My father got killed by Spirits

As I referred there, I lost my father (he was 25 years old) long years ago, but the story behind the tragic is really confusing.

Let me share it with you, and let me see, what do you think about it?

Months before his death, he started to hearing voices in his head. These voices were commanded him to kill himself, before he will hurt his young daughter ( me - I was 2 years old at that time ). He fell in depression because of those. My mother tried to help him, but my father reminded her about our dark family tree, and that killers from our past. Everyone was sure about my father would never hurt us. This was nonsense from those weird, unknown voices, but they did not stop, and my father believed them more and more, day by day.

So my mother was looking for a psychiatrist for him. The situation was very serious and creepy at this point. Trembling, fear from something unknown… Sometimes he was much more aggressive ( he was never, never, never was before! ), then simply collapsed. My mother taking medication to avoid sleeping, because she wanted to care of my father and to prevent his suicide attempts. Some hours ( ~6 ) before the doctor visits and before the therapy begins, my mother fell asleep. She was too tired and the hope of change was in her mind. But that was a terrible mistake. At early dawn, he went into the little building behind the house, and with his shotgun ( he was hunter ) shot himself. The reason why the others wake up was a very frightening sound. They heard my father’s heavy breathing, filled with lot of blood. They fly out and called the ambulance.

Nobody knows how, but he survived the shot. Everyone was happy, because the doctors was really good news for our family later ( although he was in critical condition ). When they was absolutely sure he was completely healed (after long-long weeks), they allowed him to go home. The final tests were all positive ( no any problem, no internal haemorrhage, he was absolutely ok ). That day relatives are helped to pack for him, but…

…unexpectedly, my father called my mother far from the others. She was really happy, she smiled, but my father is not.

I want you to know, I love you - he started, and my mother got confused at that moment - …but I had no choice.*

She said there was nothing wrong, he is healthy now, we can live happily with each other. He just starring at her, as if he knew what was coming next.

Please, take care of our daughter, more than your light of your eyes, love.

My mother was so confused: “What are you talking about, my love? We’ll take care of the kids together !” - she said confidently.

Forgive me… - he whispered.

These was his last words, before he suddenly collapsed, and fell to the ground (right after these words). My mother screamed, and cried for a doctors, to save her love, my father’s life. Everything turned in chaos then.

Nobody knows why, or how, but he died. The doctors were clueless behind the case. even autopsy did not answer, because there was no biological reason to death.

My mother completely collapsed after her love’s death, and because of the trauma (maybe?) she did not even care of me or my brother at all. She did not do what my father had asked for… so I have to grew up without any care, or feeling of love. It made me stronger.

( After his death, I started to see dark figures, even figures with glowing red and yellow eyes around me. The relatives did not tell me his death at this time, but I remember things from earlier too. I’m sure when I saw the first one, he was deceased already, and because I was totally alone all the time, I started to accept and enjoy their company. )

Questions are still swirls in my head.

Is he really got killed by "Spirits?
Is they really saved me from my father, from our family curse, or it was nothing more just a negative outrage against us, or… it was an important thing in my life, a “plan”?


First of all, my condolences.

Second, this feels to me like your father had a really nasty case of intrusive thoughts (which is a lot more common than people realize) which can lead to harmful behaviors such as suicide.

Third, even if people survive and are in critical condition that doesn’t mean that they’re going to recover no matter what. People can die in the ICU from complications.

And regarding the spirits you saw: it could have been these spirits manifested by using the negative energy permeating from your home due to your father’s struggle.

In conclusion: I’m rather skeptical that your father was killed by spirits. To me, the story sounds similar to those that struggled with mental illness and lost which is normally caused by uncontrollable factors not relating to spirits. Not every tragedy is caused by the supernatural (as unexciting as that sounds). Sometimes, bad things happen because bad things happen.

Of course, I could be wrong.


sad story😔


Sorry for your loss, and that you had to live this horrible experience.

I would consider mental illness as a logical cause, but since his death was not from suicide, and no medical/natural reason was discovered while he announced it himself that way. My conclusion is that, unfortunately, it was done by a spiritual cause.

This kind of declaration of ones death is not unusual. Many spiritual people around the world, from different cultures and belief systems, predicted their own death, similar to what your father did. What is unusual is that a spirit would do it.

Normally they would force the person to commit suicide, if they’re “evil” spirits. If they’re not of that kind, they would only inform the person of the time of his-her death, so all they know is the time, sometimes how, they will die, but those would not force the person to kill himself.

In this case, it was a mix of both. Something I personally never heard of before. I think there is more to it than what we know so far. There is an important missing link here, I can’t figure it out at the moment.

The only thing that I can think of, is that there was a death curse on him. This is the only reason I could think of now. But this kind of curse is extremely powerful and could only be performed by specific type of witchcraft and spirits. It’s not a common practice. Even people who are considered powerful magicians today, could not perform such curse. This is something made by very traditional type of magick. Probably by a priest or priestess. Someone with exceptional experience. That’s what I feel about it.


Tragic loss. Your father might have been hexed by someone who practices witchcraft or ceremonial magic and wished to harm him or partial possession. However, just hearing voices is only one sign of the demonic or a hex.

Demons who have acceded to the hex will patiently wait until something of importance happens in there life or an opportunity to strike the target and attack and make there victims as miserable as possible.

Demons are deceptive and malevolent and wish to destroy all that they encounter. Once unleashed on their target they will infest themselves in there lives and destroy any happiness.

These are the most common demonic harassment, sometimes implying it is a former living person that is haunting a location as a ghost:

Items disappeared mystetiously.

Frightening visions.

Hearing strange voices.

Unexplained illnesses.

Technology beeing blocked or malfunctioning.

Strange odors or scents around you.

In some cases the demon will decide on a plan to terrorize a person for a certain amount of time and than stop. It is entirely up to the demonic entity and has nothing to do with a cleansing or house blessing which may coincide with the demons plan to stop.


Hiya OP! Sorry for your loss, especially under such unforseeable and sudden circumstances. Did you ever get an occult answer to his death, or a magical root of the event?

Hello there, @Qayos ,

Yes. It was something like: “I must lose him for safety, learning and faster evolution.


Hiya OP! I understand the sacrifice as a way to speed up your adaptation to this timeline, but have you answered the question of who authorized it? Something like that’s usually the territory of higher selves, but I get a distinctly Abaddon-y signature from this arrangement. Understanding why your father fit into the picture the way he did is just as important as knowing why he was ‘released’! :slight_smile:

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Sorry mate you have no idea - you take merely the stand of contemporary medicine. I am a diagnosed schizophrenic and have been for near on 25 years. Im not necessarily criticizing you for taking the medical side of things, but let me assure you there is far more to schizophrenia than just and individuals mental illness. EVERY schizophrenic throughout history has said the same thing and that accounts for 100’s of millions. We are the persecuted be it by governments spirits or even aliens. Yes schizophrenics do often believe their persecutors are different - ie some aliens - some spirits etc etc, but essentially we all say the same thing. I always look closer to home so to speak - humans are the cause. We are targeted but we are the warriors in this war, it is biblical almost, compromise your/the virtues you lose plain and simple. Some kill themselves just on the basis of doubt they can continue to sustain their virtuousness whilst being persecuted, the ops father seems to be one of these types. Rather than harm another he suicided, in regards to a child whom he thought most probably delusionally would be his victim, he killed himself. Purgatory for suicide - hell for harming a child its a no brainer.


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I wasn’t talking about schizophrenia specifically.

I was talking about intrusive thoughts and hearing voices, the latter of which is common enough that’s it’s no longer considered the only criteria to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Here’s a website about it:


No one can help - the medication doesn’t work in fact it benefits the enemy. We are truly on our own with this. People cannot help, they just want to know what its like. You will never know unless you know. Period. The voices never stop - they go on and on even when your asleep. 24/7 365 days a year - unless whoever it is doing it goes on holiday once a year. They hate your goodness, you see the devil hides by association to virtuousness. If your truly good they hate you, if your just like them pretending to be good, they wont concern themselves with you. If they have nothing over you they will focus on you. Them ‘demon humans’ have to have something over you, if they don’t they will try to break you, so you sin. <— this is the true war of schizophrenia. Them and Us, with you all in between.

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Again, I wasn’t specifically talking about schizophrenia. And I may not have the disorder myself, but I know all too well about what it’s like to have voices in my head.

Please read my prior post fully.

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I merely suggested that you are taking the stand of the medical opinion - I know you didn’t allude to schizophrenia. You did however allude to mental illness, which was my point. All allusion to mental illness is an allusion to a medical opinion.
The ops dad died due the voices breaking him down to the point of self doubt (probably mistakenly). But he took the stance that rather than harm a child he would take himself out of the equation. He remained honourable to an extent, and fought the good fight until the end. The problem would be that he fulfilled the desire of the voices. This is a no win situation, he needed to understand that the voices were fearful of him leading a happy and virtuous family life. THIS is why they were attacking him. Think how many rich and famous people live shit family lives with divorce etc etc going on. Now understand that they don’t want ANYONE other than to go around showing that they are capable of what they couldn’t do. Do you get it ? This is WHY they persecute…to stop the TRULY virtuous and non perverse from being in the world. Get it ?

Its metaphysical NOT medical.



He was not schizophren. In our family tree, in every generation was a killer between us, who tried to kill or successfully killed someone after a “breakdown”, or for no reasons. We’re talked about this killing spree as a DNS “curse”. And it’s happened.

Based on our past, the voices was right, and my dad as well.

I have the power to communicate Gods via telepathy, and with other spirits as well. It is not a sickness, or a bad thing. Combining this natural ability with sickness, is wrong. I wanted to say with this, that not every case when you hearing voices, is not always = with schizophrenia .

I understand the sacrifice as a way to speed up your adaptation to this timeline, but have you answered the question of who authorized it?

@Qayos I don’t know too much about this. I wanted to talk about with it my Patron, Abaddon later. But I’m too busy now to caring with my past. I have to focuse now my presence. There is a lot of teaching, practicing with Gods up for me.

I have that feeling that the truth is something like I thought before, but I feel something is missing right now from the whole picture.


I suggested that it COULD be a medical problem (and in my first post, I said I could be wrong) because people have been in similar circumstances that weren’t caused by the metaphysical.

It’s important to first look at the mundane first. And if you can’t find logical answers there, then that’s when you look into the metaphysical. For example, let’s say a light bulb randomly goes out. While it COULD be cause by spirits, it could just as easily have gone out because it was a bad bulb or a bad light socket. After concluding that it’s not either of those, then it’s reasonable to add magick and spirits into the equation.

Not everything is caused by the metaphysical. Sometimes bad things happen because bad things happen.


Firstly, my apologies for your lost. It’s hard to conclude whether he was killed by spirits but on a whim I’m assuming that there was some hex or curse done in “due time”; maybe something he didn’t come to terms with until the end of his time here.

Families on an intergenerational level can carry psychic/metaphysical properties in DNA, the exact same way that mental illness can be triggered by genetic predisposition — an explanation for this would to boil it down truly to the works of kamma, and the cause and effect of kamma isn’t exactly linear, it can appear mismatched, confusing, then relieving, then it repeats itself. It’s the same way wealthy parents birth vicious children, or vicious parents birth gentle, kind kids — what has happened and will happen are all works of this.

Within earth which we call our sense-sphere, we are neither masters nor the servant of this kamma. Even the most vicious person can by his own effort become the most virtuous person. We are always becoming something and that something depends on our actions.

It may so happen that in some cases a lesser evil may produce its due effect, while the effect of a greater evil may be minimised. You mentioned the voices were hassling him to harm you as well.

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Thank you for your comment, @Whitehowlite , it was very useful.

You mentioned the voices were hassling him to harm you as well.

No, the voices did not asked him to hurt me. The voices only asked him to kill himself before he’ll hurt me. Why he believed this voices it was because everyone know that there was killers between us in every generation.

Families on an intergenerational level can carry psychic/metaphysical properties in DNA, the exact same way that mental illness can be triggered by genetic predisposition

I thought that before. I was a weird little creature when I was child. I tortured animals, executed them almost “ritually”, burned up dolls, melted down their faces and I did other things what are can be a really powerful sign of something worst future coming.

So I did not doubt that I get something from our genes. But I noticed really fast that I must get control above myself and even above these genes, if the reasons of these are inside it.

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My last paragraph still stands. Sometimes there is a lesser effect to diminish the greater effect. I understand that morality isn’t often brought up in forums like this but I’ll say this. Always steer through life with moral righteousness. It sounds like you had a rough upbringing and didn’t have all the love that you were suppose to receive. But everything happens for a reason, or else it wouldn’t of.

To be morally ‘right/good’ within our own being is far too subjective and outstretched to downpack it to a mutually exclusive definition; morality is taught and is subjective itself to a degree, but as long as you are out there fulfilling your happiness, you should also guide yourself in the right direction to do well by you and others. As practitioners we wish not to inflict harm unto anyone unless truthfully deserving of it. We attain personal development and growth as aspects of self-mastery.

We all have a darker tail that’s embedded into the earth, there is no innocence in the human form unless it’s a baby. From there on you’ll only get a certain degree of guilt, but no total innocence.


I KNOW that hearing voices isn’t schizophrenia at all mostly - its a medical label nothing more.

Blockquote or successfully killed someone after a “breakdown”

This is what the voices were doing by bringing in self doubt it is bringing in break down - within the mind of your father, to the point whereby he thought it was so possible that he would harm you that he decided to kill himself just in case.


I apologise all maybe I should have clarified what IU wanted to say more clearly. Anyway I hope your ok op sad loss.