My first Evocation.... with Duke Dantalion and the so far lol

I did my first real evocation on last Sunday [Sunday week] using my new handmade circle it cane up really good I think anyway, I had to do the ritual as I was starting to just put it off.
I have or it has felt like a calling to Duke Dantalion it was almost like reading a well made profile that my friends would have likely made for me, yes yes I know just without ALL THE SUPERPOWERS…… But everything that is his field of interest is also mine scary.
I set three tasks for him all with a set time frame, first was 48hrs, second 2 weeks and the third 72hrs, I think the ritual went ok? But how would I know lol…… Well I guess used a mix of things to call him not really know any of them, I found the Summoning incantation and few of the other bits out of E.A’s 4 incantation to summon all magical power useful.
I set up the candles 4 black and 4 red. I had some tea in a cup along with a bowl of Pistachio Nuts also burnt a sandalwood incent as offering. I had his sigil, charcoal discs with copal resin and a inverted Pentagram hand painted/made same as my circle. I chanted until I thought Dantalion was there or and I was on the edge of boredom double and triple guessing every though feeling or sound. The room did not go cold, cool, hot, glow golden or anything else E.A says YOU CALLED YOU TALK! So, I did would hate to find out in the future that Dantalion was there twiddling his thumbs and getting pissed off at my rudeness.
So, I talked and explained my tasks the time line of all three and then I moved on to the offering that I would give to each task. Not sure if I felt anything positive at all but I did not feel any major rejection, aggression due to being insulted in anyway. As I have been fucked over by and with chronic depression for years my physic senses are well… fucked up and mostly useless but I do know negative energy, vibes what ever you what to call it as I have been marinating myself in them for years.
My first task I believe has been completed and that to find and remove and forms of negative energy, influence, curse or entity that is or trying to affect me. Also, to return any and all curses back to the sender and to be amped up so the sender know that it is being returned by an entity with the ability and desire to kill them if that was in the intent of the curses sent to me. I am also a fan of learning and education so I also asked/instructed Dantalion to double check anything thing that was targeted and sent to me to make sure it was perfect. If not to modify it to the point of perfection before he sent it back to the sender with the know of THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE, FEEL THE DIFFERENCE?? No instructions of course just inspiration to better next time. :blush:
I do not know if the third task has been completed as I have not been in a situation to find out, I must admit I made an error on that it needed a little more thinking on my part. But I am sure that Dantalion saw the shortsightedness INSTANTLY.
At the end of the ritual I thanked him and gave my respects then explained until I know a more respectful way and or can hear, see and talk to you I only have this to use to end the ritual. “Go now and bring to pass that which I have commanded”.
I noticed that my pentagram painting had stuff sprayed on it?? after the ritual and he didn’t drink much tea or eat a great number of nuts…. So not wanting to be a Indian giver I could only think put throw them away.
I then went to a friends for the week I thought that was a great way to take my mind of the expectations of the ritual, I would love to have some insights on the whole thing thou…


Oh no. I hope you haven’t thrown them away like some typical trash.

Offerings should be keeped with respect. You give spirit your offering the whole, not some part of it, unless you also eat it for the spirit. The offering is meant to be the whole for spirit, it’s like as if u bought a pizza for your friend and then claimed you can take away a half of it, if no needed - but gift is a gift, it should stay.

It’s much better to bury it or consume next time.


Lately, it seems Dantalion does NOT like when I give him any timelines…at all. The last time I summoned him, he told me to give him time to do things. So I stopped asking him to give me things withing a specific time period. I’m not saying that’s the case for you, or that he will be upset for you giving him those time restraints, I’m just stating my experience with him.

Other than that,

Before throwing them out right after the ritual, maybe ask Dantalion if he’s finished with the offerings before properly disposing of them.

Good luck and hope everything works out for you. Please update us on any progress. :hibiscus:


Well… yup!
Ok, cool I just could not workout what to do, I searched here but… so eat or bury it.
I just felt that if I ate it, it was like stealing it back when he wasn’t looking.

Ok I gave the time line as I cannot communication with him yet lol, so I kinda wanted to have a time line to know if he had accepted the task for me :slight_smile:

Cool will do thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Where did you get the summoning ritual

I used a mix of the incantations. I used #2. Summoning of All Magickal Powers pronounced badly to try and build up my energy after a while I started the ritual using #4. To Summon Forth I repeated that for a long time until I felt I had to push the change of energy as I could not get to the crossroads [whatever they are? one day] so I started to repeat WITH RESPECT in the most respectful way that I could “Come to me Duke Dantalion I command you into my presences”. As I figured that Duke Dantalion would know the difference my command to get him to help by pushing though while I was trying to pull him into the ritual area as I have understood in my reading and, that of a command of a man to a dog.

Here is the link to the 4 incantation’s 4 Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power [EAK] - Become A Living God

And I got a lot of info from Sha’s excellent post below

well most to be honest but ssshhhh…

Good luck

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Honestly I feel the same when it comes to eating it personally, that’s why I just prefer to keep the offering some longer time like the whole day + night, and then you can feel that energy from it is taken away enough. Then bury it or take away. Shouldn’t be any problem, because energy is taken by the spirit.

I know that my post is an old trash, you don’t have to hide it. Personally I hate it myself.

Yeah I am in a shared house so I will have to make a spirit stash box for them somewhere lmao, I sure some of them will have a laugh over it

NO! I found it very helpful!
Wasn’t being rude if you took it that way, just Aussie Humor my bad lol.

Thank you and the crossroads are any intersection like a street intersection as good by hoodoo sen moise.

No probs, I get lots of help if I ask so it is only fair to do the same so the forum stays a great forum :innocent:

Ok must be thinking of something else, I was meaning when your in the ritual and this dimension/realm fades into another in which you as the magician, god, creator has created. As part of the evocation in which to allow the entity to fully manifest within. So that you can really be with the presents of the entity that you are summoning to work with, yep JUST A LITTLE JEALOUS of those whom have already done the hard work and rightfully so enjoying the benefits. So what ever THAT one is lmao…

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I think you had a good experience he is very well mannered and gets things done right on time and to perfection lol so he is doing as you asked just try not to command him so much they actually hate that

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Yes I can understand that, it was a last resort I was really feeling like I was getting nowhere.
What did you do at the start when you felt things where stuck and just not going anywhere?
I am always open to suggestions on how to do things better and more effective, I spent a bit of time with preparation and had the intent to make everything as comfortable as possible for everyone. I think first time nerves derailed the whole thing so I just crab what ever I could to make something happen.


Well I never felt stuck I know when they show and when they don’t I end up sleeping with their sigil and trying to astral protecting to them others just write a letter of intent

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@bunny4cam Ok. Cool I had a massive headache after the ritual but I searched here and it was cool, you know brain shit being worked on, energy feq being raised happy with that. I have been waking up with headaches the last couple days since I got back and I realized that I have my journal with Dantalion sigil on my bedside table lol. So again I though headache = work cool thanks buddy :slight_smile:
So what do you do with the letter of intent? use it as a petition? or burn it as a message to them? would it work as message just out of interest, although I am working though E.A evocation, div, soul so much interesting shinny stuff to take in…

Most burn it and the headaches yeah you had contact and he is doing his work and is his way of telling you not to worry I had made a mistake of calling him and four others before I was ready and well I was so dang tired I probably could have slept for a long time after that lol but he will get it all done for you

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Cool so right a letter of intent put the spirits name on it and basically post it via flames, that makes sense as I keep reading that fire is the gateway between worlds. thanks

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How did you make it?


I found a heavy black cotton table cloth [after almost totally giving trying to find one] and with red fabric paint. I made up a tube on string that I taped to cardboard that was taped to the center of the table cloth, put a piece of normal blackboard chalk in it so I could use it as a BIG compass to make a circle. To make the smaller circles I just tied knots in the string :slight_smile: It was time consuming as it took three coats of paint and then I had to heat set the paint. I had to buy a iron to do it with really I mean to say how many half crazy aussie males do you know that just happen to have a iron lying around lmao.
But is was fun and sometimes I feel a better connection to stuff I make vs shit I just buy, also I am doing the master evocation course which means I will be learning how to not need a circle so why pay hundreds for one :slight_smile:
Here is some pictures of it, it is big just under 1800mm or 6 feet.!


Looks good!

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