My pact with azazel... update

please discuss… i am not trolling or fooling around, and i got all your backs due to oaths ive sworn to myself
btw if you read this lets party down sometime, koetting. i idolize your work.

Why do you feel practicing black magick is going to damn you?

The cross is way more than a symbol of torture.

I never have and never will sell myself out to a “Fucken Demon” as you put it. They get way more respect from me than that. It’s my family.

Are you ok? Each of your videos I watch causes me to genuinely worry about you more, I wish you much success in everything you do in working towards the highest and best version of you.


no, it was in my pact with lilith, that i be damned. i asked for it. wicked people go to hell sometimes its just natural. i did sell myself no regrets

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i’m trying to become a demon king not a goody two shoes

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Ok I misunderstood that you were speaking for yourself and not the general black magick community.

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yes indeed i should have implied that.

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So are you getting any benefit in this lifetime at all?

He is very powerful. He made a pact fo rme with ameinial.

im not the most powerful, some people can manifest wildly. my benefits have been rolling in as far as the pure pain i can inflict upon a human being goes. lilith my hatelover makes herself more real to me in every passing moment. But as far as just living the high life and gains of knowledge goes, it’s working out well as well. i’ve been promised a happy death into a place i can never escape.

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I wish I could leave, but I have to learn how to astral project first, then be reborn as a chaos titan.

Don’t doubt her reality, she is a very recent creation of the Elder Lilith designed to destroy this world utterly. She is keeping herself mostly hidden for now, for my own sake.

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Damnation is not a thing, man. … I know E.A.likes that language, it’s part of his romanticism, imo. I’m all over goth vibes, but don’t take them literally, only poetically.
It’s a lie told by a control-freakish system that wants you to be too terrified of wishy-washy ‘consequences’ to think for yourself
Redemption is not a thing either.
That just means being forgiven by the narcissistic control system that invented damnation - yeah you don’t actually want that.

It’s time to get out of sheeple mode.
You took the boy out of xtianity, now RIP the xtian out of the man.


Faust was real, this kind of stuff actually happens. Even if koetting likes to romantisize about it doesnt mean its a real life situation for some/

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I do like my traditionalist anti-christian theology. What I actually practic/believe is a mix of chaos magic and demonic-gnosticism.

There is no hell imo heaven and hell is christian dogma however if thats truly what you believe will happen then I think its likely to become a self fullfilling prophecy. Black magick is about being in the driving seat of your life and changing things to give yourself the best possible life. I feel from this video you view it as being the opposite, almost like using it to destroy yourself, thats the sorta vibe i got from the video.

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Hey, what can I say, I’m not even a magi just a poet and the type of left hand path magic that even we as a community dont quite like. Wickedness begets wickedness, reap what you sow, etc

some of the blackest magic in the world pretends to be white magic.

But you practice black magick? From my experience the majority of black magickians are not wicked…again thats christian propaganda. Can you give an example of the blackest magick pretending to be white, im honestly interested in this.


Any magical system that encourages self-dissolution as the answer, black, wicked systems.
And yes, I’m wicked and loving it.

I think your getting black magick and wickedness confused. Black magick is not wickedness.

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