My gratitude to Azazel

I am so happy for what happened! Prior to this, for months I have been visualizing leaving my current situation. I had been homeless after my father’s death. Before you say anything, I was controlled my whole life. My father had threatened Power of attorney on me and wouldn’t let me leave. I was taken from school as a teenager and was not allowed to drive or have simple things such as a bank account. Any time he would make me uncomfortable in public I would walk away or hide in the bathrooms and he would threaten to call the police. I lived in a very rural place nobody would even think to drive to. He died this year and it freed me in some ways. But he had left me with nothing and his side of the family is very psychotic.
I was homeless and a girl who admired me took me in with her family. Unfortunately it was a crackhouse with many abused and dangerous animals. I had to go to the hospital for stitches because one had bit me. I was truly lost and did not want to surrender myself to a shelter because I lived in a domestic violence shelter as a child and it was very terrible. I have been petitioning Azazel and relevant spirits under his command and giving them offerings. My life seemed like every day was a bad day. Days where nothing happened were good days. It took two months for this to happen but I had a glimmer of hope. My mother who was terrible to me my whole childhood did a whole 180. My mother who I argued with every single day for 18 years until I stopped talking with her for some years, changed genuinely. My mother who spat in my face and told me she wishes I was never born actually changed. My mother has morals and now acts completely different. She had reached out and offered to take me in. The good behavior is consistently there and I am hoping it continues this way. I now do not have to worry about eating, driving, sleeping peacefully, if I’m going to be alive tomorrow. I don’t have to work 11 hours a day for minimum wage. I thank you Azazel. What seemed like purgatory is finally over.


Amazing! Congratulations, I’m sure it’s just going to keep getting better from here :blush:


Ave Azazel :goat::black_heart:


Iao Azazel! Hail The Black Goat!

I’m glad that your path has been led to a safer, happier place.



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