My rant against the occult

I’ve divorced myself from the occult, religion, and politics. They are all negative influences and just stop one from progressing. They all use tricks, like fear to control people. Nobody needs the occult or religion. Everyone has their own power within. The same goes for spirits and demons. Spirits ultimately do not want to directly work with us. They want us to learn to help ourselves.

Hmm…what’s your definition of occult? 'cause you can’t be divorced from it yet also say:

Evocation is part of the “occult,” a word which simply means hidden, and generally refers to uncommon knowledge.


Currently, I am no longer considering evocation. I’ve learned that the spirits will and can help us without having to do such things. Going beyond your boundaries might just cause problems.

Ok, but:

is a huge 180 from :

What happened in that little bit of time to make you change your opinion? :woman_shrugging:t6:


occult is a big category involving supernatural. weather good or bad depends on how you use those knowledge. there is nothing negative about knowledge. Negative is just one’s own belief. And a belief is just something you say ‘yes’ to as being true. You can say the sky is yellow and confirm it to be true and it becomes a belief even though we know sky is often blue.

Occult things happen in your life weather you know it or not. Only resourceful people will get involve in it purposefully for benefits. Better to harness it then benefit by accident as how often do accidents happen? If you don’t want to use occult as resource then that’s your choice. I , however, see it as a positive influence. That’s due to me having a positive mindset perspective from my emotional iq skills.

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It only seems like I changed my opinion, because our reality is so phony. Now, I feel like your reality has looped with my reality because I brought this up.

Let me try to clear things up. The affirmations and magick do not have to do with phony things like occult, religion, and politics.

You know nothing of my reality, be it magick or mundane…


I can see that our reality is so phony in many ways, yet so real in others.

The realness clashes with the phoniness.

I am curious about if you give it all up why are you still here posting? Wouldn’t that do more harm the good for you. Like it try to suck you back in? You are going to get alot of push back with people defending the occult. So it makes me worry about your well being.


If I remember correctly, Occult means hidden right? Referring to hidden knowledge well in that case you could use Magick to improve yourself and not pay any attention to gnosis.

So you’re trying to be a leader opening people’s eyes, which is the most innately political act (with a side of occult power) there is. :thinking:

Maybe think things through a little, otherwise you risk becoming what you claim to despise.


Occult is going to be in everyone’s life weather they realize or not. It’s part of life experience everyone goes through. Some don’t call it occult, they use other names. Many people don’t realize they are into occult with different labels. Maybe the word occult brings negative connotation to this particular member.

Same is with hypnosis. So many negative lens toward it due to tv misinformation from using negative spin on it for entertainment. But for those who study it like me, it’s one of the best tools to use for life change in all areas of one’s life. It’s about getting proper knowledge and education on a subject. I think this member just have wrong education about the occult, hence, the negative view on it. He has that right. Just don’t push that idea for others and know that it’s one’s own choice to view it negatively.

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Oh dear god, what have I done :frowning_face:

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Nothing most of us haven’t at some point. :smiley:

When you react to a thing, that thing defines you; when you act from a place of freedom, you can overcome it without being formed and dictated-to by it.


you didn’t do nothing. Just reminding people that not all is ready for some things in the world. =o)

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Hey! Maxwell sent me your way to start learning the ways of the Shaman!

Yes, it is only about self-knowledge. I always wonder why people say magick must be backed with hard work or labour: if I’m going to be doing that then I certainly don’t need magick + the additional labour it adds on top of the usual.

I used to think that way too, so, if magick must be backed with hard work, then why bother with it, just do the hard work. I actually put magick down for a while. Daily Star Rubies and Libre Samekh seemed pointless. Goetia spirits were kicking my ass (cause I didn’t have my senses open and ignored divination. So I thought, why even bother, if i needed religion I could just go to church occasionally and do mundane work towards my goals.

The problem is, I didn’t have the energy to try and achieve them, and I was constantly feeling frustrated, scared, and burned out. I was dragging myself to do stuff I hated just to try and get something that I wanted, but even though I set the goals, and wanted the ends, the means weren’t working for me. I just threw in the towel for a while, but after a while I realized that just sitting back and doing nothing wasn’t going to get me what I wanted. Every time I tried to move forward with things, I would just get kicked back again.

I finally said, okay, so yeah, maybe spirits are really real and I’m not going to sit and worry “are they going to kick my ass?” Instead, I’m going to work on establishing communication first before demanding stuff out of them. Then I also realized that I had to get rid of the demanding tone. I sounded like a bratty kid who wanted everything right now cause I had a whim. I needed to see the bigger picture, but I also needed to get the details right and not stick with plans that don’t work and paths that say “this goes here.” but it just ends up going nowhere.

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Okay, as long as it works for you. I wouldn’t be bothered with rituals and the occult at all if it boiled down to pragmatism. I can do that without them. “Energy” can be improved using several other, so-called “ordinary” means. However, if rituals work for you and you are happy please carry on.

It is no that is hidden. Like, not really.
I mean some of the deepest knowledge can be realized within a blink way more difficult (in some cases) than learning mathematical physics.

We just lack sensitivity to these exactly just as we lack sensitivity to X-rays