pre-med to psycology. Parents don’t listen, need magickal advice/assistance.

Any advice, I’ll be very grateful for. I’m tired, I’m losing sleep and I’m dreading each day because it’ll be a shit show if I go through med school or the entrance itself. If the category or tags need to be changed or added please let me know.

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@Lady_Eva if you have any advice it would be truly appreciated.


Try adapting this to call to her highest love & wisdom, outside fear and lesser desire to control things:


Thank you so much!!


Thank you.
So I evoke my higher self and ask her how to proceed?


I’d say your mom’s Higher Self, the person you want to influence, and make a very calm and complete case to her about why this is important. :thinking:


It’s my mom, sister and dad. But my mom has the most influence so ig I should go with her :thinking:


I would encourage you to still sit the exam. Here’s why - you may have to take it in the end regardless.

I can’t speak yo your location and the laws there, but to by a fully licensed psychologist here, you’ll have to go through a year of medical school anyhow.

So, if that’s what you want to do, you may as well sit the exam.


Sorry I can’t give any major advice because I’m somewhat ignorant on this.

Try the Honoponopono mantra to mend your relationship with your family which may soften them up a bit

You can also do a petition spell. You mentioned King Paimon and Belial and they’d be very good to help you with this. Just remember Belial will remove any obstacles which could mean you moving away (in extreme cases).

I drew a Rune for you and Pertho came up so it looks like psychological seems like the ideal path for you and whatever will result from this will tie close to your fate and purpose. I also sense a journey for you.


Wow…this is very interesting. Your situation is almost exactly like the one I went through. While financially bound, my family was dead set on me going to medicine. I told them that i wasn’t passionate about it anymore and they shamed me every which way they could to get me back on the road they wanted me to be on. My mother too was the main architect of this, and she led my father and sister to wherever she needed them to go. So it was always a 3 v 1 in my household. I always felt like the whole medicine thing was less about me and my happiness, and more about them wanting to show off to their vapid friend circle that their son was a doctor…a sort of “look at how great a parent i am!”. They made me out to be not right in the head at times simply because I didn’t want to pursue medicine anymore. The whole thing was ridiculous. 40 or so years ago, yeah…the only common folk making the big bucks probably were the doctors and lawyers. With the advent of the internet, the whole game has changed considerably.

I’m almost certain you have immigrant parents, because this seems to be a big thing for immigrant parents that their children turn out 235 times greater than they did. Its an unbelievable amount of pressure, and it honestly comes from a total lack of insight as to how the world works today…because they seem to be under the very dated impression that the only folks making good money out here are doctors and lawyers. Your situation is eerily similar to what I went through with my parents. The solution really is financial independence. As long as you remain dependent on their help, they will always have you by the balls. You could try to change their mind via magick too, but if that fails…I’d start working magick to help get you some kind of job/business that can pay your bills enough so that you can emancipate yourself. This is one thing I hate considerably about some folks parenting skills. This belief that they somehow know best simply because they lived longer, even though they’ve done nothing to actually update their dated knowledge on how the world currently operates and the multitude of fulfilling options out there for people to pursue career wise. Instead, some folks seem to live vicariously though their children…pursuing all the things they wished they were able to pursue when they were younger. Its a triggering thing for me, so I just had to share that.


I would suggest Dantalion to change your parents mind.

But ask him not to hurt them


I agree with this 100% the idea that they have the authority to completely dictate her adult life is wrong and infuriating.


This only applies if she wants to be a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists require a medical degree, but psychologists do not. They generally only need a PhD, or a PsyD.


Which in the aid is still a masters which is a total of 6 plus years in college.


Well, I got most of the letters right… I suppose the same can be said for bold and bald, though.

Thanks for covering down.


The route for psycologist here is

graduate school (done) - apply to a college - if you get accepted you’re in. the undergraduate/bachelors I’m going for is 3 years.

For psychiatrist it’s

graduate school (done) - go to med school (5.5 yesrs) - give another entrance exam - med school again for psychiatry (another 3-ish yesrs).

I can become a psychologist without giving the med school entrance so I’m looking for a way out, because it’s stressing me out enough to wake up in cold sweat now.


Exactly, I’m an Indian 🤷‍♀ The societal structure here as best put by Lucifer is “going after a dog bone”. I never counted my parents as people who would be dead set especially because thry always say “your happiness is ours”. I’ve tried every non-magick method but if I carry on with it it’ll be my own loss. Even my guides are giving me green signals to go forward with this change! And it’s everywhere, this has never happened before. I had a plan to have some income but I don’t have my account with me.


I don’t mind this, I want this. I want out of here.

Is the mantra on YouTube?


Petition will be enough, right?


You should be able to do a petition spell and call on Belial and ask for what you want.