My personal development and journey

I tried to do the human thing and work out my issues. No one wants to be truthful sooo looks like we’ll be doing this a different way with the help of Sraagbel.

I fucked up my fast at the 37 hour mark. Im restarting :roll_eyes:

Spell I did the other day is manifesting wonderfully.

Had someone reach out to me on reddit about commissioning a spell. I don’t usually do things like this, but I figured I’d hear them out. I usually just give out spells I’ve created and tell people to do it themselves. But I’ve considered actually doing paid spells before. I don’t knooow

Every time I get drunk I just want to go lay in the cemetery.

Only once have I acted on these feelings :innocent:

Fehu has money and new clients flowing. I have too much work and I don’t know what to do. i desperately need to spend more time meditating. Also, while i was trying to sleep last night something occurred… I was lying on my stomach, and it felt like a hand pressed down on my spine and rubbed back and forth, but vibrational energy was flowing into my back. I hear like a voice or something I don’t understand and then I hear a laugh. I am 80% sure it was Loki. I’ve become accustomed to his giggles when he’s messing with me. No clue what he was up to.

I think this weekend I’m going to work on astral projecting and meditating. I am desperate to feel that “slip” again. I just need to get more used to “falling” into the astral and I wont shoot myself out the moment it happens like the last two times.