My first evocation of King Vassago

First goetic summoning ever. First evocation ever.

From my first summoning of Vassago I asked him to give me insight and answers questions about how I was cut off from source. 2 white candles, 1 black candle with his sigil carved 1 red candle, offered wine, indian holy basil, incense of sandalwood frankencense and myrrh.
I had energized a sigil I drew in blue and had energized through a tantric orgasm technique where one does not ejaculate outwards but rather inwards so that energy explodes upwards through spine. 4 days of this 4 times a day. I also had a continously(daily) energized shri yantra as i thought this would help. I meditated for 2 hours to fall into a meditative state (theta/gamma sync)

  • Day of summoning I didn’t think anything happened.

  • Day two, a nocturnal animal ( possum) sought me out during sunny midday (3pm) to die in front of me at my meditation location ( for months this has been my meditation area in an open field by work)

  • Day 3 I was performing hindu RHP ritual rites for my family for the hindu ritual holiday of Nava Ratri, and as soon as i finished 4 racoons tried to break into through my back door ( everytime my cat jumps at the door they scurry and panic and run) This time my cat was jumping and hissing at them and the 4 of them stopped and stared me in the eyes for ~5 minutes.

-Day 4 my friend and i are driving, and all of a sudden I hear the enn of Vassago bubbling up from where the foramen magnum is ( base of skull where spinal chords goes into skull) and then an image pops into my mind of a large shadowy figure with horns big arms and a ghost like tail, resembling Vassago’s sigil. But i imagined and felt it as if i was wearing him as a cloak, and that he was hovering over behind me in a protective manner. Then the back right passenger window shatters, we were driving 30 mph, there was no car near by who could have thrown something, and no feasible mundane explanation.

I’ve read that it takes an obnoxious amount of energy to have a Q&A answered by a goetian entity compared to much less for a small task.

But I found all 5 of my questions were answered by him through these events and over the course of the 4 days following the summoning. And am super freaking excited to learn from him with the end goal of invocation vs evocation. I’ve always found invocation of energies benevolent and malicious to be easier, and I always had a deep respect for the energies that would bother to be involved with me, I always looked to them as family members in a sense, inherently much later i learned that this was apparently stupid dangerous.

I did no such protection circle, no such triangle, no such banishment, as I approached Vassago as an old friend and kindred spirit. I also am completely at terms with being killed by him or harmed. The reason being is that I came to terms with death as a child, and that never changed.

I care for pursuit of knowledge and truth over everything even this lifetime.


Thanks for sharing that.

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