My Struggle

Every time I listen to music such as this, the energy that I’m raising should serve as the frenzied feeding times for the spirits that are being helpful to me.

They will not be permitted to steal energy whenever I need to raise it for myself. I will deliver it to them through my own intent and not through any other means. This kind of music can cause loads of thrilled emotions, excitement, peaceful protests, and beyond all comprehension of purest acts of joyous celebration. There are fewer human experiences more thrilling than to attend live rock or heavy music performances. These are the kinds of things you are to promote for my experiences. These are the human emotions which should be promoted because they are good for us.

This music causes me much joyous excitements and I would like to share this excitement with my creatures of the darkness as well.

Good luck to all of you tonight and please enjoy this music for your acts of worship to be brought forth.

Well all that late night blogging did not make for the best night’s sleep.

I kind of had the feeling it would happen, but after I stopped my journals and quit talking to the spirits, there was too much activity around me to sleep very well.

I forced myself to unwind from this trancelike state I had been walking around with and then I fell asleep, but it was not sound and restful sleep. It was tumultuous and I already know thats what happens when you can’t close out your magical workings before 10pm.

It just felt necessary to continue because I couldn’t leave that surprise meeting under the category of unfinished business.

So what I do whenever I’m feeling this way is to just let things work themselves out without getting too caught up with the small detail.

Make sure that I’ve taken my prescribed minerals and vitamin supplements. Check!

Without them in my system I might be sorely lacking in something important for me to feel good.

Try taking a gummy to ease the pain or discomfort associated with rapid learning and accommodating new entities to manage or to handle as their master.

It can cause a bit of inflammation, mind you.

Headaches can be the common result of a new current of spiritual influx.

If all else fails to ease the pain then I may try taking some NSAIDS, like ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Maybe a small cup of sweet tea or some coffee to boost that up with some more caffeine.

I wanted to give praise for the uncrossing rituals I’ve been using recently.

They always get things moving and it’s like night versus day as far as the difference it makes.

Also, my Servitors are doing so well that I just wanted to give them a thank offering as well.

They are learning so well that I feel that I may have become the student at times.

I noticed how they were targeting the weak points that I’ve been missing with other people today.

Marbas, the true friend indeed

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So, for the next objective I’d love for my friends and employees to ask me about the “rituals I’ve used in the past” to improve myself.

I never lose my patience with anyone at work anymore.

I’m in love with several girls right now. I’m truly a Muslim.

Jewish kings and several church patriarchs were more like Muslims than they are like modern Jews or Christians are.

The problem is the girl I’ve been talking to is soooo fucking cute to me. I really like her personality.

She’s also very very attractive physically. She’s gorgeous to me, but I’m into other women and I don’t know how to tell her this, or if I should just get myself under control and commit to pursuing her exclusively… I have noticed that others are sharing the same attraction for each other that I share with them.

She’s not into bisexuality as I am becoming.

I’m into threesomes whether it’s two girls or two dudes, it makes not a single bit of difference to me, and I’m actually somewhat inclined towards becoming a swinger. It’s a bit of an uncertain thing to disclose at this time. It’s always interested me. I’ve just never had the appropriate circles of friends to share the interest and see what could happen.

I’d hate to lose focus with this girl over my painful curiosities.

I think the jinn were disguised in old grimoires, or at least discussed at length by those silly monks and defectors from the church’s dogma.

I think that the jinn have become what I should refer to the demons by from now on, be ause that’s exactly what a Muslim would do. Muslims juxtapose whatever they want and just claim that, “You can have your religion and you can just let me have my own religion.”

In fact the Muslims are now even so bold as to claim that Jesus was Muslim and to follow Jesus is to become an islamist. It’s the transitive property.

Islam means to submit to God. Jesus did that completely, and therefore Jesus is a Muslim whose religion was Islamic.

Dont get me wrong; I’m a good Muslim.

I’m also a Christian as well as a Jew. I just don’t agree with monogamy and I never really have. I believe in partnership though and it’s challenging me.

I think I might have found a compatible person to partner up with, and we’ll just wait and see how it goes. It could end up perfectly great or it could stop in its tracks once this conversation hits the floor.

I just don’t know what to say for myself, because I’m really that way. I see someone I love and I fall head over heels into them.

I haven’t even slept with her yet, but I feel that’s going to be happening really soon whenever she gets back from her work trip. I’ve really put it out there with her. I think she’s absolutely floored with my romantic efforts, which is something I’ve never done before recently, or at least not in several years since before my last serious relationship, and even then it was right into dating her.

This one has taken some efforts to get anywhere serious with her.

Like a good Irish Catholic as I’ve always been, I’ll confess my sins to the priest, or to my brethren, so to speak. I feel that she was talking to someone else or even was seeing someone else and that’s over with completely. I am such a fucking greedy Jew.

I have broke up several happy couples over the years.

Even more recently I ran through someone’s happy homes and left them worse off than beforehand.

Those people would never make it in reconciliation courts, I’ll tell you that much.

I’m such a fucking asshole sometimes. This new girl is over 10 years younger than I am, she’s absolutely gorgeous and her personality is liked by everyone who knows her.

She’s responsible and intelligent, and has endless career possibilities. She’s got a perfectly clean criminal record too and I’m a three time loser. I just used a bunch of magick to beat those cases. I got off with a couple of hard years in the penitentiary with a few more years on paperwork.

What would that mean to a non-white American or foreign citizen of the united kingdom for example?

We’re still brothers to you as well, and even real friends with some of you.

My company does not participate in any, how do you say this… Set Tripping

“Set trippin’” is the slang term for choosing to make wars with others over gang rivalries, differences of affiliations, and religious beliefs, skin color, etc. That is not allowed here in this region at all. The spirits don’t want this to happen anymore and I’m helping the spirits to direct solution.

The spirits don’t want to fight in human wars over race issues and ignorant human thinking anymore either. So don’t take my AB affiliations as though I’m a racist bigot.

I date colorful people too. I have always had a thing for Jamaican girls.

It’s my opinion that if a person was not involved directly in some dangerous conflict, then violence will never be the solution for anything.

Conflict resolution is a skill that the spirits I’m working under are developing together.

Violence breeds more retaliation and therefore causes endless fits of rage.

As far as an enemy is concerned… I will still without a shadow of doubt, I will still, will directly destroy mein enemy. I will direct everything I can towards their demise.

Also, I decided to commit. It would never be worth losing such a good partner in the long run who respects my authority and who will listen to me whenever I need her to trust me.

I wish I could share a picture of her, but that’s just not going to happen anytime soon :crazy_face:

I want a love so toxic that everyone would rue the day they’ve crossed either one of us, but to cross both of us at the same time would have movies made about the results of it.

I’ll probably just end up taking this down, because I don’t want to seem racist, but I definitely come off that way.

I’m a necromantic sorcerer and a native American spiritualist.

With that being said, the only things I tell people are that I’m into collecting new age stuff and have studied religions for my entire adult life. I use hoodoo spell curios as anointing oils, and I’ve shared some of that with a handful of other people.

Other than that, my beliefs and my practices are very very secretive and I’ll never tell a human soul about this. Concealment of my identity whenever I’m discussing these secretive practices is of the utmost importance, therefore because it is simply not allowed where I’m from. We don’t get to just waltz around talking about what I’m doing here.

It’s dangerous to practice it openly.

I have to conceal my spells. I have to conceal my graveyard visits from the eyes of the public also.

I have to keep my notes and my drawings to myself as well. I can’t share any of this with anyone at all.

I collect minerals and gems or crystals, ancient Indian artifacts and fossilized dead stuff, use dressed up candles, and sometimes mixed herbs go into a jar or a keepsake that I carry around on me.

People know those things, the little superstitions, but they don’t know that I talk to demons in a black mirror sometimes.

I’m at the point right now that I’m just reexamining the philosophies behind every single one of my tattoos and thinking of how is like to blend them all together.

I’m searching right now for the right spirits to inspire the artists work whenever that time arrives to put that work in.

I want the spirit to choose the appropriate coloration and stylistic choices for the tattooing of my arms and legs.

Whenever I’ve prayed or even whenever I’ve laid the curse down on someone, I liked to pick around and say by order of the aryan brotherhood, as in my way of imitating a television show called peaky blinders.

I’ve oft been inspired by old books, plays and the film industry for using catch phrases I’ve adapted in the traditional masonic fashion of making up sing songee sounding rhymes and repetive chants to reinforce spell casting and to open or close ceremonial sanctum periods. Now I just use the signal phrases mic check, and one two Scooby Doo, if it pleases the Aryan circle, then so mote it be, and so shall it ever be if it pleases the AB

Did I say masonic fashion in that last upload? I meant to say Rosicrucian, or wasn’t it meant to say… Naturism or witchcraft. Aka Wiccan philosophy?

It’s all the same fucking thing ain’t it anyway?!

To those who don’t realize it, AB’s religion is naturism.

For the most part that makes us Muslims because we submit to Allah and obey our genuine nature. We do whatever the fuck we want to, whatever is the most natural way to live our lives, the path of least resistance towards wealth creation and successful career options.

We have also been fully inspired to use freemasons philosophy and the teachings of the rosicrucians.

We have folks that called their women feathers, or las plumas to our southern compadres from the Mexican Mafia or “la eme”.

The plumed serpent cults that have inspired them have probably inspired freemasonic philosophy as well, and it’s all ended up synchronized.

The reptilian species of goddesses. We call them feathers. Become a living god, or even a plumed serpent god. Hahaha it’s too funny.

I’m just fucking around, taking the piss a little bit. I’d like all people to be in touch with their reptilian archetype.

As per my native roots, I’m a Quetzalcoatl fanatic.

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Why the fuck would anyone water their valuable time or energetic resources with staying offended by someone that didn’t mean to give them any offenses? It makes zero fucking sense to stay in your feelings and not mature past the offenses.

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