Need help finding helping spirits

I need help finding a helping spirit/ghost

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For what purpose(s)?
Are you trying to contact a relative? Get guidance? What’s the end goal here?

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To get guidance

Do you have a particular entity you’re hoping to consult? Or an ancestor? Or just any old ghost?
Broadly, what are you looking for guidance on?

I’m trying to get a bit more specific so I can offer better advice.

I don’t really care who/what kind, and i just want to know more about the spirit world

Ok now we’re talking.

I would suggest getting in contact with a death god/ess that you are drawn to. Use its sigil to call it, if the spirit has one. Most spirits have items or symbols associated with them, and it’s helpful to know what they are and have them on hand, as it makes summoning them easier. Search the forum posts, there’s loads about peoples experiences with various entities.

A word of caution:
Regardless of where or how you meet a spirit, the most important thing is respect. If you make a deal with a spirit, you better follow through with your end of the deal. If a spirit comes through for you in some way, if it answers a request or provides a boon to you, give thanks and leave an offering. Whatever you do, reciprocity is key. Spirits and entities do not like humans who don’t follow through on their deals, or who don’t offer gratitude for favours done, and they will retaliate if they feel cheated.


ok thank you

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Happy to help. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me:)

ok well do