Tutorial: Petition Spells

1: Yes, you could petition your deceased grandfather, though he wouldn’t exactly fit the definition of a “higher power.” Ancestors are often petitioned for things like protection as they usually have a vested interest in your well being.

2: I don’t think such a petition would be acceptable. In my opinion, you would have far more success petitioning Lucifer to help rid yourself of your self loathing and desire for suicide. You need to keep in mind what spirit you are petitioning. Lucifer is the Light Bringer, and his purpose is Illumination and Knowledge. Suicide is not something he would condone.


so im wondering something is it essential that negatives are not in the petition?

What do you mean by “negatives?”

like not and no. I know its important while creating a sigil

In a petition, you are simply asking for what you want. You can phrase it however you like, though I don’t know why you would use “no” or “not” in phrasing your desire. However, I don’t think it matters. A petition is generally to an outside force, not to your subconscious like a sigil so I think it would be fine.

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How do I get it to Lucifer… Like I’m sorry but I’m slow what exactly I do…

How do I know if the spirit accepts what I have asked?

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Are petition spells best for small stuff?

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They can be used for anything.


You mentioned an altar, can I have one altar for multiple demons? Also, I see Sallos being mentioned in the comments. Does Sallos work with LGBT situations? But I’m not really good at meditation…

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He does! So long as it regards to love, no sex or gender preference. With the altar, it doesn’t have to be a different altar, it is an altar where you will make “business” with the spirits, in contacting them and making offering to them.

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Oh,thank you!

Does the colour of the candle matter? Because I want to make 2 petitions, one for instant cash/money and the other for physical looks.

No, the candle colour does not matter.

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Oh good. Last night, I burned my paper with the petition on my candle, then flushed the ashes down the toilet.


Can you tell me what would i do with a love petition where would i keep that?

All the information you need is in this thread.

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Thank you for the help and also for the example, it made it very understandable

Hello everyone ,I’m looking for advice.
I have been in a relationship with this man for 3 years or more . Every thing was going well until January of this year , he changed overnight . , I noticed that he is confused about our relationship,
I tried to invoque Pomba Gira and she helped in the past , but now Is not working.
Besides writing and doing the petition spell , what demon or spirit should I ask for help . I love this man with all my heart .
Thanks in advance