My Precious...((I lost a treasured ring))


This may sound silly. But it’s certainly not to me. So while I’m laughing & crying (lol) I figure I’d ask you guys🖤

Keep in mind. I have already accepted the possibility of thid item being gone forever. That’s not the issue. This is more of an experiment. So please refrain from “accept it, move on…it’s just a ring…etc etc etc” responses because that’s not my focal point for this post. This post is more about finding lost items with occult methods.

With that out of the way, I lost a diamond ring. It was symbolic to me and is priceless in that sense of the word. I wouldn’t put a value on it but monetary wise it’s not low in value.

I have searched HIGH and low for this fker…lol

I turned over my couches, cleaned the place from top to bottom and I can’t…find…the thing.
Certainly it is possible my “familiar” ate it (wish I was joking) but it’s certainly possible considering the things I must fight away from my pet…clothes, socks, necklaces etc. So I never leave anything small on the ground. It’s out of the question.

To add to the choas…I have a lotttttt of stuff. Like, a lot. I’m an entertainer. I have over 11 pairs of contacts. So needless to say my wardrobe problem is constant. I might find it in a pocket 3 hours from now…I took it off to contact juggle and now it went poof! out of existence.

So I ask you…tips on helping me find it? Being heavily faerie, I’m invested…for the next few days. Lol. I lose things now and than, yes. But nothing “important” to me. So it’d be very odd to be misplaced indefinitely.

I’m looking for Spells, Sigils, Rituals anything to recover it which would be interesting & educational at the least. ^.^

No, I can’t go buy another, don’t be ridiculous. I’m not as comfortable as I was before the pandemic hit :black_heart: But I’m very interested in what advice anyone has to give on recovering lost items magickally. Who knows, maybe it didn’t fall into the abyss

:dizzy:Hail the Infernal Empire & hail thy self



Maybe this will help. I read this loads of times before joining and it’s helped me on several occasions. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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This is not a practical tip but I had a similar experience with a ring that I deemed as precious to me. I’ve lost it out of the blue, searched every corner of the apartment, every pocket of my clothes, my car, even my office space and everything connected to it. Nothing. For several months I was convinced that I had certainly lost it.

When I had a new pact in the making with a spirit I was wearing a jacket while holding the session.
I reached into the pocket of this jacket to grab a lighter and the fucking ring just pulled a deus ex machina move on me. It was in the very pocket of the very jacket that I have worn and washed several times since I’ve lost the ring. I took it as some kind of signal that it was the right time for the ring to re-appear in context with the pact I made. Needless to say that I placed that damned thing into solitary confinement ever since, just in case :smiley:

And now my useless tip in case your ring won’t appear again during a moment of catharsis etc. in your life: maybe pulling a card of your favourite divination system could help. I would suggest a card deck that uses many symbols or colours, they could hint to your rings current whereabouts (for example something red or something with a bird printed/engraved on it or a place near water/a tree/you get the idea).

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I recently lost my wallet and immediately called Prince Orobas to help to me find it. That’s about the best practical advice I can give. Call Prince Orobas and ask for help.


In her book, Mindlight, the Wiccan author Silver Ravenwolf talks about using the four agreements to find lost objects.

The theory is that we create everything through our attention. In pseudo-scientific terms, we, the observer, collapse the quantum wave function of potential into the material world. We basically “agree” with ourselves that something is, and then it is.

The agreement is between the four parts of ourselves, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The explanation of why we cannot make massive manifestations happen is because the four parts of ourselves rarely agree with each other.

So a lost object is, essentially, no longer in your universe. To bring it back, visualize the ring, and say to yourself that you will find it, and then say that you physically agree, emotionally agree, mentally agree, and spiritually agree. Then let it go, and continue your search. Usually, the object will reappear in a place you have already looked.


CORZON? Was that the name of the Angel of Lost Things?
Either find this post and call on that AoLT, or … you have a sympathetic or contagion link to the ring. This is enough for beacon of sorts … right? So focus on that link and keep pulling it to you.

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This might sound odd, but I ask the fairies to help me find it. If they took it, they give it back without feeling blames, and if they didn’t, they (the friendly ones) like being helpful and like that you appreciate and value them when they come through.

Reaching them is very low magick and vaguem you just reach out with your mind and hope they hear you, “Fairies please help me find my precious shiny thing!” and hold an image of the ring in your mind so they know what you mean. :smiley:

You might well find it in a place you know you looked already.


I loveeee that you know faeries escape with shiney things…if I had a quarter for everything they took then returned . lol.

When they steal its essence I would love them to return the husk. :laughing:

You guys are amazing. Loving this thread🖤


So true. Love this advice!

I told my mother something very similar when her Cat went missing. I was like, “leave out offerings. Believe, and know it will happen. Never doubt.”
Poor thing was found a month later twisted in someone’s engine trying to keep warm.

Needless to say I have actually gotten my 55 yr old mother to start saying “Hail the Infernal Empire.”

It’s the best. :joy::black_heart:

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Ive tried this, it did work a few times for me.

I’m definitely trying all the suggested methods and will keep you posted in the hunt!!

:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:Hail thy self :raised_hands:

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So I found it with the help of @king_sakoura who does Geomancy (sp?) But needless to say I found it right where he said it’d be by. It was at the bottom of 1 out of about 100 costume boxes I have, next to my computer tower and by an electrical outlet. I looked around the areas he told me to search for days but just found it literally moments ago. I’m so happy.

I also did the suggested ritual in this thread

Yay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::black_heart:



Glad I was able to help !

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