I can't invoke Lucifer

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m a beginner and I really do love Lucifer I tried to invoke him drawing his sigil and saying his enn out loud “renich tasa uberica biasa icar lucifer” while meditating but nothing happend. I didn’t feel a tingling sensation or warmth around me like others seem to describe here. I took the drawing and I stared at the sigil in the middle and I said his enn once again about 30 to 40 times I just saw some white lines and some lines dissappiering and again nothing big happend. Now here is the problem I did this while my parents and my brother weren’t at home they are very religious and I can’t do the ritual the right way (if there is one) because I’m never really alone they rarely leave the house. I don’t want to get caught. Also what can I offer lucifer that doesn’t contain blood or some sort of sacrifice? I wonder why I can’t connect with him what am I doing wrong?


The only time I did blood was during my devotion ritual…I generally burn high quality sandalwood resin, a candle that I hand dipped…sweet bees wax, colored with activated charcoal and sandalwood oil. I’ve given wine and flowers.
Your fears may be holding you back.

I wish I was at my Mother’s …I’d hold a ritual right in her kitchen just to hear her old mean Baptist ass gasp in horror or something like that.

  1. Get in the right trance state (TGS, Theta Gamma Sync)
  2. Open your third eye and 5th Chakra (throat) - the last one is for clairaudience
  3. Practise meditation daily (you don’t have to evoke everytime),
    to open your sences (this helps with point 1 and 2, to get in the right state)
  4. Try guided meditation on youtube

Try the clair videos on


Uberaca :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly were you expecting?

Did you made sure that you weren’t just extremely nervous?


One person feels more, the other person hears voices. It can even been the voice in your head. Slowly but firmly you will learn.

Brace yourself, it’s going to take a long time. But if your read here and on google or in books you will learn more and you will see yourself grow. Day by day.

Don’t forget to take a day of :wink:


Sorry, i’m enjoying the teaching to much ;-). I would bet he was already with you :wink: , but you didn’t notice it. So think that way. That he is there.

Offering: Chocolat, coffee, cookie, wine, dragonblood incense and of course the tips from the other members on this thread.

In your case a big thank you is fine at first. He doesn’t need an offering. But it’s always polite after a while.

Last but not least a compliment. You already did a good job, now grow in this.


Go in the woods/desert/anywhere you feel you can be alone. Your nervousness holding you back, causing you to project an air of fear into you rituals.


@Borgy thanks for your help! I’m just a little nervous because it’s my first time doing this I have a lot more to learn :smile:


I can imagine, don’t let your background or family background (religious) form an obstacle. His energy is very warming and intense. I’m a Catholic (well former Catholic) and needed to put aside all the dogma first.


Do you hear clearly a special voice _ either a voice of Lucifer or some other sprits’ voice, just asking. I do not, sometimes strange things happen like someone/something bring his name into my mind and then something good or something I like happens. I thank him here again for all his favors once again. But as for hearing a distinct kind of voice I am not yet there, any advice if you have? Thanks .


Both, depends the state of my mind. I’m not quite there yet. Deep meditation and work on your pineal gland, that’s what works for me at least.

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Yes, what Silent says. And look into the Clair audience vid, the first one. Practice that a lot. I sometimes concentrate on meditation the other time I watch that video.

And Lucifer is a busy Lord, he comes and he goes :joy:. Sometimes he is already there, says a few things and then leaves. And during the ritual it can be quiet. After that you think of music or he says something. It’s even like you said. He does his thing and goes on.

You must learn to trust your inner voice. With me he communicates like that, sort of channeling.

For example another Demon I can hear clearly, but with Lucifer it’s like he is more channeling me, maybe I will learn more in doing that.

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thanks @borgy and @Anassa

Oh and don’t forget synchronization. Numbers popping up, even feathers. I’m really getting to know him better. Lights go on and of, like ‘he you need to evoke me’ (even with a friend last Thursday), he was wondering why his light was dimmed :sweat_smile:.

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You don’t really have to use any tools nor anything at all to summon a spirit.

Just find a quiet place and sit in a way that it’s relaxing to you. Then relax your mind and body.
After you do that, close your eyes and think of Lucifer’s name again and again. Everytime you think of it, imagine that you draw him more and more near you. Do that until he comes.

Instead of the name, you can use his enn or really anything that makes you think that draws him near you better.

My advice is this: listen to your thoughts, because he’ll try to talk to you through them. And you’ll be answering to him through your thoughts as well. In other words, you can do that anytime, because the whole summoning, will be happening in your head or to say it better, in your realm.

If your parents see you, they’ll simply see someone who is relaxed and has closed eyes. Nothing wierd there.

PS: I never use blood nor any circles, candles, tools, etc. The summoning can work without them.


I just said that on another thread

The mind is powerful indeed.


Same here, just welcome the spirit in my temple :slight_smile:

I use a sigil and a candle, but that’s minor, sometimes incense.
But it can be just meditating and talking and no tools at all.

Just to let you know, with that kind of attitude like what you have written in the description of the post saying that you “can’t invoke Lucifer”, that’s putting a mental roadblock on your own deal.


Exactly, it’s creating an agreement with yourself.

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my tablet is running low on battery, so I’m going to make this quick. You have to get away from the negative roadblocks that you set for yourself. Try this, instead of saying that you can’t invoke Lucifer, perhaps look at it from a standpoint of “I’m having issues with invoking Lucifer”. Saying that you can’t really does cement it in your own mind.