My introduction

Hello all,

My name is Dinx. I have always had an interest in magic/magick (sorry, I don’t know which is right. I’m very new to this), since I was a young child. This has always made me think that there must be something that is intrinsically there as that seems to be common with most folk.

Nevertheless, it was something that never progressed in my life until I had a dream. I shall try my best to make this as comprehensible as I can so please bear with me.

I recently went through a very tragic and unnecessary period from a series of events that shouldn’t have been and the ripples are still very present and may very well be for a long time. I called out for this to stop and to ask for the opportunity to go back in time, I asked for an answer and received it in a dream that very night.

My dream consisted of a blackbird flying around the room which later came to settle and looked at me. I was handed a new topic of witchcraft by a man and he only said one word to me which was wizard. I wasnt able to decipher the dream and I searched and searched the net for spells, tried a few but to no avail. I had communicated with some claiming to be able to assist but they turned out to be fake.

As I had exhausted my search, I came across another site where someone who said they were an alien was able to achieve sending me back but was to busy at that particular time.

I have no idea how I was able to find BALG but from reading what I have managed to so far here, I think I’m in the right place. Is there anybody with the experience who can let me know what my dream was telling me?

Kind Regards,


Hey @Dinx,

Thanks for the introduction.
Please post it here.

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Now for your dream. You asked to change your situation and you got an answer. ‘Change your life with Magick’

Mostly we use Magick with Demons or Angels here. But there are enough witchcraft topics also. Use the search button to look around. Don’t forget google.

The dream stated, ‘change your life, you’re the Wizard’


Thanks for the reply.

I will definitely be looking around as I had been for many days before I registered here. I’m inept so will be trying to gain and soak in all I can.

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Your welcome and if you get stuck or have a problem let me know @Dinx

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You are most gracious, thank you.

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I would start with simple meditation, a lot of the new age stuff is really helpful for newcomers it helps build necessary skills for later, like energy manipulation and getting into a clear and calm mind state.

If you need anything just ask me ill be happy to help :blush:

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Is there a specific direction that you could point me in?
There is a lot of content and information here and as a total novice I would appreciate any advice.
What should I be looking for? What is it I need to do?

Thank you for your input.

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Hi Florry,

I meditate daily(mostly with binaural beats), for at least 30 mins and more if I get the time.

Do I need to add to this?


Dedicated meditations would be great, try the void meditation here on the forum, also dedicating a meditation to a spirit is like spending time with them and aligning to there energys.
You should start with Lord Ganesa, King Paimon, Lucifer, Raphael, or Niña La Santisima Muerte. or any beginner friendly spirits


Thank you for this information, I greatly appreciate it.

I shall research the void meditation and also dedicating it to a spirit. How do I find the information on the ones that you mentioned?

There seems to be quite a few of them, how do I chose one and know who will be best/work for me?


You have to just feel them, which one catches your eye the most? You can think about it for a day or two.

And you can usually put there name into a search engine and get the info you need if not you can ask me and i can help.


Hey @Dinx, i agree with @anon39410973. These are good for starters i put in some meditation tips tonight


I use
They have a data base of demons oritia loa and their sigils


Thank you.

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Hey Good morning @Dinx,

I got a lot of tips in the follwing thread about daily meditation. Enjoy.

I can't invoke Lucifer

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Sometimes you have to sync with one, there you beginning to hear a name.
Or you read about them and it just pops up.

Another way is to ask Lucifer to guide you.

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Hey Dinx, i just wanted to check in to see how you where doing. I was lost on where to start for a long time a and wished i had someone to point me in the right direction.

If you need anything just ask


Hi Borgy,

Thank you for this, I appreciate the help. Other places have lacked this.

I will look at these videos tonight.

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Hi Florry,

There is a lot of information here so it is easy to get lost. If you do have some tips on the best place to start, that would be great.

I searched void meditation but couldn’t find anything on ‘how to’.

Thanks for your help, this is the most I have received anywhere so far.

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