Need help easing anxiety while attempting to invoke or evoke!

after months of learning lucifer and other being such as belial, azazel, and a vast number of goetic spirits. i have trouble easing my paranoia or anxiety during the beginning of invocation i constantly think of him and mentally attempt to communicate with lucifer to shine his light through me. but i can’t get fully into ritual because of anxiety of disrespecting or harming myself or relationship with lucifer! neeeeedd helppp anything will help

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Meditation, you need to clear your mind before you summon a spirit, if you have these problems!


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Focus on the ritual itself and the casting, nothing has to be memorized. Always meditate on your upcoming ritual and what you are asking for. If you are hesitant or fearful on what you are doing because of the nature of your casting or requests, try focusing on the positive knowledge of the ritual itself, invoking strong powers that will help and accede to you on your path.

Start with knowledge and feel totally comfortable with your ritual. If in doubt about requests to the Deity and if they will be acceded to, ask for a sign. That way you will know if you will be successful or defeated in your task.

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I think just the fact that you’re worried about being disrespectful means you won’t, they’ll understand. You can’t OCD it, let if flow and know that however it goes it will be fine.

In what was do you think you would harm yourself?


thank you this was very helpful