Necromantic Initiation {Gnosis And Information}

What is Necromancy?
It is originally doing divination with the remains of the Dead.

Nowadays, it is that as well as other things such as working with the Dead and the Lords of Death to gain power, knowledge, and material things through evocation, Invocation, and Possession.

The Goal Of Necromancy
To learn to manifest anything you want using the spiritual Current of Death. In this way you can attain Mastery over it’s power.

The way (or one of them) this is done is ironically one of the hardest ways, which is Baneful Magic. If you can pull off repetitive, Serial magical murders, the you can manifest any other desire you want.

Getting Started

Evoke Akasha Subterfuge as he rules over the Current of Saturnian Necromancy. Ask him to initiate you into the current.

Then evoke the Lords of Death and do the same.

Afterwards, evoke the Dead and have them initiate you.

There will be one Death God that will stick out to you through the crowd of spirits. Work with this Deity for a period of time and take notes on the Rites you are given, incantations you receive, and Power that is moved through you.

You may want to consecrate an Altar and have tools to use to further unlock the Death God’s power with you.
These tools will either be given to you, or you will receive instructions on how to craft them and tailor them to your own needs.

Meditation and physical exercise is very important to go deep into the Death Current. This IS NOT a means to prevent deterioration of health, as the Dead don’t care about your health and neither do I.

This is a means of actively adapting your body to the current so it become a Vessel of Death Essence.

To attain this, here are some tips and things to do:

Changing Weakness To Strength

• Chi Balls
Learn to create these and fucking Master the technique. This has limitless applications to it.

For one it strengthens the muscles and meridians in your Forearms so you can channel greater amounts of energy and control it.

Two, you can compress your will into it and expand it to creating Conecptual Chi Balls that have much more impact on a larger scale.

• Chakra Meditation
Cycle Death essence through your chakras and saturate them in it.
Use the Energy to attune your self to the current and accelerate the growth and Ascent of your Chakras. They will take on a un-earthly black, grey, and twighlight color.

•Body Consecration
Consecrate your Body as a Vessel of Death Energy. This will strengthen you in countless ways, including sexually.

•Tai Chi/Qi Gong
Instead of Pulling energy from the Earth, imagine it coming from one of The Realms of the Dead, such as Hel or Gehenna and move it through you along with your Chi.

There are many ways you can do this, but it’s up to you to do it.

The most important thing is to think and get creative. Yes, creativity has a place in Necromancy. See, Initiation comes in the moments when nothing has worked and you make the choice to come up with New combinations of Techniques and Material based on solid understanding and Gnosis.

It’s when you are backed up against the wall and it’s either live or Die.

It’s going through the current ever deeper when everyone is scared and trying to preserve their fucking sanity and hEAlTh aNd SaFEtY.

There is no safe measures to take when working with Death. That’s the point of it being called a Death Current. You are swept away in the current and you either Swim or Die.

Stay Educated and constantly read new material to expose your mind to new Ideas. This is the planetary energy of Mercury At Play.

Work with the Dead from different cultures and Religions including Christianity. The Righteous Dead can kill just like the unrighteous Dead.

Have Astral Sex with the Deceased.
Experience that for yourself.

Study world Dictators and invoke them and their Murderous Egregores. This will allow you to attain their Charisma, Power, Knowledge, etc. They have Planetary Correspondences as well to.

Invoke Serial Killers and learn from their Mistakes and successes. This will help you integrate murderous tendencies you may have and any unconscious tendencies towards things like rape, molestation, etc. This is especially true when working with the Dead from The Venusian current which consists of, but not limited to, pedophiles, rapists, sadistic lovers, those who killed in love, etc..

Quick Side Note
(I invoked some of The Dead from this Current and was startled as I caught myself checking out a 16 yr old chick like I would a fine 40 yr old woman…what startled me even more is that she was perfectly fine with it and trying to get the D.
In the State of Texas, 16 is legal to be able to have sex with adults. But regardless of that, it freaked me out and I had to quit working with that current.
You become like those you surround yourselves with.
Take what you will from that. Don’t summon what you’re not comfortable with becoming.)

This allows you to not be moved with threats from Enemies threatening to rape you cause you will already have sicker means of inflicting horror and violation upon them.

Am I losing you yet?
Oh you’re still here?, Good.

As you go deeper into Necromancy and Death, your thoughts will adapt on the Mental Plane.

Your normal everyday thoughts will turn to thinking of new ways to magically kill and maybe even physically kill your enemies through various means.

Take note of what comes to you, as Darkness knows no bounds.

Working With Pluto, you will come upon the Traitors, Heretics, and those who committed spiritual Violence against “God”. Gain Heretical knowledge from them and meditate on it.

That’s all for now.
Can’t give away too many secrets cause I know half of you don’t even have to the guts to do most of the shit outlined.

And that isn’t a challenge.
Even less than half will stop considering based on childhood trauma. Which is fine.

For whatever reason this had to be written, it was written.

I’ll see you on the other Side of Darkness :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I responded to this part with my internal voice saying, “So shall it be done.” and immediately had an erie chill creep up my spine. I don’t know what this means yet.


Nice, this post is informative as as usual. This is what I´ve been saying for a while, necromancers need the the ability to think and to be creative. Too many people limit themselves these days. But I didn´t know about the currents of Pluto, that is interesting.


Save those for the Dojo :wink:


Side note: Hel is the goddess, Helheim is the place.

Beyond that, great stuff.


Hel is my patron.


I think you mean Qi balls, as Chi is a health Energy, Qi is the Energy used for fighting.

To be even more accurate:
you want to use the right side Energy tube, after Kunda force initiated,
respectively the left Energy tube prior to Kunda force awakening.
Since you want to pull future, decay, pushing things to work faster,
not rejuvination or restorement as used in other systems.

The most accurate you get, once you’ve opened the almost browninsh stinching decay energy.
It haves to stay seperated from the middle tube,
the moment it touches your middle tube, it’ll start affecting you yourself.
(just want to make that very clear, since some go as deep as converting both side tubes into death Energy Channels, an at that point the middle tube is all that keeps you alive. Even tho alive isn’t exactly the right term here. Undead describes it better. :wink: )

  • yepp, that’s exactly the step i mean.

Apart from that, i really agree!

The ability to use them, create them, transform them is essential!

-really? prove me wrong! xD
Try it out. flush your middle tube with death Energy.
I’d be interested what it does to you. xD

i mean i have a good idea, what happens through that, but please, go ahead.
I haven’t seen anyone going down that end for a few hundred years. xD

Oh and sweet greetings from Azrael. :smiley:




Sounds quite similar to the defensive methods I use when utilizing necromatic spells along with work on regeneration and recharging the batteries as it were. Foray into Necromancy


Evil smile :smiling_imp:


Did this :ok_hand:
I bring it up my spine almost daily

Imma tell a woman,
“I’mma put this D so far up your middle tube…”


Who’re you referring to when you say lords of death? The gods of death(Anubis, Hel, Azreal, etc?)?


Mainly beings like Azrael, Akasha Subterfuge, Met Kalfu, Barastyr, etc


Ah, so I was somewhat right. Alright, I get ya I get ya.

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As an aspiring necromancer, this was some helpful information my good sir. Feel like the death gods needed me to see this as I have been dipping my toes in the lake of hades. Your written tutorial however seems more like a plunge…


trust me i will never come back from this path


thanks dear to coming in my dream and talking with me what u can teach me tell me