My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


Yesterday’s storm taking more powerful formation in mid-africa, weather warnings still active for the whole region today and tomorrow…

Studying the solar activity indicators to monitor them after the ritual, didn’t figure them all out yet but working on it.

Starting the first sun-ritual in few minutes. This one will only directed towards the sun, and performed over several days. The objective is to lower the temperature of the core and surface. If successful, this should affect the weather on earth, but could have negative geomagnetic effect… we will see what happens!


Observing the solar surface after the first ritual… the dark spots clearly increased

Not an expert or scientist. Just an observation. The goal is the effect here on earth so I will probably do a ritual targeting earth as well. Just in case.


Found live heat map of earth. Now can monitor the effect on earth/sun in real time…


After performing the sun ritual, increase in sunspots was observed shortly after - check previous post.

Next, I performed two rituals, one directed towards earth and the other again directed towards the sun. Then had to take a break because I was completely exhausted.

Now this is found on weather space central :

This morning’s (04:44 UTC) Type II Radio Emission alert was associated with an event just behind the west limb. A large ejection can be seen on STEREO Ahead EUVI imagery and a coronal mass ejection that is NOT directed towards Earth can be spotted on STEREO A COR2 imagery.

Increase in sunspots, alert of geomagnetic radio wave heading towards earth, should arrive within 2 days, followed by a solar flare not directed at earth. No such activity is found during the entire month.

Just to make sure I’m reading all that correctly, did some research… found this posted around the same time I performed the first sun ritual days ago.

Solar storm alert…

Central Africa…Storms still on, severe weather conditions alert still active



Ancient Egyptian chants for Horus, Osiris, Isis and Ra


Satisfied with the overall results so far. Still performing daily rituals for several days to come.
Next step in mind, a major global event. Keeping the details to myself at this point.

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Is that quote typed on the last uploaded video liken unto the Annuaki? " He begot and gave birth to himself king of this earth prince of the underworld president of the mountain of Aukert"
I ask because I have read & heard that our ancestors were the Annuaki who went up to the mountains to become gods.
Not trolling but the quote here well…?


I believe it’s for Osiris. I found the channel couple of days ago and didn’t listen to all the videos yet. Thought to share here maybe someone knows something about the original text used for it, or they could use it in their evocations.

I have the book of the dead, best translation I could found. I will try to check if the text used in those chants is really from the book of the dead as they claim or it’s from a different source and used for those deities.

My personal guess at this point, is that some verses may sound like they belong to a different myth but that’s only because at that time, those similarities were normal. The details and backstories are different of course, but the symbolism can’t be ignored in many of them. This could be the case.

Thank you for mentioning that, it’s worth checking :slight_smile:


Triangular storm/cloud…I’m just playing in Africa now :joy:



Thanks. @PrinceX It seemed to be more complex


Yeah I can’t get it in one image but you can check here if you wish

It’s huge but front shape of it is the way I wanted, not sure if it will remain in this shape or will get more symmetrical over time :slight_smile:

Infrared and perception versions show it more clear than the visible version because of the background I guess. Anyway I’m just having fun by now, my main work is focused on a different thing as mentioned in previous post


Cool. Looked up


Decided to pause all working for few days to know how long the effect of the rituals would last. Since stopped, the area of central Africa was completely clear. Mid-North stable.

Working on storms, the effect seems to last about 48 hours after the event. Manipulating temperature also lasts for the same time period. After that another ritual is needed to keep the desired effect.

Next event, an Asteroid. Looking for data resources to monitor the targeted area during the experiment.

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May i ask why an asteroid?


Because I didn’t do it before and the idea seems interesting. If I could do it, then probably I could stop it id needed one day… hopefully won’t be needed at all but who knows :slight_smile:


Please dont, storms are great…you can bring rain to areas that need it


Ok I understand your concern… Back to storms, no problem.


Thank you…also you know a way to get rid of mosqutios since the buggers are annoying


I wish, there are still things more powerful than magick. Cats and mosquitoes on the top of the list :grin:


I love cats…if i could i adopt all of the black kitties in shelters since they are the first euthanized which is sad…i get people see black cats as bad luck but black cats are so adorable…there mini panthers