Narcissists being protected?

Hi everyone, I am curious on everyone’s opinions of people with narcissistic personality disorder. Do you believe they have their own type of formed protection against grey / black magick? I personally and a friend are dealing with a person each on along these lines; nothing seems to work against them or at least not for long. Physical and or spiritual intervention doesn’t seem to stop them, so does anyone have experiences and what to do?


In my opinion, I wouldn’t say they are protected, so much as their will is focused so completely upon themselves that any sort of outside force just slides off.

There are two ways to overcome that. One, throw so much magick at them that you essentially brute force yourself past their focused will, or two, try to push their inner focus to where you want them to go. So, if you want them out of your life, for example, seek to subtly manipulate their own inner focus so they think removing themselves is their own idea.

Also, there is a huge difference between stubborn and egotistical people who think highly of themselves, and actual NPD. I feel that a lot of people on this forum throw around the word narcissist a bit too freely, when most of the behaviour they describe doesn’t fit.

Have these people you are trying to affect actually been clinically diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, or are you just making an assumption based on observation of their behaviour?


Well said.

And ironically a lot of posts that “diagnose” people also display the exact controlling and dehumanising behaviours narcissists are popularly assumed to be engaged in.

The moment you assume omnipotence, and the right to enact your will upon another person’s life and choices, you’re treading very blurred lines when criticising someone for being narcissistic.


I have been dealing with my fathers abuse for 23 years emotional, mental and physical at times. It’s not that I would genuinely throw it around so carelessly the word but it’s very very in tune All his behaviours / symptoms with the diagnostics and a lot of professionals have issues with him.

He is still constantly harassing the family despite intervention orders with the police and such that even the police haven’t dealt with someone like him in a very long time.

I’m just a bit of a loss at what to do honestly, but your suggestions I believe may help :black_heart:


You haven’t described any of the behaviours that actually comprise NPD. That’s why I asked if you were making assumptions based on your own observations and not dealing with someone actually clinically diagnosed, or not.

What you have so far described is abusive behaviour, yes, but it is not Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The biggest sign for NPD is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, in fantasy or behaviour, a need for admiration, and lack of empathy that can be traced back from his early adulthood and is present in varying contexts. There is a list of 9 criteria, and at least 5 must be present before NPD can be considered.

We only have your description to go by, but thus far, it doesn’t sound like NPD in my experience. NPD is a permanent condition, only somewhat alleviated by medication.

However, the options I gave should be sufficient. As I pointed out, the biggest thing for someone with NPD is grandiosity, meaning they think they are exceptional with no outward evidence of achievement and live in a fantasy world where they are king, regardless of outward appearances. Your magick should play to that.


I hadn’t stated the behaviours and yes you are correct in that assumption as it doesn’t sound like it until I do in fact describe it. No therapy’s have in fact achieved anything except helping him better cover his tracks and or show that he is in fact correct about everything despite many sources indeed showing him the problematic behaviours where he plays a different story / puts a mask on, he has to be right no matter the cost, nothing is ever his fault and if so if he has to admit it it will be how you made him do it etc. All I truly asked for was just if people thought there indeed was their own type of protection / how to get past it if needed, more so he can just stop the harassment which is all we want.


In stating that, there is a lot more but I don’t think I need to bore everyone with my life story. I just wished for suggestions :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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Two spirits just came to mind, from Kingdoms of Flame, that may help. Disodioria, the demon that “whispers madness into the ears of men,” and Sraagbel, the demon of hallucination who has the power “to make men see the awful truth of things.”


Thank-you very kindly, I really do appreciate your help and how you showed both sides of the picture.

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I can understand why what I said may get people’s backs up in a way without the full story, I just didn’t feel I needed to get into immense detail of all my physical father’s behaviours / abusive tendencies. But you were very civil and helpful :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


You’re welcome.

Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

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Thank-you kindly! I’ll definitely look into the spirits you recommended and see if they may be able to help cease the harassment :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Like the above statement they are very focused on themselves and they only think about them. I have seen narcissistic people attacked by magick and gone down hard, you just have to push more with magick


My family thinks my dad might be a narcissist lol his tendency to think my family is turning incestious when we show our mom affection but not him, so he gets upset, or his inability to allow criticism even if constructive, his go to come back is he will shoot you with his gun he has (though that may just be because he’s a really bad texan) and he almost got me sent to jail without giving a crap about how it made me feel lol, he pulled a gun on a woman with a knife, the gun wasn’t loaded but the community said he pulled it first. The thing is the cops asked him his name and he gave them my name and told everyone that the cops thought his name was mine and he didn’t do anything wrong lol. There’s also a few cases as a kid he’s burn me with his cigarettes or my other siblings and laugh when we’d cry lol.

I don’t think it’s narcissism but probably a whole mess of other things but yeah my family thinks he is xD

I’ve been waiting for someone to say that since I got into occult communities, but since I’ve dedicated half of my life to baneful magick, I thought I didn’t have the moral quality to say it myself. It’s really nice to see it upon waking up, today’s bread will be more crunchy


That is more sadistic than narcissistic. I want to like your post to show you support but I haven’t because I don’t want you to think that I am liking what happened to you😱

by making a numerology calculation we can know the element that dominates in a person and other secondary element. We use a person’s dominant element to choose the type of spell that will work best on them, bury, hang on a tree etc…
If a person has all 4 fires, earth, water and air they say it is difficult to do spells on him, he is naturally well protected, so a spell will have less impact on this kind of person.


Hah. Doing magick of any kind on a narcissist is tricky, and quite a task. Knowing their biggest weakness is key. Underneath the false layers that they cover themselves with to intrigue their victims, is an extremely weak shallow insecure person. They use this layering of pretense not only to intrigue others into their magnetar trap, but to protect the truth of who and what they really are. Observe them, know their game, their disguises ways etc…In your spell strip this all away as forcefully as you can, and when finished force them to look at themselves as they are deep down, and you will have won. I would use black magick for this, and realize they couldn’t care less who they harm, in fact it’s their goal. They will lie, pretend, manipulate, abuse, control others, you name it. Once these endearing qualities haha, have been stripped, I would surround a black candle with mirrors, inscribe his name, really go to town. Tell him you’re weak, insecure, you lack confidence, you have no self esteem. Tell the candle the truth as if it were him. Tell it how others view him when they realize he’s a narcissist, people hate you etc. As far as a specific spell, I don’t think there’s a cure all for ppl like that in magick, design the stripping part yourself as well as the mirror part.


Furthermore, narcissists protect themselves. Take away the protection, all of it, and make him look at himself, I would then proceed with a curse. Good luck


Also, they care very much about how other people see them. In your spell, make them aware of the opinions of others regarding them.

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