Need Help - get my ex back

Hi there - I need help. I want my ex back and I need help. Can anyone cast a spell for me to help bring her back? After 4 months I bumped into her today and she was adamant that nothing has changed for her but I know she is the only one I want to be with. we were together for 13 years and we split up and I just can’t stop loving her. I love her more each day and just want her back. Please help me!!

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Hello, @naviola we don’t cast spells for others as it’s a request we get very often around here. Instead we promoted your personal development and that’s why we encourage everyone to use the search button top right (the little magnifying glass) and practice casting your own spells. If you don’t want to get involved personally with magick, you can always click here and order a ritual to be done on your behalf.

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Thanks .

Could anyone suggest a really powerful return ex spell?

Hi and welcome @naviola Just as the other member mentioned, use the search engine as there are countless of spells on the topic, go through them and find something that resonates with you, also reading through the comments of the previous posts will give you tons of info. I know you need a quick fix for your situation but being properly prepared will only be to your advantage. Also don’t forget your intro!

So all I had a really powerful set of dreams last night…very contradictory. I have to say set the sigil of Duke Sallos and Dantallion on my altar before sleeping. I hope someone can tell me what this means.

(1) First dream - I was with my sister and she told me that my ex is dating an actor (she works in film) and that she has been posting ‘PDS’ pictures - I have no idea what PDS is and never heard that term before! I got pissed off with my sister and told her I don’t want to know about anything negative so please shut the front door!

(2) Second dream - I was back in my apartment with my ex and we are back together, we made love and we were close again.

I don’t know if Duke Sallos is testing me or trying to mess with me but I asked him before sleeping to bring my ex back to me and inflame her with love and lust for me. I stated the offerings I would give upon completion of his end of the bargain.

Any thoughts?

So how did that wind up panning out for you in the end? I’m curious as to love magick panning our in a totally positive way for people.

How did you end up now? Can you refer me to whoever?

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Marquis Amon to bring your ex back. Works great.

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