My pact with azazel... update

Well then just call me the wicked witch, i guess.

I’m pretty much the type of negative magic user that got innocent women burnt in salem

Sounds like you’re a slave to the dark side. This path usually leads to self destruction. To master magik and control your reactions to life’s circumstances is to transcend good and evil. Remember the great works of the thrice great That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracles of one only thing. If your microcosm is the experience of being enslaved by demons than your macrocosm will be filled with misery. You are above them, but should humble yourself in their presence and have them do your biding, it’s just more effective that way. Anyways you do you and let us know how your experiments work out. I try to balance my mystical experiences and never try to influence other people’s free will to keep the blowback from destroying my personal and professional relationships.

i am only truly enslaved by demon Lilith. She allows me to reach her tendrils to others and make them my slaves in return

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How do you like it? Did she effect anything tangible to you? I’m curious about you mystical workings with the dark side.

i love it, i get to be an antihero/street justice guy never go a day sober and always getting succubua sex and the list of blessings go on and on and on

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Nice. Lilith,Amienial, and @HasturJamesAlibaster means a trio of power.