How I (?) tricked the Death ( or I have mysterious Guardian? )

There is two, very memorable and incredible part of my life, and these are still a mystery to me, what are changed my whole life and my “conception” of life (and so much more). :dizzy::revolving_hearts:

Curing my kidney cancer

When I started the high school, I felt into a deep depression. Grewing up without a father, and with an ignorant, narcissist mother was very hard. Got no support, advice, care at all, and it was from my birth.
I was absolutely alone. Sad, angry I hated everyone. My negative emotions left their marks on my physical health as well. After two near relatives death (I caused one of them; I’ve killed my grandma), at that Winter doctors are diagnosed me with kidney cancer.
I didn’t care about it too much, at all. I had enough of my life, and somewhere deep inside I knew that I’ve caused this to myself, no doubt. I knew things already about these. I spent a lot of time in a hospital, and before my final test, well… that night was horrible.

I was half asleep, and in… a totally different “state”, but wasn’t the physical plane (I saw “scenes” from both planes, alternately). - Radiant Light figures are appeared above me, starring at me. I was unable to see their faces. They’re was tall, possibly males with glowing orange, gold and white auras.
I felt that They’re wanted something to me, but I didn’t know, what. Then I suddenly started to feel something horrible pain. It burned me. My whole body was in fire, inside and outside. I’ve experienced several horrible things before it (for example, when you are get cut open, and doctors cleaning your flesh and organs from deadly infection through those cuts - this was an another horrible experience to me; a dangerous bacterial infections). My skin was wet, and burning body or not, in the same time I felt myself like I’m shivering and will freeze to death.
Tears appeared in the corner of my eyes, and everything what I wanted in that moment was nothing more just the death, the end of my all suffering. But I didn’t die; a sudden black out - and these lights, and all of my pain disappeared.

I woke up in the morning. Before the final tests to my operation. My doctor leaded me and I have to meet again these horrible machines. When we finished, he asked me to stay outside, in the waiting room with my mother.
10-15 minutes later he suddenly appeared again, and asked us to let’s go in, then he showed to us my results: my cancer vanished!. Can not see it on the fresh pictures - He He bombed me with confused questions, and all of us was shocked. The doctor told us to go out, and wait again, because he have to convene a concilium and he want to call an another doctor from Germany.

After long hours, he confronted us with the facts: that the chances that this happens is nearly impossible. He saw this first in his lifetime during his work. They was confused, because of my surgery. They didn’t wanted operate me without reasons, so I have to wait some days for another tests, then everything went clear - I’m healthy.

And at this point, I’ve started thinking about my pathetic depression (because after these, my depression seemed nothing more to me just pathetic).

Instant Drowning

When I was a little child, I fel into a deep pool. There was a big drain on its bottom, absolutely unseen for me under the dark water, and it had a big suction power. No one noticed me, even my mother neither (who totally changed after my fathers death, she did not take care of me at all, so my Demons did) and others around me.
I was sure in I’ll getting drowned then die after I fell into that big stuff. Can’t fight against the pressure as a tiny little girl, under the water. I’ve still was able to heard the birds’ song above me, the children happy laughter, playing with their parents, and the blue sky, with the shiny Sun’s light. Then I realised: " I’ll die here… so soon …Can not be true. " - I thought. But the seconds are just gone, and I was slowly out my last breathe. " So this is how it will end? " - asked from myself.
But in the final second then… a huge, white-gold light surrounded me. I saw nothing but that light. And in an another second, an unknow “power” pushed me out of the water, just like a ragdoll. I was able to breath again, and slowly I started to realize that I’m still alive. I tried to find who saved me (around me) but can’t find anyone… No one even watched me, or was in the near, at all. I just get saved…

These golden-white lights are appeared and surrounded me every time when I was near to the death.
Still don’t know surely, “who was that”. Whatever was it, somehow I’ve outplayed de death’s several forms,and after I’ve survived the kidney cancer in that wonderful way, I had enough of my weakness. It was a huge change in my life, and everything mysteryous “support” from my support has motivated me.



I’m very glad that you survived.



Wow, that’s amazing. I’m so glad you survived both times; that they saved you. :heart: I’m sorry for the pain you went through.



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Good you survived as a kid. But why/how did you kill your Grandma?


Incredible experience :metal:

Glad you survived of course. Personally I think they’re Angels, the description fits their usual interaction with humans… they appear, do the job, few or no words, then they’re gone. The white-golden light also a dead giveaway.

But they could be any other type of entities, Gods or Demons for example.
Still I’m voting for Angels on this one :slight_smile:


A very long story in short:

Our family tree is a sheer madness, a chaos, filled with dark stories and fates.

After my father died when he was 25 years old, my near relatives started attacking my mother, and blame her that she was the reason why my father died. Of course, my mother wasn’t an angel, or mother role model, but I knew that she suffered a lot around my father last months, and she did everything to save him.

So, because of our near relatives, the whole city was turned against her, and my grandma support them it, even when she turned her “angelic” face towards us, every time - but she never was an angel.
Our family has to move out from that city, and find an another one because of that much hatred, contempt and lies.

Time has passed, and after long years, my cousin caused lot of harm and loss to us, again. He stole things from us (from my and my little brother - and let me say, I’m a big protector of my little one, I’ve startend working when I was 16 years old just because I wanted to give that financial security - cauz’ my mother was near to lose our whole house) , and started blaming suddenly us again.

“You are a criminal” - he said (he born in a prison, anyway - their whole family stole things and hurt others - there wasn’t a single time when at least one of us wouldn’t sat in prison for at lest months)
“You are a fucking killers” - he said.
“You are a worthless bitch, who destroyed this family” - said he and his mother.
“You took away from us your him (my father)” - they said.

The anger, hatred just filled my whole existence.
I can’t stand lies.
I can’t stand traitors.

They used these words against us, and I knew, that my family isn’t that “dream family”, and broken, but still lives somehow, and I won’t let that these kind of worms to cause more damage.
I wanted a big punishment to them.
I wanted see them suffer, cry. I want them see broken.

so I take my grandma’s life.
Who was the most important and kind person to this part of our family tree.
She died within 1-2 weeks, on the road, before the passers-by.

I was there at her funeral, and those who cried was not me…
I felt myself raised, I was happy, and everything what I showed towards these monsters wasn’t nothing more, just a lightly smile, to their teary face.
After this happened, they’re all moved in other countries, and their family felt apart.

@PrinceX Yes, I’ve thought about it, me too.
Hm… I usually see Lucifer in my dreams and on the Astral with similar energies. :thinking:
( At least His fatherly colors was white, gold, a kind of orange to me. )

@Morgana9 @IrisAthena @Myrddin Thank you All. :revolving_hearts::wine_glass:


I stand corrected :slight_smile:

In this case I believe it was him. I’m not familiar with this aspect of Lucifer that’s why Angels were the first to come to mind.

Maybe the reason he acted this way - similar to how Angels operate - is because you were too young at that time and he didn’t wan to get you confused about his identity… he was probably more concerned about your healing and saving your life.


@PrinceX, what people mostly forget is that Lucifer still is an Archangel. So yes it can be Angels and yes it can be him.

He has many ways :slight_smile:


Well I understand your childhood to be pretty rough. And maybe I am more an in between person. I mostly forgive people or leave them. Only in the worst case I would attack.

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Most people may forget that yes. But his identity as an Archangel is according to only one religion, and this specific one… let’s just say it has some major credibility issues :grinning:


I was a little girl in that time. Can not control my emotions. I’ve changed a lot, so possibly I wouldn’t do it again. This is why you can find on my profile this part:

I’ve never practiced these before consciously, and because of that, sometimes it has terrifying consequences.
Because of it, to avoid causing accidents, illness, bad luck (and also deaths), I had to learnt how to control myself, my powers somehow as soon as possible. Primarily 'cause for my own cause.

Yes, it explains why I’m saw Him sometimes with wonderful, big, white wings.


And that’s not exactly true. Because to many, even in the LHP he came as an Archangel… Blond hair or black short hair.

To me he came in both forms.
Angelic and Demonic (Dark). Very, I mean very different energies.


Actually it is true from a different angle. I’m not talking about the personal experience here…if we will consider that then any discussion regarding the appearance of spirits will lose any meaning or value. I’m talking about his identity as mentioned in the sources we use to know who he is. Christianity as a resource for such information … in my opinion, is the the worst of them all.

That doesn’t mean we can’t see him or experience him as an Archangel. Many people does. But in my opinion that appearance is more of a mask he uses to interact with us… like all other spirits. When the connection or relationship becomes stronger, they start to go beyond those subconscious masks and reveal more of their true-real identity to us. If they do that from day one, it usually causes problems and misunderstandings! That’s my personal opinion.


What I mean to say is that I don’t have this from my old religion. Search ‘Archangels Lucifer’ you won’t find it on Christian sites, books etc…
Even if you search four archangels, seven archangels. They took the title away as they started the dogmatic teachings.

I’ve asked him in a channeling and yes he has many masks. But he still has a connection with source and the Archangels. And in many tasks he comes with the Angels, for example Michael or Raphael (happend to me one time).


I completely respect your experience :+1:


As I respect your experience of course :slight_smile:


Interesting, cause I saw Lucifer as beautiful angel, with blonde hair just for two weeks. In these times I was able to sense His Fatherly energies, and maybe He manifested in this form just because to increase this “effect” in the beginning.

I can sense it day by day, but His apperance was never like “the old” from those times. Now, I can see even His “Father form” with black, long or middle long hair, most often.

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I am the same with tricking death , I survived war bombings, near miss accidents, even a plane crash , actually my whole family is like this . I read somewhere that some people are by birth protected and shielded by a very strong spirit usually ancestors!


First, I’m so glad you are survived it. :black_heart:

Yes, you are absolutely right! Thankfully to my beloved Ones, Abaddon, Belial and Lucifer told me things about our near relationships (my Godself’s and Their), so it’s proved that there are magickians who are they have an exceptionally close relationship with them.

It is funny, because I’ve cryied a lot because of it. Because I simply can’t believe it, and Their constant care is just wonderful.