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Been reading CIA documents on remote viewing and holographic universe theory. Interesting.

Apparently there is an insane amount of power in mastering the elements. Moreover, the elements all line up neatly with the Tetragrammaton, which really illuminates a lot of underlying theory in magick. They are really fundamental forces.

I read all of Franz Bardon’s books to get an idea of what he’s talking about. The electric and magnetic fluid confused me.
Now I realize that it’s just the divine masculine and feminine, yang and yin.

I think I’m going to try to shift tomorrow morning.

Go big or go home. Oh wait, it’s quarantine and I’ve been stuck in my house for 11 months, darn.
I think I need to cop myself a cheap mp3 player on amazon and take advantage of subliminals and binaural tracks.

Subliminals are like the easiest way to manifest, all you have to do is just sit there and listen. I heard somewhere else on here that the Concordia booster is kind of intense so I might try that.

I’ve also been listening to this nice shifting subliminal on youtube with a relaxing piano track. It’s totally reminiscent of the breath of the wild ambient, which is awesome.

I might try and take the audio off some youtube hypnosis videos. I tried this one for psychic abilities once, but the person said I would only use them for the good of others so I turned the video off and disliked that bitch.

I’ve been thinking about how the military could train psychic super soldiers. It’s actually pretty easy. They don’t even need any program really. They just get them to listen to some hypnosis tracks that hypnotize them to be psychic.
Or they could just make them repeat the mantra for each chakra until they energize it. That would be really mindless and kind of interesting.


All these subliminals, it’s like I’m in a candy store, Gotta Catch 'Em All right?
I’m down the rabbit hole again with a new subject. I got the mp3 player and have loaded up a playlist.

The concordia booster repeats affirmations like 10^2058 times a second, Bruh. That’s crazy.
I’m giving it a try along with one for photographic memory, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and shifting.

Also, I did another shifting practice attempt.


I don’t want to overwhelm myself by trying to listen to too many subliminals at once, I would like to keep my eyes on the prize, which is probably shifting at this point.

Like I said earlier, I’m listening to the concordia booster. Which is supposedly the most powerful booster around. I also am listening to this one that is supposed to improve visualization. I’m putting effort into this one first because being able to visualize better will help me shift.

I’m playing the metagame I guess. I have to decide how to invest my skill points. I might try to bundle them together so I can listen to the booster and a sub at once.

I plan on making another shifting attempt this morning after I finish the sub I’m listening to right now.

I haven’t seen any results yet, but it’s been 2 days. I do feel subtly different, and I get a mild headache after listening to them sometimes. I feel changed.


Today, someone told me I was going to hell.

I thought it was funny. Now, I’m kind of annoyed though. I have the power to ban them from the subreddit, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet.
They also posted a youtube video with a screenshot of one of my posts, of course no one watched it.
I feel like I should retaliate.

On a better note, the subliminals are going pretty well and I’m not feeling as depressed.

Okay, I’ve made my decision, I’m going to retaliate.
I’m not sure how effective it will be without a link to the target, but I’m going for it. I’m sure the GoM books will be more than enough :smiling_imp:

Alright, I’m cutting myself off, screwing with this troll is way too much fun.




The concordia booster seems to be at work. I feel like I’m changing. Today I was slightly less depressed than usual.

That doesn’t matter now though, because I have a big problem on the horizon. I don’t want to do emergency magick so I’ve decided now is the time to start attacking it.

If things get bad I might just use some destructive magic to stop the project.

Anyway, I’m using everything I got. I’m going to continue listening to the concordia booster. I feel like it’s my way out of this.


I did the ladder of ascent and called on Raziel’s power to find solutions when all seems lost. Hopefully I’ll find a way out of this situation.

The guy I cursed yesterday started a flame war on the subreddit. He’s been banned now.

It’s the internet age so I’m probably going to petition that goetic demon that causes electrical storms, that would be a highly effective curse.

I’m continuing to listen to subliminals. I think I’m going through the Concordia booster’s purging period because everything seems to be pretty bad right now. Hopefully something good is on the other side.

The only thing I’m certain of right now is that I need to keep listening to the booster.

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I can feel my soul draining out bit my bit with every minute of these zoom classes.

I’m starting to understand some possible solutions to my problem. I’m going to try all them.

I’ve broken it down into component problems. This can be inscribed on my tombstone.

  1. I need specialized equipment. I have to find some way to manifest a object that is significantly outside my current sphere of influence.

  2. Need to learn a skill that is completely beyond my current abilities. Specifically, whatever programming language is used to make IOS apps along with some backend. Also, I have only 2 months. Haven’t written a single line of code in 9 months.

  3. Have to figure out some way to get the teacher to accept the substandard work I’ll finish. If I finish.

  4. Beat my procrastination.

Here are some solutions I’ve thought of:

  1. Start working now. Accomplish a legendary turn around. Practically live on my Udemy account until I figure out this stuff. Grind like a beast.

2.Use every magick ritual in the book to accelerate my understanding of the material. Listen to superhuman learning subliminals.

  1. Aim an execration ritual at the entire class. Find a way to get rid of the teacher and replace them with a clueless sub that will let it slide. Or, use magick to completely slide under the radar.

I read somewhere on here that a really small voltage keeps the heart going so I could just try to disrupt that.

Anyway, I’m going to try option 3 first.


My major problem I discussed earlier got solved, and the solution is way better than I could have ever imagined. Raziel was like “You thought all was lost? Bro look around”. Now I can do what all hs seniors want to: coast to the end.

I’m in the endgame of high school now. Cal Poly started decisions in their normal chaotic way. They don’t have any process, they just send stuff out whenever they want too. Last year they said they would spread out acceptance notifications.

Then, they sent all the acceptances out on March 1st - 3rd but didn’t tell anyone they were going to do that, then the rest of the month sent out rejections.

I’m pretty sure they use an algorithm to let students in. Of course I did what was necessary to exploit it :slight_smile:.

I heard word they are already sending out acceptances to some instate kids yesterday. Of course, the home of type-A parent anxieties, oops, I meant to say college confidential, has a thread up already.

That place is crazy. They’re like, can Timmy get into UCLA with a 5.1 gpa and 5 * 10^googolplexian hours of community service?

I read some of the thread for Cal Poly. Thankfully, I managed to pull myself away. The information in there is a live landmine for whatever manifestations I’m doing. The parts I did read turned out to be great news though.

I wonder what similarities there are between Lady Eva, astral dynamics’ CFTraveler, and college confidential’s gumbymom?

I’m listening to a college acceptance and luck subliminal, probably going to do some visualization. For once, I have this locked in.

I really like to do the daily practice from wealth magick for manifesting things other than wealth. I can totally feel the emotion inside me.

That’s all

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Today is a good day for me. I’ve done some energy work and am listening to subliminals.

It’s been a week since I started listening to the Concordia booster. I’ve experienced a lot of weird mental phenomena over this week.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the subreddit, talking to other people. We’re doing a group experiment with the Concordia booster. So far, people have reported nightmares, paranoia, and other side effects. This is in line with what it says it does. It’s supposed to release blockages first and then empower you spiritually.

The author’s standalone blockage remover subliminal is also on my list. I’m sure I have all sorts of blockages I don’t know about and I’d like to get rid of them.

I’m also doing a simple manifestation test to see if I can actually manifest something simple. I want to build up confidence for larger stuff.

I haven’t actually manifested anything simple in a long time. Last time I manifested objects I was with a conservation corps on a summer trip. They were like “we learned about manifestation on TikTok”, I sighed inwardly and promised them that I would manifest some donuts.

I put so little effort into it, but I approached it like a game and a few days later someone gave us donuts.

I think it’s going to be a challenge to manifest larger stuff. Jason Miller says in Elements of Spellcasting that you should make your life enchantable. Quarantine has made my life really unenchantable, I don’t leave the house very often and don’t interact with too many people.

I hypothesize that if you cover more distance and interact with more people per day, your manifestations will speed up because you are giving more opportunities to the intelligence behind them. The more opportunities for coincidences, the more flexible your reality is.

Also, you may need a vehicle for things to manifest through, especially for wealth. This is probably why my money manifestations have failed.

I read an interesting ritual on this forum that initiates you into the military of the infernal empire. A month or two earlier and I would have done it, but now I’m more cautious. I don’t want to be tied down to anything right now.

On a more speculative note, I don’t want to close any doors down the road. If I get the opportunity, I might want to do angelic soul transmutation. I feel like I resonate with them.

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Another day is ticking by.

My current operation with college acceptance is moving forward. No one on the internet from my major has gotten decisions yet, so I have to wait.

My current subliminal playlist:

Concordia Booster (extra strength): The best booster ever created. Listening as long as possible every day. So far I’m hitting 2 - 4 hours.

Meta Luck:
a subliminal to enhance my luck in all sorts of ways. For college acceptance. Listening 30 minutes a day.

College Acceptance (AKUO):
Purpose in the title. Listening to this for an hour a day.

Blockage Remover:
This is by the person who makes the concordia. It removes pretty much every blockage you can think of. I’m sure I have all sorts of blockages so I would like those gone.

I meditated to it for 35 minutes this morning. At the end I felt light and tingly.
From the way the creator described it, it gets everything, even the energy nodes/etheric blockages Robert Bruce talks about.

Coming Up:

I plan to listen to AKUO’s super intelligence and work ethic subliminal, because I know I could use some of that.
There is also an astral projection sub and lucid dreaming one that I have on my list.
Finally, once I find a good sub for the clair-senses, I’m doing that.

I’m still doing energy work.

I learned of a interesting method for astral projection today from someone on reddit. It’s pretty much the phase with some differences.

You wake up after 4 sleep cycles, then you lay still with your eyes closed. You focus on your body until you start to feel an astral projection exit symptom. You focus on that symptom and magnify it until you feel like it’s time to separate.

It seems like a pretty good method. I might give it a try. I’m interested in the low effort approach using subliminals. I just listen to it and my mind will manifest that ability and find the right method for me by the law of assumption.

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March has rolled around, I have 6 months until I go to college, and decisions should be coming soon.

I’m pretty detached from the college process right now (I say this even though I checked the portal 10 times in the last hour). As long as I get into one of the colleges I applied to, I’m pretty much set since I applied to computer science or a close variation of that at each of them.

If I pass my major and put moderate effort into job applications, I should be able to live a conventionally successful life. That leaves me the task of being actually successful.

I’m hesitant to jump to conclusions, but I feel like things have shifted in my life. The first week that I listened to the Concordia booster I was pretty depressed and my mood was all over the place.

I’ve been listening to it for 11 days now, and I’m much more positive. I feel like there’s some sort of change under the surface too. Every time I indulge in certain bad habits I feel like the desire is weaker. This is likely due to a combination of factors, the Concordia booster one of them.

I’ve been meditating to absolute power subliminals blockage removal for 30 minutes a day. It’s been 3 days and I haven’t really felt anything from it yet so there must be a lot under the surface.

I understand that the subconscious mind can be pretty crafty when you’re trying to change. In fact, one of my friends started using self recorded hypnosis scripts and their subconscious started fighting back. They had a dream when their subconscious told them to be more diplomatic. After that, they went through all sorts of internal turmoil until they stopped listening to them. I didn’t even know this is possible.

I don’t think this is going to happen to me, but I’d like to get my subconscious on my side. Also, I’ve watched hypnosis videos on YouTube, and my subconscious has been pretty excited to comply every time. Somewhere on this forum I read about a visionary technique to contact your subconscious mind, so I’m going to try that and ask it to process the subliminals I’m listening to faster.

Is it a bad thing to personify the subconscious so much? Maybe.

I’ve been playing around with the Gallery of Magick’s emotional transmutation concept. They say it is the key to magick, and considering their books work well for me, I agree. Of course, their method is pretty simple, just feel your original state/lack, and then change to the desired state. As I looked through their books, I also saw some other things I thought might be worth adding, and I also have some modifications of my own that I’ve been experimenting with.

The law of attraction and law of assumption tells people to live in the end, and assume the desired state. Acknowledging the state you start in is important too, because it allows you to release that and convert yourself to the desired state. Emotions seem to go much deeper into your subconscious then an affirmation or afformation. They can be used to shift your beliefs really quickly.

I experimented with using anger in the middle of the emotional transmutation to make the shift more powerful. I also tacked on the Stillness because it seems like a great way to loosen reality.

Generalized Method:

  1. Get into theta
  2. Do the Stillness or the associated action.
  3. Feel the state of lack. Feel what you would feel if the magick didn’t work.
  4. Get angry that you are still in a state of desire. Be entitled and command that you won’t stay in the state of lack anymore.
  5. Feel grateful for the desired result.
  6. Imagine it is some time in the future and you are recalling the result.
  7. come back to reality, snap your fingers and say “it is done”.

This might be one of the weirdest ideas I’ve ever had, but it could be interesting if it works so I decided to record it here.

I’ve decided to run with the personification of the subconscious. If we can personify the subconscious, then we can use conventional manipulation tactics to establish a mutual partnership.

If I just affirm “I’m rich” I might run into problems. First, my conscious filter will just be like, “duh no you’re not” so it’ll never actually get processed by my subconscious. This is solved by afformations and subliminals.

Second, I hypothesize the subconscious itself is resistant to change and meta-programming, or it’s just neutral. If I’m personifying it, then maybe it won’t like it if I bust into it’s house and shout at it to do stuff for me.

If my subconscious can be personified, all I have to do is frame the conversation in a way that motivates it to help me.

I busted open How to Win Friends and Influence People and looked for some stuff that would help me.

I think the best approach would be to do the visionary technique I mentioned in my journal today to reach my subconscious and try the following request structure.

The technique is from the book How to Pray to Your Subconscious Mind by S. Rob. The author says to just command your subconscious to do something. I think that’s most likely the best approach but I’m throwing this out there just in case the subconscious can be manipulated like a normal person.

The structure of the request:

  1. Say nice stuff. This gets the target feeling good about the interaction.
  2. Ask some questions the target has to say yes to. They should be designed to stroke their ego, if the subconscious has one. This is the Socratic method.
  3. Dramatically describe an amazing opportunity you have for them in vague terms.
  4. Tell them if they work towards this opportunity things could be much better for them.
  5. Kiss ass once more, tell them it would be amazing if they could descend in their greatness and help you.
  6. Tell them it’s a win-win and you could both go on to live an amazing life if they just help you with your goals.
  7. Leave

In essence, you describe your goal to them, but most importantly, you make it sound like it’s good for them, make them feel like they are making the decision.

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Today I meditated to the blockage removal subliminal again. I’ve really neglected the practice of quieting my mind, it’s all over the place.

I’m listening to the Concordia booster.

I did the vision journey to my subconscious mind and told it to speed up the processing of the subliminals. I didn’t feel much, but this seems like a useful method. It’s just like the spirit pathworkings from other books. I’m going to continue this to strengthen the connection.

With that thought, I think Raziel could be used in the same way he is used in Raziel’s Paths of Power but with the subconscious pathworking instead. Raziel can help you connect to pretty much any spirit, so if I’m using this model to connect with the subconscious Raziel could be useful.

I’ve been practicing the law of attraction to manifest things starting with something small and working my way up. It’s been 4 days since I started and I’m still waiting on the small thing.

I heard of an interesting method for lucid dreaming and experiencing nonlocal consciousness. You stare at the back of your eyelids as you are going to sleep and watch hypnagogic imagery. As you watch the hypnagogic imagery you can try to gently shape it into something. I assume you would then project yourself into it.

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Yesterday I listened to the Concordia Booster for 2 hours or so. I did little else.


Today I’m listening to the Concordia Booster and the meta luck subliminal. I’m taking a break from the blockage removal.
I did the vision journey to my subconscious again and commanded it to process subliminals faster.

I’ve been experimenting with the CIA method to stop pain. Just repeating the number 55515 is a simple yet effective trick. How it works is beyond me. I also read something about Gravoboi numbers, which you can use for various tasks associated with healing, money, etc.

I’m trying out 66261267 which is supposed to help with discipline.

I got the first results back from the college admissions process. I got waitlisted at Cal Poly. I guess it’s better than being rejected outright.

Will I do any magick to help the situation? Maybe. It’s not like I can exactly manipulate patterns in American higher education at will though.
Cal Poly uses an algorithm to admit students, making it inflexible to magick. The UC schools are a different story though.

I still have 12 days until the UC results come.


More of the same pretty much. I listened to the Concordia Booster for 3 hours.

It seems that the Concordia Booster has had significant effects on me already. Even though I got waitlisted (read: basically rejected) by a college already, and should be kind of upset, I literally don’t care. Two weeks ago I felt unstable and stagnant, yet things have changed significantly. The feeling of stagnation has been replaced by a resilient optimism. Any time I feel myself getting negative, the stupidest things bring me back to positivity.

For example, I woke up in a kind of bad mood today, and was generally unmotivated. For a moment I thought my streak was ending and I was sinking back into the deep. Then, I was looking at this design flowchart for something, and I was like “that’s totally cool”, and my mood instantly became more positive, resulting in a better day for me. This flowchart was something that I would never find that interesting, not even my remote and seemingly hyper-motivated pre-quarantine self would have found it as energizing as I did today.


I feel like trying for a lucid dream or OBE soon. I’ll likely use the wake back to bed method.

I can’t think of a suitable segue for this so I’ll just jump right into it.

Elements of Spellcasting is such a useful book. It’s so practical. Now that I’ve read it, the reasoning behind offerings is totally clear.

If I walk up to some dude on the street and command him “Bring wealth to me”, he may not be inclined to help me unless I have something for him in return. Even if he is a master wealth-bringer, he may not help me if I’m a stranger.

Someone who I’m friends with may be able to help me with getting wealth even if it’s outside their skillset. In sum, building relationships is worth it.

Also, I think I’m going to take Jason Miller’s advice to settle down with one paradigm and work with it for a while. I’m just a neophyte, and the last few months I’ve shopped around in all sorts of paths. This is fine because I needed to get the lay of the land, but now I’m ready to settle down.

It’s like choosing a weapon to attack a target. I have to learn how to use my weapon and follow the rules for it. Whether I choose a trusty Glock 9mm or a SMAW multi-role rocket launcher, I have to figure out how to use it.

And, in my opinion, if you shoot a target in a vital spot or hit them with a rocket from point blank range, the target hit with the rocket is not any more neutralized/dead than the target with a bullet through a major artery.

Plus, it takes a lot of effort to find ammo for a rocket launcher.

That said, I think I’m going to work with the law of attraction. It should develop the underlying ability behind magick ( I think), and it doesn’t require tools.

I’ll probably use the gallery of magick books too because they don’t take that much effort and I would like them for emergencies.

I haven’t been remembering my dreams that well the last few weeks. I need to journal them more often. I have a dream servitor, but I haven’t called on him that much.

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