Ask a spirit for help - Book of shadows - Letter of intend

In many topics I’ve stated how important it is that you get your own notebook or book of shadows and write your experiences down:

  • Date, time
  • Questions
  • Answers that you get out of the ritual (easily forgotten after a ritual)
  • Feelings that you get from that ritual or thoughts
  • Results

I’ve learned this from asking the Angels for help, in a ‘Letter of Intend’. I will give an example and show the Magick I did with the ‘Letter of Intend’.

Situation: I was driving my ex-girlfriend to the station and I’ve noticed I had to take another exit. While I was changing to fast I accidently passed the traffic lights (red). The fine is almost 240 EUR and this is a lot and it really wasn’t the best time for that.

It’s nice to say, this letter was my official start in Magick.

So I already read somewhere that I could ask Spiritual guides, Angels, Daemons if I needed help in a certain situation. With some more reading I’ve decided to write a letter of intend to the Angels asking for help.


So here is the instruction and example to ask your Spirit for help in a certain situation via a letter of intend.

  1. Get your notebook, or book of shadows, note the date and time

  2. Lights out, light a white candle.

  3. Draw the sigil of your spirit (if you have one, step is not necessary, but will strengthen the ritual) on the page and on the other side begin to ask your question.

Dear Angels (replace this with Daemons or name of the spirit), Guides, beings of light (you can replace this with Darkness, as you will),

I would like to repair a mistake I’ve made tonight to ensure I don’t get the fine or that I get the financial means to pay for the fine.

Because of maintenance in my house costed me a lot of work and money and don’t have the necessary means at the moment.

I will do my best to prevent these mistakes in the future and I give you permission to help me in this.

With many thanks Andre

  1. Get into a meditative state and meditate on the results. In my case that I don’t get the fine. For Angels is a white candle and a thank you enough and for Daemons you can add something in the letter like this:

As an offering for your work I will poor a glass of wine and I will leave it 24 hours for you to enjoy :slight_smile:

  1. Close your book of shadows, notepad and don’t look at the letter again (until the problem is solved), try to forget that it happened and know that it’s in good hands.

Gold one. I used to do some letters when I used to work with astral magick. Always worked fine for me.

About the offering, I use to do my offers in sensorial realm when I work with demons, for example. I drink and share the sensation with the entity I’m evoking. Same with some other entities, I call them to use my body as a channel and them I make the offering. Just let them feel the sensation and that works really great for me.

If people can do this, I strongly advice to, it’s a great form to pay offerings.

That’s a great one. I’ll give a try later. Ty.

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Hey @Isamo_Minami, I did that too. Another option is to commune with them It’s basically what Christians do to. They have their offer (wine) and you drink your wine.

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So for this post. What was the result of the example. Well the result was that I never saw or get the fine!

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