My Struggle

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Me explaining to my girlfriends what santeria was and having them accept that I’m genuinely a Christian whose belief in God was unquestionably authentic… It went pretty well. Also, I’ve explained that I get rid of ghosts and clear up energetic parasites was also pretty helpful as well.

Just a friendly wors of advice to porn viewers, that the porn industry has been using incubi or succubi to get their viewers attached to the stars they’re addicted to watching. They keep them feeding the porn stars sexual validation to fuel their revenue streams with magick.

Quit watching pornography. Whenever I quit viewing it was the moment I went to war with those demons myself.

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The pornographic trade is a parasite on the human brain and all of its forms of conscious being.

Stop fucking viewing pornography unless you have control of the demons you’ll encounter there.

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There were probably more thetans than anyone could possibly have realized inside of that porn bullshit too.

Well, I have seen the difference between posing as a satanist versus posing a Jewish Catholic and neither one is really that big of an ordeal to explain to others.

It’s the same fucking thing right? We’re all getting biblical programming from childhood to surface that materializes through a difference of expressions or a few minor differences of beliefs in practice.

Those goddamned ruffians are some dirty vandal crooks, am I wrong or what ?

See there were those who that a deal with lucifuge rofocale would end up in every case with nothing at all but a lost and wounded soul fragmentation.

That’s not true at all, and niether does it leave you in every case with overnight celebrity and famous amounts of money either.

Sometimes it’s a slow and hectic build up.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a preparatory immersion into the life of a celebrity that makes people shy away from the entire thing.

They can’t handle all the gaslighting or the attention upon them, the judgmental scrutiniers and all of the naysaying of those who can’t stand for you to be happier than are they in the future.

That’s because you’re learning the skills, gaining specialized knowledge and developing your styles of leadership and stewardship.

Do not forsake those words you have spoken as a sacred oath or a covenant you’ve agreed to die for.

Oath breaker. Your oath has become your deaths.

I agree on the idea that we should try to control certain things. As a ‘‘free magician’’ myself, I will always remember this quote from an episode of ‘‘Xena the Warrior Princess’’ Quote; In order to transcend the limitations of life, one must stop desiring, stop hating’’ I tend to believe it is true, but only one problem with that; the matrix is cheating. It is stealing our thunder. Controlled by the demiurge this matrix is. I work my ass off each day to counter this madness.

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I think that when Jesus Christ claimed he was against the “god of this world” he was talking about the demiurgical forces that were forcing him into punishment for disobeying its rules.

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I believe so also. J-C was a pioneer/rebel person/spirit against the demiurge and the jewish order that ruled that world up until now again.

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So to continue with journaling, it’s not as if I wasn’t able to manifest or even to fully materialize the demons.

I just had some waiting for almost everything I was casting spells for and all of the assignments I was giving to my spirit companions.

It was like there had been a gap in our communication. The uncrossing rituals have helped with that tremendously and have allowed me to have tangible and instantaneous results with my spells.

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Oh my God guys!!! Another enormous successful ritual series. Those people who were helping my ex sabotage me in my new ventures with love ve have all started bickering amongst themselves and are not even living together anymore. They’ve had fight, and they aren’t friendly with each other, but I’d hate to speak so freely about this so soon. I’m just happy to see the results unfolding for us. My son told me all about this.

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It is awesome when one witness events like that - its a chance to see we did success. at least that part so far. congrats.

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Thanks. I’ve missed having this feeling too.

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I think what’s happened to a lot of people is that they don’t have the faith required for the entities to move larger mountains.

Prayers work best whenever the believer doesn’t doubt their potential to be effective.

You don’t have to use magick for smaller things or tiny targeting.

I have mastered all forms of magick.

I simply don’t have the freedom to practice as I would have if I should have been living by myself with plenty of space and time to practice my rituals in peace and with the backing of a coven working in solidarity with my aim. Shared goals always make magick more fun and enjoyable, and make it easier to materialize those necessary results faster.

I just do prayer vigils, because at those locations I’ve chosen for my practices, they’re easier to set up and they’re safe to perform without much antagonistic behaviors exhibited from the neighborhood.

A quick spell or a candle vigil is all I’ve been able to use for quite some time now. I’d love to have daily ritual and mental exercises coupled alongside of regular ritual animal sacrifices, but alas, am only able to use lesser abilities as the result of living somewhere this would receive lots of disapproval and suppression from Christian relatives.

What to do, says I?