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Hi am from Nigeria interested in luck money magic,I’m 34 year I lucky money magic New

There is money magic, pretty much within every system of magic so I am going to advise you to check the link already given to you in your thread or being with this as you seem to not have any idea which system might suit your needs, you will need to do some research and figure out what fits for you. Perhaps once you have read over the beginner tutorials as well as the link @Lady_Eva provided you, you will either have an idea of how to approach your goals, or which system you would like to delve into. Otherwise you can use the hourglass, in the top right corner of your screen and type in money, and find all of the random resources we currently have, and there are quite a few, so you should be able to find something to your liking and skill level.

I’m solomon

I’m quite new to magic, honestly don’t know what New means in terms of the practice of magic,

But so far experience, nothing works,
I do practice with whole my time and life to range of things from Money magic and success luck money to plants.
Old meditation, I also study whatever I feel the need to be there in time from religion and culture law. Nothing works.
Please help me seriously I need money urgent to pay house rent receipt.

I appreciate that you further elaborated on your experience, however I can’t discern much from the statement that nothing works. For beginners that is often the case, and even when things do work, often beginners have no idea whether or not a spirit heard their request and will aid them.

If you have practiced your whole lifetime, I am slightly confused but whatever I guess.

Meditation only goes so far towards manifestations, but it does usually help the beginner learn how to get into trance and develop their claire senses. I am going to assume if nothing is working that your sense have not yet developed.

This statement here, tells me that there is not much, that I myself can do for you. Desperation will thwart your attempts in many cases, and fuel them in others, and it is not my place to determine which it will be for you, but you have said nothing works so many times, that I lean towards the desperation in your case will hold you back.

If you are that desperate, then now is the time to dig in, do some research and take this life into your own hands, as none of us can do that for you, all we can do is point you in the right direction, which is something I have already attempted to do. If you hit the search bar up, and type in money you will find all sorts of rituals and spells, and many if not all require little to no skills and often only a few tools, which may not even be necessary unless you need them to put yourself into the right mindset, which at this point you may very well need that.

I believe in the post you created that @Lady_Eva linked to you a fairly comprehensive thread- Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results

so if the search bar is just too complicated to hit up in this desperate state, then I highly recommend starting there, or looking into magical books by authors such as Damon Brand, Corwin Hargrove, and Henry Archer to name a few, that have covered the subject of turning your poverty into success with little or no tools and using almost entirely your imagination and few minutes of your day for a period of time. Hargrove probably has the simplest and least dramatic approach of any author I have read, and is rather beginner friendly, even to the desperate. In fact, all of that desperation would likely work well within his system of Djinn magic, as the drive and need being rather flamboyant is something I see that makes his system work particularly well with the djinn.

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Can i get some help about it tho? I’d love to make a pact with Belial, would do stuff to make my dreams come true…

I want to learn about evocation. I have experience in white magick. When available (daytime and sunny), I use energy from the sun to heal. I do chakra alignment and empowering work as well.

Welcome @Jupiter

How long have you practiced?

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Hey all- I’m Mushroom from Australia (obviously not my real name but I am big into mycology).
Great to be here- I am quite inexperienced in the whole scene. I have a basic knowledge of hermeticism and gnosticism but I am definitely a novice. I came across this site when trying to reconnect with my grandfather who has passed and was heavily involved in the occult scene. I don’t have much to offer you all but I’d love if you would welcome me regardless. :v:cheers from Australia


Hello welcome, a couple of days ago I to was inexperienced. And as to the, “not much to offer” don’t worry about that. From what I learned all you need is respect and be open minded to other people’s thoughts and experiences. This forum has lots to offer, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

About 3 years.

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Hello forum!

My name is Carla. I’m probably a lot older than a lot of the people on this forum, but after some googling and coming across this website I just had to sign up!

I was a lot more open to my spiritual side when I was younger. I dabbled in some minor magick in my teens and twenties, such as candle and jar spells, with minor successes, and tried my hand at divination, mainly tarot, as well. I also meditated regularly and did a short stint as a new ager.

After life got in the way (marriage, children, and career) I lost touch with my spiritual side and fell into the routine of life. Now that my kids are grown and I am divorced, I want to get back in touch with my spiritual self and start creating a life that I want to live.

I have always had an affinity towards Celtic deities and angels, but I am interested in working many different spirits, although I know I am not quite ready to yet. I have picked up some Gallery of Magick books, as well as the Goetia and, with the wealth of information on this forum, I am excited to get back in touch with a part of myself that I unfortunately left behind years ago!

Have a good day, everyone!


Hi! I’m Blu! I originally started with hoodoo and Astral travel. Now I’m interested in summoning deities to take my magic next level. I’ve had several readings done and been told I’m called to be a powerful figure on spiritual work, and my studies brought me here. Excited to learn with you all.

Welcome @Blue_one

How long have you been practicing?

I’m Koriander
I’m learning sex magick, gravitate towards the LHP and am interested in working with entities from the Goetia soon. King Paimon is the first Demon I’ve grown comfortable with and started to learn about.


How long have you been pracitcing?

Do you have any experience in specific systems of traditions of magick?

Umm hi everyone…

I’m Pablo Cereno I’m from Asia. I kinda like all types of magic but I’m more inclined in black magic and necromancy but any type of magic is good too. My goal for now is to expand my knowledge and experience in these areas because I’m totally a beginner in this kind of stuffs. For now I currently have no idea on where to start my magical journey but I guess I’m in the right place to start my journey.

I guess that’s all for now.

Hi, I’m Jason I’ve been on my own spiritual Journey for 7 years after having a very unexpected, intense and to begin with very strange Kundalini awakening, and finally reached a point where i can use this energy to bring some tangible changes, and a whole new chapter to my life.
I’ve been studying every possible aspect of occult knowledge i could get my hands on for around 15 years now, and what i have read concerning Black Magick has fascinated me, but until now didn’t think it was the right time.
I’ve made a couple of Sigils in the past you know with a message double letter vowels removed type, but never attempted to evoke any spirits,
I consider myself a very good practitioner of meditation being able to place myself in a theta trance state without effort really, practiced remote viewing for 5 years with high success rate and also put alot of time into practicing visualization to enhance my remote viewing abilities, i did all these mainly because of the Kundalini energy and it’s take no prisoners attitude to pulling the mess within myself apart at the seams in order to put me back together the way i should be.
So, it’s time to get into this, i’ve watched lots of EA’s video’s and a few others, i live in the UK and my house is at the foot of a limestone fell, which like the rest of my town was THE final Norse settlement in the UK, another subject i’ve studied for years, but it’s difficult to find any magick that i can verify, but feel very drawn to Norse Magick, their final place is literally alive with the energy, there is still the original sacrifice stone, 1 of the most incredible parts is the 5000+ year old ancient Yew, is right by the small offering Bog fed by a spring, 1 of the roots has gone up through the lime stone and the Norse people have removed the limestone and exposed, and guessing sliced off the stump which is petrified perfectly, and runes carved on the stone behind it, which is like a back rest, meditating on sat on that stump is incredible.
Anyway sorry for babbling, would love some advice on who i should attempt to summon first, i have some money troubles as the virus forced me into unemployment, and so i’m just getting by, what money i had i bought incense, candles, a journal, etc to get started as my intent is to ask for help with some money and just a bit of good luck/fortune, nothing major, my main intention is knowledge and wisdom, just need to get stable first…
Thanks for reading if you got this far, i do go on a bit at times but excited to chat with you guys.

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Do you have any practical experience in magic? yes i have experience with spell work

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?
i practice all forms of magic . i have been researching magic for a few years now .

If not, what areas of magic are you interested in learning?
I am interested in learning more about the dark magic. A advanced level of magic

Thanks for reaching out Sabastian. Much appreciated. Hope you are keeping well. It appears there is a great community here. :v::mushroom:Mush love

On and off for almost 20 years. Although I didn’t realize I was practicing at the time

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