My Freyja Journey-Journal

For anyone interested in hearing what I’ve been hearing from Freyja I’ll be logging them here. Feel free to follow this if you want to. A simple invocation of Freyja:
I invoke you, dear Freyja
Beloved Goddess, take my hand
Tell me your story
Make me understand

You are Ruler of love, magic and war
From your passionate tears
Came amber and gold
Protector you are, yet, a gentle soul

With great affection
I send you these words
one day I will reach your world.

Offer her whatever is linked to nature, beauty, sex, gold whatever. You could use semen or vaginal fluids if wanted-I tend not to because I just don’t see a reason to.

Freyja: You ponder over the simplest of things Mani. Learn from dealing with her that you truly love yourself more than you do over issues of the past. Your past does not define who you are.

But I can’t help but feel it was my fault she cut all contact with me.

Freyja: You must learn from the past dear Mani, as I have told you not everyone is as they seem.

How can I get over this Freyja? I know I don’t love her anymore and I know I shouldn’t ponder over it.

Freyja: My dear Mani, revoke her-remove her completely from your life. Separate yourself from all that had hurt you for you do not need to waste your energy on pointless issues. Let me lead you to the path required for this

Please do because I’m tired of pondering over all of these issues

Freyja:It shall be done my dear Mani


Freyja: Say it Mani, imagine she is right in front of you and say it

I revoke thee “Loki’s daughter”. Fuck you, for hurting me, even if you think you didn’t mean it.

Freyja: How do you feel?


Freyja: She is just a thread that was part of your life. Remember, in time all shall reveal itself. For it’s not your fault you were hurt-move forward and become the best you that you can ever be. You are Mani, you always will be. Let her not affect who Mani is.

It is done. It is done. All will be finished, I refuse to let the past hurt me for any longer


Freyja: Mani-you are getting closer to the truth. Darling, the visions you have seen are a mixture. You are being logical in your knowledge of infatuation and love. Keep your mind clear and the clarity of the real visions will come to you. For I can tell you all that is but then you would never experience. Whats the point in knowing if you don’t experience?


Freyja: I am here with you Mani. You are in pain, why?

confused is all-I trust you with my life lady vanadis

Freyja: There is no need to be confused dear Mani. You must know who you are dear. Know your desires. Are you going to manifest them?

Of course I wanna manifest them

Freyja: Meditate

I want to manifest them bu-

Freyja: You’re worried about her free will?


Freyja: For you have seen her higherself and have spoken to her. You should will it to happen and it will happen dear Mani.

But does she want it to happen?

Freyja: Patience, have patience

I will, I’m just worried

Freyja: You will hear from the job offer and you will see her. I have helped you with that much.

Thank you Lady Freyja

Freyja: Mani, stop worrying. There is no need for worry-you cannot expect results if you worry

I shall try

Freyja: And I will help you. Keep yourself right


Freyja, I give you control


“Do what thou wilt” the lines I heard in my suppose initiation into a Vitki. Freyja the divine feminine has helped me to understand the fundementals of my path. I have faith in her. It’s incredible really. Back in September October time I was a Christian and then when I started to do astral projection and so on, there she was. Always with me. She’s helped me out a lot in the past six months that I’ve began my path.

I was told to renounce my old ways, my old path and my old faith. We were at what appeared to be Yggdrasil to me.
“Lift up your left hand” I was told.
So, I did. The Valknut appeared on my left hand
“Slowly set it down” and I did

“Now, raise your right hand” and the same mark of the Valknut appeared on my right hand as it did the left
“Slowly set it down” and so, it was done.

“Now Mani, incant your name three times”
So I incanted Mani three times. All of a sudden, I was dressed in pure white robes. There was water right outside of Yggdrasil, a lake almost. Freyja holding onto me told me

“Do you wish for your spiritual rebirth?”
I do, I replied

and so, I was dunked into the water to which it all became so clear. I swam through it. It wasn’t the waters of Yggdrasil, it was the waters of my subconscience. I saw three boxes down there.

1st Box contained the desires I put upon my internet crush whom I am hoping to visit this summer.

2nd Box contained that of my utmost and fullest desire; to be loved.

Last Box contained the desires I have had for my best friend ever since I first knew her.

For some odd and bizarre reason, these boxes became fused together and I lifted it to the surface. When I came up in those pure white robes and greeted by Freyja, this merged box, it didn’t contain them anymore. For some reason it was filled with documents and so, I kicked it back into the lake/river of my subconscience.

I am a Vitki, that is my path. I reject fully everything I did as a Christian. I reject the gospel message. For in doing so, I have awakened fully what I know now I must do. I accept the path of the Vitki. I accept the path of the self and I accept fully, Freyja as my matron goddess. I trust her and have faith in her. For in time, all shall be revealed.

I will continue to log all that which I see in my meditations


Very interesting. Will keep following

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Everything now is so clear to me. What’s been blocking my path and what I need to do to further strengthen my ascent. To manifest my desires in a way through meditation and I suppose “inner alchemy”. To reject every action I once did before. Accept that it happened but reject it from blocking me any further. I must move forward and put my faith in the hands of not just my matron Freyja, but in all the spirits I have been working with


Whom else do you work with?


For now I have been working with Glasya-Labolas, King Paimon and Lady Lilith as well. Though, I need to focus more on myself and have a greater sense of my will to work with Lady Lilith any further. But, she did help me realise my desires before if even subconsciously


Ah. Thought maybe you stuck with just the same pantheon

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And so another meditation began. This time as a test of my faith to her. I was shown within the hypnagogic state many visions.

The first of which was my desire with my best friend-relationship wise that is. First, I had to clear the desire from my mind to see if the vision would still appear outside of wanting it to. The vision in question was her telling me “I thought I was ready but I’m not” to which I said “That’s fine, take your time I don’t really mind”

To which, even with desire, no vision of my internet crush appeared outside of a kiss as well.

There after, Freyja came to me and grabbed my heart
“If I were to steal your heart?” she told me
“If that is what you will” I replied.

More visions came up, this time her holding two swords up to my neck
“And if I were to kill you? Destroy your astral body?”
“If that is what you will”

“If she was to find out?”(About my feelings and so on)
“If that is what you will”

“if she were to leave you?” (Due to the truth)
“Then I will have my answer”

It truly is mind-blowing what you see during a meditation about your own wants and desires. I get heavily off of Freyja the “do what thou wilt” vibe

After all of this she told me “Your faith will be rewarded” and then said “Do you not feel as if it should be?”
Whenever someone says that I’ll get rewarded or I’m doing well I always feel so weird


Another day another meditation. This time it was a mixture of faith in her and manifesting my desires.

First I felt her presence, I let her in as I began to meditate
“Do you trust me?” she asked
“I do” was my reply
“Then lay down”

When laying down I could speak to Freyja who kept on asking me about if I trust her or not. Then, I was wrapped into a binding like my body was being taped. I couldn’t move my arms or anything but as I said, I trust her with my life. She is why I became a Vitki in the first place.
“Trust me” she said
and I was thrown into my subconscious ocean once again
“I can’t see” I said
“Then open your eyes”(not my physical eyes however)
and I could see thousands upon thousands of my desires but some were still sticking out
“What do you see?”
“I see (best friend) and I being intimate.”
“Is that what you want?”
“if it was consentual and she wants it then yes.”

“If she didn’t?”
“Then I wouldn’t do it.”
“Good good, your answers serve you well”

“If you happened to stumble across her masturbating?”
“Curiousity would have me open the door to see but, that would be an invasion of her privacy. I would have no other option but to walk away and let her be”
“Very well done”

As I fell to the bottom of this ocean I saw more of my subconscious desires. My best friend and I getting married, her breastfeeding a child and being a mother.
“Do you want her to see you as more attractive?”
“Do you want to be with her?”
“If she wants to be with me as well yes.”
“Pull up these desires from the ocean then and make them conscious desires”

Just as I let them float to the top of the ocean while I was at the bottom, Freyja unwrapped the bindings and told me “swim”. I came up to see my desires with me as well.
“What do you see?”
“I see a boat right in front of me”
“Get into the boat and sail to the island”

I sailed to the distant island with my desires with me as well. I got off and I saw (best friend) right before me.
“Kiss her”
So I kissed her.
“What you have seen will manifest, allow it to manifest”

Off in the distant however, I saw (Internet Crush) but I was told
“Do you want your desires with her to be fulfilled?”
“no” was my reply
“Then allow for this to happen. Sit up”
I sat up
“Open your eyes(physical ones)”
So I opened my eyes.

This is getting deeper and deeper as I go


Freyja truly is the divine feminine. It is hard not to fall in love with her as a maternal matron figure of mine. She truly has helped me out tremendously. Hail to you Lady Vanadis, she who is my matron

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It’s as Archaelus said in his Viking Vlogs on Youtube

“She is the ultra feminine in so many ways and I have to admit, I am in love with her and it’s not suprising to me to read through the sagas and everybody else was too. It’s impossible to have a goddess like that not just come near you and touch you but to go inside you and enter your heart and to not fall madly in love with her. She is lover and sister and mother, all wrapped up in one and it’s amazing to feel her presence and to have that not just around me but within me, You can’t keep these things at arms length, not with the norse gods, you can’t evoke them but you invoke them and then they show you amazing things”.


Amazing things she has in fact shown me. She has shown me how to love and how to be loved


I see now why people flee from faith. It is the whole idea you are wrong. Faith becomes a heavy presences around you and knowing most humans, they do not like to feel heavy. I trust this faith however “In time all will be revealed”


Freyja I give myself over to you, I give you full control over my life. Let it be done and let it be known


I realise in this pathworking I cannot let Freyja go. I genuinely cannot. Even while attempting to astral project-I felt my body vibrating and then going for a shower she told me “You must hate me” and I said “No I don’t, I love you”
“I mean in terms of me making you wait”
“I don’t hate you even then, eagerness is a curse like you have said”
“let it happen then”


She wants to lead me to Folkvangr for soul travel. It’s very intense. I can say to all who want to work with Freyja, she is a very intense god spirit. Intense in the sense, her energy is so maternal and so caring. She truly has been a blessing to me.