My ❝ legendary ❞ Introduction to Lucifer

After my very first contact with a God, Abaddon I became ill. It was not a big surprise, really, but 2 days ago I promised that I’ll do my introduction ritual towards Lucifer. My condition then got a little worse in the next day, and I got some advices to postpone my introduction, but…

I’m finished with last night. I was ill, but I promised 2 days ago, so I don’t want to break this promise. I think that He/They exactly knew that this promise exist. If I fail in the very beginning, what should They think about me? - This was my question in my head.
If I promise something to Them, I’ll keep myself until they don’t decide in another else, even if that promise would a bad step from me, I must learn from it.

— Before the ritual some of my candles’ flame behaved strange, some of them blown out. My lamps did it as well. It seemed like some electricity issue but it can’t be, because it is not frequent.

So, while I slowly finished with the meditation, I was a little confused about the time (~10-15 min). But then, I felt soft touches on both on my arms. He just like: “Very well. Come.” (It was a calm, peaceful male voice)

I opened my eyes, and finished the ritual, while the smokes are danced above the table (with the candle lights), and around me. Sometimes it was like it gently touching my face and hugging around it. I enjoyed it, and “it” calmed me down.

Only the after-part was a “little” embarrassing. I have to clean up things after the ritual, so I used a handkerchief for it, then suddenly (thank you cold) … * runny nose * … I forgot about which hanky “contains” those, so I picked up one quickly and awww, boy… everything landed on me. :") At that moment I…
…felt sorry for Abaddon, why He accepted my request to teach me. (I hope He’ll forgive me for that)
…I hoped that there is a free place between Them for an idiot like me.
…They don’t like gossiping or spectating these rituals in a group

So… I don’t think it was a horrible-horrible introduction but, this last part was disastrous (it was not part of the ritual, so…). And just because I was sick.

What do you think?

It was a right step from me to finished this ritual because I promised it?
It was successful based on the signs? (Maybe it can be)
Is there any problem with that I fucked up the last part (which was not part of the ritual really)?
Did He/They knew about my promise?

I knew that something like this will happens, by the way… :'D


First of all, congrats for your experience. It seems just fine to me!

That’s good indeed.

According to what you said, you were successful. However, you don’t need to doupt yourself. Be certain, spirits like Lucifer always come when summoned that he’s also beginner friendly, so don’t worry about it too much.

It all seems fine to me. You don’t need to follow a ritual to the word. Actually, it seems completely fine to me.

Spirits know everything. Especially when it comes to other spirits.


Thank you, @Manosman ,

I’ll be honest, I was afraid a bit of Lucifer. It was a bit different feeling when I felt Abaddon’s calling, so I didn’t really knew what I’m ready to, is would happen at the right time.

And because I promised loyalty towards Abaddon, I was totally puzzled about if I do this, it would break anything. But the Introduction to Leadership is an important thing, so… I must finished it.

He seemed polite and kind with me, maybe I’m too strict with myself? I don’t think so. I mean, I was always strict with myself, from the very beginning.

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Working with one spirit doesn’t mean not being able to work with another.

Also, you don’t have to be strict with yourself. You will get used to his energy soon and you’ll draw that conclusion as well.


Yes, this is a fact. I try find out what “loyalty” really means then.

I have a really strong connection with Abaddon, so maybe this is the reason why I want to keep myself, but I’m sure that around Wednesday, I’ll feel His calling. So we have to talk about lot of things.


Some relationships with spirits are special indeed. Probably because that connection started lifetimes ago. You should let him guide you, if you feel that way.

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Probably because that connection started lifetimes ago.

You’ve got the point! It got proved even by Abaddon, Himself.

But I want Gods to know my commitment for evolving myself, and towards Them. So the Introduction and the Dedication Ritual seemed important, unavoidable to me. Because it is, right?

These proves my intentions to Them (and to Abaddon too).

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You don’t have to worship any spirit. Spirits that care about you don’t want you to worship them, just respect them just like they respect you. You don’t need any dedication ritual, just talk with the spirits you like.

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It is not about worshipping Them. But I know about the difference between a Dedicated and a “simple” person who grew with Them. I “meet” with the Dedication Ritual long years ago, when I was around 14 years old, but at that time I avoided it because reasons.

And now I meet with it again. I want it. Don’t be afraid. Thank you! :black_heart:

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