My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


I love cats too, I don’t have a choice actually. They truly believe they’re our Gods so why resist ! I totally agree, black cats are the best. Never bad luck… at least not for themselves :smile:

Once had a black cat that looks exactly like a bat… huge ears, skinny legs… and completely silent, not even a “meow”… and she used to jump more than she used to walk. Weird scary little creature but really cute :slight_smile:


Awww…give your cats all the treats


Sure I will thanks :smile::metal:


Jeez i really like your music taste… :joy: what is your fav song from les friction ? :star_struck:


Really gad you like it, your taste in music is wonderful :sweat_smile: My fav songs are world on fire, fire wall and louder than words :metal:


Sameeeeeeee :relieved::fire: also Torture and Love Comes Home is good :relieved:


That’s amazing I love your style in music :clinking_glasses: :grinning: Yeah torture and love comes home are ones of their best songs :+1:




Worked on lowering earth’s temp in the past two days, didn’t go for storms this time. The only areas slower to react are India and deep mid-Africa!

Decided to keep experimenting with the Sun but only when earth’s atmosphere is stable enough in most regions.

Not working with any spirits or deities on this until now, thinking about calling someone for it. The sun needs a lot more power than expected. Probably Amun-Ra and Horus!


Structuring my ritual for tomorrow all night tonight… Decided to evoke Amun-Ra and Horus. Going full force, energy work, evocation and ceremonial.

No pain. No gain…


Yesterday’s ritual was success, fortunately ! Called Horus and Archangel Michael for it.
Told that it would take about 24 hours for the results to show up and it already started :clinking_glasses:

Still have 6 days to go to complete the whole thing. Good part, the ritual I designed for this, is powerful and can be used with many other purposes. That, plus the energy work I managed to experience really helped my skills in dealing with complicated situations, not only forces of nature. It’s relatively easy to focus on one local outcome within one’s sphere of availability, but to go outside that box doesn’t only require more force pushed into the work, but most important calculating carefully the expected reaction to avoid undesired butterfly effect !

Midnight now, when my day usually starts and got lots of work to do. Workout then preparing for the 2nd ritual.

To Archangel Michael…Thank you :


Good luck with your work and thanks for sharing… :slight_smile:

Transference can also be useful, IMHO, and I wanted to share it. I have seen that within one of Cosimano’s book; the idea basically is to transfer the energy field from one to another place.

Something that happened in the past creates an energy field that always resides there, even the effects have been eroded long ago, so with that in mind, you may take storm energy even from the times of Pangea and use it as you wish.

Sometimes instead of dealing with so many variables, you may directly tap into power.

I hope that would be useful. :metal:


Thank you so much my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds wonderful that’s a really good idea…
I will find a way to include it in the upcoming rituals :+1:


Day 2 result positive so far. Targeting the ring of fire around earth - South America, Mid Africa, india and South Asia plus North Australia - by using energy from both poles with the help of Archangel Michael, while getting the sun stable and contained with assistance from Horus.

Implementing the Transference technique in the 3rd ritual.

The challenge now is to estimate the the time period of each wave of resistance, from the sun, and the reaction from earth’s atmosphere, then use this information to start each new ritual at the best time possible to minimize that effect.

Listening : Dark Matter - Less Friction


I think I will pause the remaining rituals for now.

“CNN : What is expected to be India’s strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years…”

Don’t know how far the effect of the past rituals would get but I’m not doing more at the moment.


I must say sir, I’m very intrigued by what you’re doing. I’ve read through your post. I have had thoughts of doing the same sort of thing. Hope to get to chat to you about it sometime.


I would love to discuss it with you sometime, it’s not easy but I think you will find the experience very rewarding. At the moment as you can see I’m still trying to control it…

Hopefully we will have a chance to work on it soon :slight_smile:


Back to work after short pause. For upcoming rituals will partner with Horus, Arch.Michael and Thor. Thor was very helpful and worked extremely fast in a quick ritual I had to do yesterday… so let’s see what we can do together!

The objective remains the same. Still going full force on it but probably will take a day or two break between the rituals for observation.

Listening : Metallica - Nothing else matters


Testing new technique in magick. The objective is to access the so-called superconscious by dropping the middle man, the subconscious. Or to be more exact, getting the subconscious to a level of almost-conscious awareness… instead of using trance to get the conscious mind in a weak alpha-theta state to communicate with or access the subconscious.

The reaction from this method is a unity between the three levels of consciousness in a moment beyond space-time but still with full conscious awareness. It’s like hacking the Matrix!

The result so far is batshit crazy! When the censor becomes thin, almost absent. Whatever in the conscious awareness instantly is brought to the surface of the outer reality and whatever is in the cosmic mind finds a way in the individual consciousness. With extremely short buffer-time for manifestation or transmission. It’s like the universe becomes interactive… alive. It can think, answer, talk in its own language. It’s a being, a conscious entity. Separated but at the same time one with the so-called self.

Interesting experiment. Many concepts we’re familiar with need to be re-examined. Things are not what they seem at all.

What’s started as a weather magick experiment is now talking a new unexpected turn. Still performing the original rituals as planned.

Listening : Dirk Ehlert - Dragon Den


Good luck!!! :two_hearts: and when do you want to stop stealing my spotify music ? :joy::joy::two_hearts: love that song :two_hearts: