Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

So, I’m wondering exactly what is ground breaking about your work? What have you done that has lead to your claim you are a pioneer in the art, I was under the impression that would be something your peers would label you as, not something you proclaim about yourself, so as such I’m interested in what exactly has lead you to this conclusion based on what I’ve read so far?

I’m also wondering what is so special about using your name as a talisman rather than going directly to the entities in question? I can see where that may work as a short cut for you, but for anyone else seems like that would be a one way energetic benefit to yourself and not us?


Most amazon books of vampires are like energy sucks,or fantasy. A few a real.same claim france etc.but I tink constantnos or kostantinod a french magus is the close to get .but still his sister is a little weird ,

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Not gonna lie, your section on ‘Feeding upon spirits’ just is invocation with extra steps as far as I can tell, unless you’re trying to feed on an unwilling spirit, which seems a bad idea to me.

Trying to take from a spirit unwilling is a great way to get slapped hard, and your method calls for evoking the spirit before you feed on them anyways, so if the spirit doesn’t want to they just won’t show up.

Besides that, the chapter as a whole seems a touch derivative from other methods of practice from different paths.

I’m just trying to figure out if I should spend the however many hundred dollars on the book when it comes out or not tbh.


It just doesnt seem to branch off into an authentic path.


Well, that’s actually my peers from BALG that have written the “author description” about myself. I will take “pionner” as a compliment from the team.

Being a much humble guy in nature, I would say that this book his the one I would have wanted to get in my hands fiteen years ago, when I started reading everything I could find on vampirism.
It contains detailed chapters about Lifeforce, backed up by the study of Chinese accupuncture, as well as step by step instructions for Astral travel from an immortalist perspective and banefull lycanthropy.

But what’s really unique with that book came , in my opinion, with the second half.
-"The Dark Gods " chapter discusses 6 different gods from the Norse, Slavic, Celtic and Greek Pantheon, with there own, sigils, ritual and instruction to work with.
-“Ascended Vampires” will discuss Undead magicians from the European 15 and 16th century, as well as instructions, sigils and rituals to evoke them
-“The Path of the Dragon” will give 10 rituals coming from a deceased Central european lodge, using the squares of Abramelin the Mage from a vampiric perspective. This rituals have never been published before.
-“The extra terrestrial path” , will deals about the Great Old Ones from Lovecratian Lore from a vampire perspective.
-The last chapter “the Immortal Body”, will propose a way to ally transhumanism and occultism, give advices and preparation for those who would like to take the gamble of resurection.

When I started all this, years ago. There was pretty few material avaible on that subject. Most only covered the 4 chapters of this books, and a lot of time, was presentend with philosophy borrowed to “fantasy universe”. With that grimoire, my purpose was to create a step by step and detailled method for vampirism, and only published the most effective and precious of the rituals I have encountered .


Have you died and been resurrected?


Is true physical shapeshifting possible with vampirism?


All of this came from personal gnosis? Are you a member of a coven or anything other than Balg authors, as far as verification of this gnosis goes? I ask as other magical groups like Magic of Gallery spend many years in peer testing before they publish, but it sounds like it should have taken most of this 15 year period to even receive let alone peer test? Was this given through visions, or astral means, random on the whim let’s try this out moods or how else was it obtained?

:woman_shrugging:t2: Okay, thanks for the clarification, that’s not how it appears.


No, and never met anyone who have been, in 15 years of studies.
Has I explain in the last chapter, physical immortality using transhumanism is a gamble. It may work, or not.
The work of scientist such as Ray Kurzweil about copying your conscience are fascinating. As occultists, on of the hyppothesis for physical immortality, would be to be able to anchor our astral body to this new “shell”. Different groups are actually using this as a work hyppothesis.
There is no guarantee that it will work. But have got something to lose trying ?


That was a good question considering immortality was also a topic I saw mentioned, and your personal experience with related items.


Then why are you giving advice on it?


I’m getting images of someone who plays way too much D&D trying to become an immortal lich or something.

On a more serious note, the concept of soul-transference and the creation of vessels to facilitate immortality or extended longevity is neat to theorize about, but the practice seems like it would be risky depending on the methodology behind the creation, and population, of the vessel.


Two groups I have belong to, use it as a work hyppothesis .
Our predecessors used mumification. As science and technology progresses, groups tend to perfect things by using new procedures.

In my humble opinion, it would have been to bad to kept that part of the work secret, and not share it with the public, knowing that people may be as interrested as I was. As for many chapters of the book, it comes with a word of caution.


These groups consented to you using their hypothesis? Did they perform any testing on this or was merely talks in theoretics?


Define hypothesis. :thinking:


Well, it may more looks like a robot that some kind of specter, according to what this guys (transhumanist) are working on.

But indeed, it’s a risky practice. We actually don’t know what will happened with this in the 20/50/60 years coming. Better be aware of it an, maybe, include it in our work hyppothesis.

At least, if you want my opinion, cryonic societies are already a better way for the conservation of organs (the brain in particular), than mumification.


Basically an untested theory is what I was taught.


Theres your answer


Something that we are experimenting one, with hopes of achieving new results, but will have to experiment A LOT more, if we one day want to get proofs, certainty …


What types of experiments? How do you test this without compromising your own vessel? Do you have access to willing test vessels?