My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


Realizing that you are apart the energy that encompasses everything in all of existence. I think if a person truly realized that and seen nothing more superior or inferior to them, then he/she would be beyond godhood.


After few hours rest… Live satellite view looks much better


So far so good.

Received a nice related dream/vision. Could be just a dream but I’ll take it as a sign :grinning:

Another ritual tonight and that would be all until tomorrow


Talking to an ancient spirit few months ago. Asked him how you could believe in God with all horrible evil he allows to happen. He said… Night is the son of Daylight.


Less than 24 hours, things moving already… not bad for a start


Working on large regions of earth is like watching paint dry lol


I will try a risky move on it today to speed things up, hopefully it works


Interesting video…

Multidimensional Universe Discovered In our Brains: As Above so Below


Omgg i see there Les Friction?!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: yaaaay!


Yeah it’s so weird. In another image there was a huge creature with opened hands, could clearly see his head, eyes, skin and fingers… getting strange visions

I have no idea what’s happening, if anything… but I’m really excited about it. :grinning:


Loving your journal!!! keep going please! Very interesting :blush:.


Thank you so much @NoxLotus really happy to hear that :blush:

Thank you for your support :v:


I think it worked…

Focusing on the west and south, pushing towards the middle of the region for the past 24 hours.

First day going well so far, on earth. Time to visit the heart of the sun !


Starting day 2

Survived the sun. Feel my chest crushed. Pain is some internal organs. My energy level is extremely low… barely can move. Will rest all day today!

Rain entered targeted area from the west as planned. Hopefully they will increase in the coming days and the storm that started in the south will join in.



Interesting video…

The solar plexus – The gateway for the spirit


Something is wrong. After the sun ritual I’m still drained of all energy. This never happened before. Well, I never done that ritual before either !

I know what to do …






Magick and morality. Sometimes it’s not as easy as deciding if you’ll cast a spell on someone who “doesn’t deserve it” from someone else’s point of view… sometimes things can get really very complicated.

When such things happen, Lucifer’s lessons to me become alive!

Resting and watching how it’s going on in Mid Africa. I think I will send a Hurricane…


Not a hurricane … but I’ll take it


Found live source to monitor the sun…
Preparing for an extended ritual today or tomorrow night

Noticed unusual spiritual activity in the past two days. The silent deity is still hyper active with me. No idea of his/her/its identity. A female spirit is also around, not sure if it’s human or not. I think I know the reason for all that, I believe it will increase in the coming days.

People around started to show the expected psychological reaction to the events I’m working on. That stopped me before but not this time. This time they’ll have to deal with it.


This is So true. Well expressed document :heart::smirk:


Thank you glad you like the video. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe it’s one of the most important spiritual concepts that could bring unimaginable results when it’s implemented correctly in any spiritual practice.


With this I agree on its level of undiscovered importance