Need an entity to set me straight

Hey everyone, I’ve been procrastinating with a lot of things recently but this is mainly because i’m unable to progress occult wise.
I cant hear the entities as my clairaudience isn’t developed and my evocations don’t seem to be working.

I was just wondering if someone could link me to an entity that could get me started


Wish I knew who to link you to but I don’t

I have a succubus that I commune with almost daily and that helps. You could try invoking a certain entity such a Lucifer which is a jack of all trade type, seeing if he could set you on that path.

Take my words with a grain of salt. I don’t work with Lucifer so I may be wrong, though a lot of people say that he is a very beginner friendly entity. Being easy to work with and all. Just look on the forum and search.

Have a good one

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King Belial, King Paimon, King Vine etc


I thought you might have been asking for help to change your sexuality.
Well I suppose I don’t have to write a bunch of paragraphs on the topic.


King Belial

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First, before I would recommend a spirit, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Prior to you hitting a block in your progress, what was your daily practice like? Did you meditate? Work on trance states? Practicing energy work and learning about your chakras? If not, these go a long way with helping developing your senses. I know, it’s seem basic and boring but I promise this will help.

Now before recommending a few demons I will say that you could work closely with the spirit Sastan from E.A.’s book “Kingdoms of Flame”. That’s his speciality. However, he still makes you work. He tells you how to develop and enhance your senses. You can also work with him through the Mastering Evocation course through BALG if you have the money. The Pentagram meditation is especially helpful from that course.

You could also look into the books “Evoking Eternity” by E.A. and “Summoning Spirits” by Konstantinos. Both have their own stand alone merits and worth a study.

  • Do you really think King Belial is the best demon to start with?

  • I don’t think so, because he needs always something in return And additional offerings to tell the truth. And he likes to shake your life around, especially If You are not able to see or talk with him. You need to learn the Basics of Magic first.

  • In My Point of view it would be easier WITH Marchosias (for example) or Purson.

  • This would be my advise.

  • kind regards

  • Allegrata

I suggested him because he has helped me even though I am a beginner. He was the first and so far the only demon I have reached out to. I planned on working with Bune for financial reasons, but King Belial is helping me out with that, so I have not done so. Perhaps Lucifer would be another option as he is supposed to be great with beginners. Good luck!

Many entities can set you straight if that is what your intent of contacting them is. Can’t promise that any will answer but hey, worth a shot I guess. Magnolia wanted to say something so here it is.

“You shouldn’t be going around asking for an entity to set you straight.”

"Many of them want you to do that leg work yourself to see that you are committed to that relationship.

“If you can’t find the drive to improve by seeing the little things then you should slow down; take a look at what you have you may have great clairsentience or clairvoyance but poor clairaudience. Hearing entities is fine and dandy but be happy with what you have and improve on what you don’t have yet.”

“The little things in progressing are so easy to overlook. The little things show how you are improving and growing as a magician. Things like clairaudience don’t just take bounds and leaps in a few days. You have to stay committed and keep at it until you get what you want.”

“Sorry if I sounded rude but that is my two cents”



Lol it did for some reason, but it was just due to the lack of commas imo and everyone sounds like that in my head when I read fast lol.

I don’t really have any of the astral senses yet but i’m working on it

Thanks for your help Magnolia & Noob16

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I was going to put that in my title lol but I didn’t bother

Who is Magnolia?

This meditation could help with that.

Interesting choice of wording for your topic. VERY interesting. And then to have a fish as your profile pic. Are you Jamaican?

My succubus my bad


I have two possible suggestions:

Abaddon: Abaddon specializes in burning the parts away from you that hold you back. I would suggest invoking him by will alone, focused on the task that you want him to accomplish. Using a sigil can accidentally link you to an aspect of the spirit that you don’t want to evoke.

Metatron: Metatron specializes in time and event manipulation. My experience with Metatron is that he works by manipulating events to work in your favor. Things just always seem to work out and resolve themselves. The evocation instructions are in the book Archangels of Magick.

I would suggest staying away from Kingdom of Flame entities. I’ve tried working with some and have had zero good results. Based on their energy levels I suspect that they are just egregores. The warning in the back of the KoF book really sent my alarm bells ringing:

Without retaining the allegiance of these spirits, they wander through the spaces of your life, playing with this and toying with that, rearranging your reality to suit their wants, rather than yours. Take care, then, to ensure their cooperation with you.

And apparently gaining allegiance from these spirits requires a blood sacrifice!

Gotta say that your advice about the Kingdoms of Flames entities is flat out wrong.

I have worked with many of them, they have always come through, and i’ve never had to do any sort of sacrifice.

Not Jamaican but I’d like to go there someday
I typed the entire thing really fast didn’t really pay attention to how I was coming off lol

I’ll definitely try all your suggestions

Well first identify what you need with the entity, is it pure power ascent and knowledge. Or trials, discipline, and deception.

I have two entities I recommend.
Belial and Lucifer

Belial is the law demon, he will set up rules or trials expecting them to be difficult in order to prove your devotion and loyalty. He is also speculated to be a liar, but I believe this is due to practitioners faults. I´ve done some pretty ¨dumb¨ stuff while invoking Belial cocky is an understatement when it comes to this entity. I found myself stealing stuff, cussing out superiors, threatening the strongest people I know and um…taking on an entire Freemason Lodge. The people I thought loved me the most or have a deep connection with me have deep ties to this. If you want personal ascent and life redirection he’s the guy.

Lucifer is personal ascent but in a different way, he is much more ¨beginner friendly¨ because he doesn’t care about giving someone too much power. He will blast open all your chakras and won’t apologize because you asked for it. He is an angel so he has a reputation for helping with a little offering in return, often times asking for help or guidance from him is enough to see results. He is very similar to Jesus since he has no real trails in order to recieve the benefits of worshipping him or working with him. Lucifer gets trick once you become more adept, the light that he bears may become dim requiring you to shine your own light and guide others. Or stay in silence and navigate the dark nights in hell.