I am here to read your insights and interpret them.
I am a follower of the Non-Dualistic Philosophy, and for magnificent reasons, I began to understand what is beyond our “senses”.

When you are alone, are you the same individual you are when you are around people? Our egos are roles, and yours is no different. Desire, wishes and effort are features of the ego.

Have you stopped to look into the mirror and say what would you do if you were all capable? How long until you decide to play a game where your ego is the main player?

Listen sibling, You are a God, and you have faith in yourself every day; you just do not know it yet. How long must you dwell until you find yourself in the mirror? When you are in the middle you see, that all is an extension of all masks.

Do you know yourself? What will you do once all your dreams are fulfilled oh fellow God? What will you do once your dreams come true? Will you help others to find their dreams? would you stand against them just like the Crossword maker making puzzles for people to solve?

Have you stopped to think who commands your ego? Young one, you are a God and you are yet to realize it.

You did not come into existence, you came out of it. You hold the very nature of it within you. You, God should not bow to no one.