My Introduction. Thanks

Hi, I’m Bre, Mexico.

In the past I have only known the morphic and sigil fields of very well known authors.

I don’t know about magic. But I would like to know about chaos magic, sigil, and whatever else I can learn.

One area of ​​my life where I want to be successful is: ATTRACTING WOMEN. Always alone, sad…

Thank you.

Welcome to he forum :smiley:

Thank you very much.

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I introduced myself and no one welcomed me to this platform. Is it that I wasn’t accepted here.
Someone should explain to me the modalities. Thanks.

Hello @Yawquay. You posted your introduction in the “Introduction thread”, where we normally don’t reply and clutter it up with tons of “welcomes” by other members.

If you posted a topic to introduce yourself, which is what some new members choose to do instead of posting in the introduction thread, then that would have allowed us to welcome you. Since you already posted in the intro thread, you don’t need to post another intro, as duplicate posts aren’t allowed here.

You’re welcome here. Welcome to the forum. We welcome you as well as all new members.

Also, this is @Bre’s intro, welcome to the forum @Bre :wave:t5:, I apologize for your thread getting derailed.

Hello Queen, I am now happy for welcoming me.
Okay, I think it will take time to get used to the app. Thank you and thanks to all.

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I really appreciate the welcome.

Thank you very much.



Welcome @Bre & @Yawquay :wave:t4::wave:t4::sun_with_face:

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