My first evocation of Incubus

Hi, I have to tell you this, because today at 3:00 I tried to summon Incubus for the first time, but I confused everything, I wrote a letter, but when I had to stab myself to give blood, I couldn’t do it because I was scared, then I lit a candle. paper and I went to the house and sat down at the computer and I was disappointed that I didn’t completely finish the ritual but I decided to close my eyes and I felt the excitement of teasing all over my body and warmth and I started to relax and then I opened my eyes because I couldn’t to endure. Then I was looking at something on the phone and suddenly I heard in the bathroom that something had broken I went to see if something had fallen but it didn’t however I thanked Lilith for assuming it was her. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks


Sounds like something went wrong if you thought you heard something break (that part sounds more like a poltergeist then a sucubus/incubus).

Did you remember to close the ritual and give license to depart? If not, and more stuff like that happens you’ll likely need to banish.

As far as I’m sure I don’t think anything went wrong because I only heard a bang, nothing fell or broke, so I thought that Incubus also felt a burning sensation on my skin and teasing on my left ear, which I didn’t have before. Also when I closed my eyes I saw some white light and I felt the excitement getting stronger whether this was maybe Incubus?

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Far as I know incubus/sucubus only do the sex then leave and don’t usually make a lot of noises like creating the sounds of breaking stuff or dropping stuff and the likes after they’re done. Far as I know it’s usually get down to business then go once the caller is satisfied.

By wrong I meant maybe 2 entities got through (the sucubus/incubus) and something else (whatever made the noise) OR maybe something came through and pretended to be what it’s not for you (pretending to be an incubus).

I’m saying sucubus/incubus so others in the same boat reading your post can apply it to themselves even if they called a different gender entity then you did in case you wondered about that.

Add: burning sensation? Was it pleasant or not (that sensation)?

As for the burning, it wasn’t very strong, it was in the area of ​​my nose.

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I don’t know if I should repeat the ritual because I haven’t finished it completely, I don’t know if Lilith will fulfill my wish, what do you think?

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I think do some kind of closure action to close the currently unclosed ritual.

Depending on what you did which would determine the closure actions you’d reverse the actions used previously like if you called forth you’d be like and now I thank you spirit for___ and release you to return from whence you came now leave in peace until I call you forth again … then if you made the circle clockwise you’d anticlockwise end it (except of corse skip that part if you already broke the circle by walking out of it). Then wait a bit and do another ritual (but maybe banish right before doing a new ritual to get rid of residual energies from the incompleted prior ritual before starting).

Something like that :arrow_up:

So I think do a closing of some kind chill out a bit so your not still thinking about the ritual you just did then banish and do another one from scratch is likely the best option.

Add: obviously if you already broke the circle there’s no point in making a new one for a closure of the ritual likewise if the candles were already blown out you don’t need to relight and blow them out again but you need to do do something to close the ritual formally and to dismiss the entity until next you call it forth again.

After you’ve formally closed this ritual in somr manner and dismissed the entity with thanks there’s time enough to start another one.

Add: you thanked Lilith but did you thank and dismiss the entity that came? I think from what you said that you didn’t.

That’s the next step thank and dismiss the entity until you summon them again. (Like I said you close something like this: “thank you spirit i dismiss you go in peace return from whence you came until I summon you forth again”. That’s from a grimoire I read btw but I don’t remember what one.)

I suggest you don’t redo the ritual before closing the current ritual in some manner but do redo it after closing the current one.

What things should I use to close the current ritual?

Can I also write the same things from the previous ritual in Lilith’s letter when I start a new one?

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You can rewrite the same a many times as you like, just be careful you’re not doing that out of doubt :slight_smile:

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Well, mostly very strong intent and your words since I’m guessing the circle was broken the candles extinguished and so forth, so all you can do now is

Thank it for coming and for its service (like thank you spirit ___ for coming and for (pleasuring me?) as I asked. I now dismiss you with gratitude and ask you to go back to where you came from until I call on you again. Hopefully it’s just 1 spirit.

Intent for it to leave and ask it to in a nice way and since it seems you intend to call on it again in the future it’s entirely appropriate to ask ur to leave until you call on it again.

If you want you can light a candle then be like spirit I called from the nether realm I ask you to make note I am well pleased with your service I thank you for coming and attending to me I am well pleased and satisfied I give you license to depart and ask you leave and return to where you came from until I call on you again again I thank you now go in peace depart from here until I call you again. Then blow the candles out. BUT all you need is words and the desire it leave the intent it go away you don’t need candles to dismiss it it’ll you decide to use them they’re for you a prop to put you into the right headspace when asking it to go away for now.

That’s all I got for you. Intend it to depart and tell it nicely but firmly to go until you call it again. If it doesn’t go then banish. Wait a while before calling again (at least some hours depending on how horny you are or days if you can before summoning it again).

Add: and yes you can reuse the original ritual again if you want at a later time, as long as it still fits your intent when you use it again.

@1117 And I’m out of this thread cuz that’s all I got help wise for you. Anything I could add would just be me rephrasing and repeating what I’ve already said :wave::slight_smile:

I wrote down the words on paper that you told me and said them out loud but I felt like someone was hitting me can you tell me what it is?

Should I do the explusion before rituals?

How is it performed?

The problem is that you won’t know what you’re dealing with. You aren’t ready to verify or work with the entity that you’re calling. That’s a huge issue and is more important than most things.

So, I’d like to know what you’ve done to prepare for this and what your practice is.


What I did to prepare for it was: I read a lot about Incubus or Succubus and as for my practice I started the ritual today at 3:00 but I didn’t finish it completely so I closed it today but I’m interested in how to expel others parasites before performing the ritual again?

How will you know they’re present? How will you know they are who they say they are? This is also what I was asking.

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Well I don’t know you tell me

I would suggest you search for the tutorials section and do the needed exercises. Much better than attaching the wrong thing.

If I had the link, I would put it here. I don’t have it on this device.

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@anon39079500 I think the tutorials are found in 1 of 2 links so I’m posting the link to them in this thread. Dunno if there are any other pages but I’m posting the links I’ve got.

@1117 not sure which threads better just click one and read away :slight_smile: