My Recent Vampiric Workings

Hello everyone! I recently have been doing some research on psychic vampirism reading various books and even some older posts on this forum. I have used vampirism in the past but mostly just to experiment with it. Never to actually boost my power in ritual or to directly attack someone. Within these past two weeks I have created a myriad of thought forms to aid me in my progress after reading an article excellent post by arcane. I have my personal servitor (I created him around two months ago but he has always had vampiric qualities), several “hunting dog” thoughtforms, several thoughtforms that stay in the victims room and steal their energy while they sleep, and a storage thoughtform that collects the energy from the thoughtform hunting dogs and the other thoughtforms and purifies it. I have also been experimenting with using candle magick to steal energy. I light a red candle and imagine my victim. Next whilst imagining my victim I imagine my tendrils going through the candles flame and into one of the victim’s chakras and then I inhale pulling the energy into myself. After the feeding is over I store this energy into my reservoir to be purified. I have used this by taking the pure energy into myself just before I do a ritual and I have seen much better results by doing this. I just wanted to share because hopefully some of you would find this interesting and useful as I definitely have.


Can you at all say more on the filtering process?

Typically if it is a direct feeding without a thoughtform I cycle the energy. I believe I got this method from the Psychic Vampire Codex. The storage thoughtform has a funnel which acts as a filter of sorts. I actually got the idea for the filter from one of EA’s interviews with Uncle Chuckie.

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Could the victim claim their energy back somehow? And can some leech of psychic abilities not just chakra energy? Many thanks

Why would they claim energy anyways, Life force Energy get replenished after some time by itself,

Yes, But no. You still need to work on psychic abilities yourself, Vampirism would make the process faster.

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Thank you for the insight, I’m new to vampirism but was victim to an attack.

Just trying to figure out what I can/should do.

Many thanks

If u have any question You can ask on this thread to N.D. Blackwood he like knows a lot about vampirism, If u have the money you can buy his book on vampirism too That he published… But you can just ask question without doing any of that.

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Wow… this sounds great, I have been thinking about creating a vampiric servitor.

Do you use your servitor for one target or does it travel from target to target?

And how do you get the energy from the reservoir thoughtform into your system or is it an automatic process?

(I don’t know that much about servitors)

It depends on how you program the servitor to be, You can command servitor to drain any target you want, or servitor which will randomly target people in sleep and steal energy, If you program or command it like that.

I think you pull the Vamped energy from the servitor. Yeah, More like a reservoir.

This thread can help you know more about servitors and how to create them^^.

And also this a great book about servitors and how to make them
# Magickal Servitors: Create Your Own Spirits to Attract Pleasure, Power and Prosperity by Damon Brand

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Thank you for the help - I truly appreciate same.

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