My Goetia Pathworking

Starting tomorrow evening, the start of Walpurgisnacht, I will begin an infernal pathworking of the Goetia. With Belial and Mephistopheles as my guides to climbing this mountain. I’ve been seeing numerous signs as well as divinations both performed by myself and others pointing to this direction. I will be doing this in conjunction with the challenge below in honor and as an offering to the Goetic spirits. (which was I ironically going to start tomorrow as well)

Since Belial and Mephistopheles are spear-heading this, I will be starting with them and then whoever else comes forth, etc (yes i know Mephisto is not goetic)

This will be documented here as a journal/working thread.


This is perfect!!! I gladdens me to see other magicians using this to their advantage and starting their own pathworkings. I feel everyone doing these will have great results being we are all working for ourselves on the same night. If at anytime you start feeling like your falling behind or off the path just remember, Surrounding yourself with the energy you want to achieve helps you vibrate at that frequency. People, places, topics, music, clothes, anything really. Whatever keeps you interested and focused :wink:


The candle I carved for Belial. I have not consecrated yet but I’m proud :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


this is so neat! I am so happy to see other occultists taking this time-out to delve into the craft. I am really interested in Mephistopheles as of late, I can’t wait to read your journal and see how things go for you!


Good luck , when doing such things it is always good to work with protective forces and positive spirits . Try regularly doing banishing rituals .

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I already do thanks :wink:


Tonight we summoned the Lords of Misrule. The lords of the dark earth. The grand duke and the kings of Hell, to scar this earth with our desires. I will burn in the fires of freedom. I am the brilliance of a dying star…

Anywho, theatrics aside they agreed to be the patrons to this pathworking. I told them my primary goal for this, is to expand my powers and manifest my desires upon the earth in the process too.

They advised to start with seere to not only prepare the mind and expand it but my magical senses too. Belial in particular wants to help with my “earthly kingdom” and I feel he will be popping in very frequently.

My intention currently is to do meditations with the enns, as if they were mantras. Not only to deepen the psychic link that Orlee discusses in her book but to also manifest those energies in my subconscious for expansive purposes and in my outer world as well.


Tell me why when I open Seere’s enn I see 111?
Lol. I went ahead and did one meditation session with him. I saw two images. One of me laying on the ground and this Victorian style key opening up a lock on my forehead where my third eye should be.

Another of a half man half Pegasus. I already have a frame work for both a new meditation and a new ritual.

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For further detail: I’m almost strictly working with Orlee’s Goetia companion and the O.G. Goetia (to an extent)
My frame work is:
Invocation of Perpetual Darkness
Infernal Queen Conjuration
Spirit communication and channeling
Spell work


So apparently Satan and Sons released a Seere guided meditation not too long ago :wink:

If you do it tell me how you like it! I’ve done their meditations with Lucifer and Lilith before!

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Also how do you like Orlee’s Goetia companion book?

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I LOVE their Lilith meditation. Not only is it very her but it’s also been the source of a lot of alchemy and initiations with her as well. My headphones died but I’ll charge em and do it tonight most likely.

I like it. It makes the olden day jargon of the Goetia easier to understand but also gives a different frame to work from (should you choose to) it gives the history of the goetia and what not as well.

Moreover there is a cool alternative to the preliminary invocations and what not.

Lilith has been one of the Primary beings I’ve been trying to work with recently and her energy is amazing.

And okay I’ll have to check it out at one point. Seems interesting!

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Sometimes I get caught up in the now I just don’t update my stuff. So I’ll be leaving some brief points, as I don’t want to leave the impression I’m fucking around when I’m actually serious.

I’ve been doing various workings over the last few weeks. Particularly with Mephistopheles, Shemyaza, Belial, Lucifer, KP (King Paimon), Bael/Ba’al/Beelzebub, Buné, and I think some others. Largely with success, some results in which I never experienced previously with these spirits, especially Buné.

For starters I did a Wealth Bathing Ritual with Buné. I burned Patchouli and put it some epsom salt to remove blockages, bay leaves for manifestation and wish fulfillment, etc. I visualized that I was bathing in money and was chanting/repeating her enn and saying incantations for wealth and affirmations of wealth with energy work.

Originally, I was getting more rentals (which means more commissions) at work. But I also noticed something else that is slightly different.

In my actual bank account (which I eye down METICULOUSLY. I am very serious about my funds and finances. Things like credit, etc are largely important to me) There have been random but small increases of money that are not documented in my account ledger. They’re almost always in the amount of $5.

^one of the affirmations was “I am never without money” which would make this a literal manifestation of this.


For example, I was a day away from pay day and I was down to $1. (Usually by payday I stop being so anal about my budget.)
Then in a couple hours I go back it increased to $6. Then a few hours later I look again and it’s $11.

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This is where Belial, Shemyaza, and Mephistopheles came in (they come in in other places too but especially here).

I found two chants on YouTube. One by @RavensAscent and the other by @Joesph, who runs BehemothX. I’ll link the vid below so you can reference what I am talking about.

I’ve been doing this on and off usually calling those three previously mentioned spirits to intensify the work. The only things I will say in regards to the manifestation of this in particular is it’s always intense for 1). 2) it always comes with a burning sensation. For example when I chanted these mantras the first time, it felt like I had drank really strong alcohol.

(you know the burning sensation when you drink something strong like vodka or something? This is the best way I can describe this so bear with me)

The second time I only called Shemyaza and I began the chanting. It had felt like someone took a hot clothing iron, went into my insides and forcibly pressed it against my solar plexus area, just beneath my chest, with this ambient heat sensation on all areas beneath that area.

  1. I’ve noticed that people (especially at work) would stop giving shit and just did exactly as I advised. The truth would also come out more quickly and to the point in situations where a resident was lying. In general, most “plots” to try and move against me, just failed. (This wasn’t so prior to these workings)

  2. manifesting my will and desires is a hell of a lot easier and happens much, much faster now.

I intend to do this numerous times a week. Thank you to you both and the spirits.



As many of you know I’m REALLY good friends with @Aluriel. We talk almost everyday.

Anyway, he had an issue with someone who was trying to intrude on an opportunity of his and needed this person to leave the situation.

I, of course, offered my help and we did a ritual over the phone.

I began to walk counter clockwise chanting “Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas” and “Aperi Ianuam Inferi Detractos” (Latin for “open the infernal door”)

Then I began to recite the Invocation of Perpetual Darkness in @Orlee_Stewart’s Ars Goetia, which is sort of like an invocation of inner divinity.

I then did the Conjuration to the Infernal Queen to summon Belial. I took his Draconian sigil and tied a black string around it, while reciting incantations to remove this person from his and his loved ones life and to Bind the Wrath of Belial upon him. That was kept in my home.

I then took a separate string to represent his connection to him and consecrated it as such.

I took it and threw it into the city sewers and chanted “as this string goes down the sewer and decays in shit, may this connection also decay and from its rotten corpse may beautiful things rise”

Not only has contact from this person been minimized but Aluriel’s life has been increasingly better since.

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I’ll be shifting away from such a rigid and tedious structure as my work is often ever changing and too fluid. As well as the fact I have found flaws in what I’ve been doing lately as well.

Moreover my work has expanded past the Goetia, unintentionally. (But still centered around Infernal Magick)

These will be more like goals than actual requirements. So now, my work will probably look something like this:

(The invocation of Perpetual Darkness is sort of like the Invocation of Inner Divinity that @Lady_Eva has in her post history. It’s meant to inflame the practitioner with energy, place them as the operator of the rite, and connect them to that Infernal Flame within or what have you. Doing this daily could have many benefits, IMO.)

• Meditation

• Cleansing work such as I AMS Solar Grounding and Banishing
(With the fear energy generated from the pandemic and my general short patience for incompetent crap it couldn’t hurt and I’ve found it I have more power and energy after the fact.)

• Work to open what’s called the Serpent’s Sight and Black Flame Attunements and Activations. (These will be important both now and later)

• Invocation of Perpetual Darkness or Inner Divinity (See above paragraph as to why I hold these in such high recognition as I’ve mentioned it numerous times here)

• Astral Magick and Projection (I could be better at this)

• Spell Work where necessary

•Inner and Outer Alchemy/Shadow Work (If I’m gonna elevate my circumstances I better damn well work on myself)


•Occult Raading and Studying

•Divination (where applicable)

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