My experience with Lucidity (Becoming one with the darkness)

I decided to make a pact with lucifuge. I started by just writing down what I wanted from this pact. Then I attempted to write what I felt he might want from me. After i finished writing i ler myself doodle some lucifuge sigils and pictures i found with Google not caring if they were correct or not.

Later that day i had been adding things to the paper as they came to me. I was feeling bored with the paper so I decided to surf some YouTube to unwind for a bit. I found an interview with E.A. Koetting and C.Kendall that i haven’t seen before. In it they reminded me that physical pacts are not necessary.

This is where I get the brilliant idea to meditate and do a mental pact with lucifuge. So I clear my mind then I mentally project everything that I want to get from this pact. I then ask lucifuge what requirements he has for me. The next thing I know I am in a black fluid. As if I am swimming under water in the pitch black. Then I realized that this is liquid darkness/nothingness. It is less than the void. It is pure nonexistence. That is when I noticed that I was holding my breath. I think to myself if I breathe this will I drown? There is no more gravity, no way to know where this ends. I decided that if lucifuge brought me here he would not do so to kill me and if he did I should feel honored to command such attention from him. I decided to let go and just experience what he has in store for me.

The fluid then started to flow into every opening and every poor in my body until I could hold no more. I became one with this nothingness this liquid darkness. I could feel my connection to everything. Any thoughts I had came to me with information embedded in them.

For example if I thought about eating an apple. All knowledge about the apple i visualized and all knowledge about human digestion would be with it under the surface of the thought. This knowledge would pour into me through this fluid that I have merged with. I stayed here as long as I could. As I was leaving I thanked lucifuge and again asked him what he wanted in exchange for this. He simply said “I got you little one.” And it was over.


i wont lie.i have never worked with lucifuge but i know one,two or more things about him.
just give lucifuge time to see if you pact is fulfilled but no matter if he will do or not,just perform your part .plz,dont mess with the guy especialy knowing he is a marsian(spirit of mars)
they tend to be serious,aggressive at times,sensitive and some times misfortunes when working with them.

Lucifuge is a Saturnian entity, not a spirit of mars


the only proof you can convince me if you have asked him yourself,have you?

Yeah I have, I’ve written a contribution for the Lucifuge Compendium and through that pathworking, it is very apparent he is Saturnian.


I very much agree. I worked with him awhile back and all of my observations point at Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.


Yes, I have experienced almost the same!

When lucifugue is “near” to me, or when I think in him or write his name or read about him the sky is immediately clouded, my hause goes totally dark. He bring me that disolution of feelings, sensations… my pure tranquility, like a breath of calm that echoes in the eternal darkness, an echo that never returns but cleanses the environment, like a black lagoon in a void of non-existence and “unreality”.


dont judge me sir ,i did my research on occult books and websites,also if you have heard of morino ravenberg he confirms this in his video (working with lucifuge).But as i said before i havent worked with him.thanx sir.

wow,that awsome and spooky.
i plan working with him in future for now am not ready for his scary stuff especially horrific appearance.

I’ve had another experience when meditating. This time the darkness was not liquid it was dark flames. I quickly became surrounded by this dark fire. I started to burn. It was shear agony. When I thought I could take no more the pain stopped. I was reduced to ash and consciousness. I could feel the flames. They were somehow now apart of me. I could make them grow or diminish. They are faster moving and more energetic than the liquid. Its like it is pure kinetic energy. I could feel the liquid bubbling in me and the knowledge I can use this energy to do anything I want came flowing to me. I recreated my body from the ashes. Made the necessary changes to accommodate both the liquid nothingness and the dark flames. I then here a voice say “Enjoy what is to come!”. It was lucifuge.

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When I get some more time I will post more experiences I have one more to finish to complete this working. When finished I will have three more to post.

@Lady_Eva I would like to edit this title. I would like to add

(Becoming one with the darkness)

Thank you

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The next one I am surrounded by the darkness again and this time it is solid. I am in a me shaped hole in this solid darkness. It starts shrinking. I can’t breathe in very well. Every time I breathe out it gets tighter. I feel myself stop breathing. It now feels like time has stopped. After what feels like an eternity I feel my body trying to spasm. I know this is it, I’m going to die it will be over soon. I was wrong. The space kept shrinking. Ever so slowly crushing my body. I can no longer perceive anything as my body is dead yet somehow I am aware of everything that is happening. When what feels like an eternity later this solid darkness has crushed me into nothing I start to feel different. I feel grounded. Then the flames and liquid wash over me. I feel the grounding and the powerful flames and the knowledge liquid together filling me completely recreating my body. I recieved knowledge of grounding, anchoring, of solidifying things to the physical, and of metal,rocks, stones, dirt. I wake and feel more present in my body than ever before as if I have been walking around with my head in the clouds my whole life.

The next experience

Darkness surrounds me again. This time is different I can’t seem to make out any discernable characteristics of it. I started to think that I was not in a good enough trance. On my next breath my lungs fill with the darkness. I hold my breath in for a bit and focus on the feeling of the darkness in my lungs. Then I release the breath. I panic for a second as I realize that when I breath out I am expelling myself and when I breath in more nothingness comes in and replaces what was expelled. I take a deep breath and relax. I give in to the experience completely. I continue to breathe slowly and deeply until there is only darkness left. Suddenly I can sense the darkness. I can see it and its energies. I can feel it everywhere in the far reaches of space and in between the smallest particles. Understanding of the darkness flows into me. My senses become alive. My mind is clearer than I can ever remember it being. My memory for that matter has seemed to improve ( not a far stretch for me had a terrible memory before this). When I woke my eyes adjusted to the light very quickly and gone was the usual light sensitivity pain I get when I open my eyes. Everything is more vibrant. Information coming from my senses is almost overwhelming. I can see farther and smaller details than before. A borage of smells invade my nose. I can feel vibrations from the other people in the house moving around. I realize I can still taste the granola bar I ate a couple of hours ago. Next I almost pass out when the images of all the spirits that i work with come into my mind. My psychic senses are fully functioning now.

I can’t help but wonder what the next one will bring.

I know it has been a bit but I had a lot to process for my last experience I was urged to use the outer darkness rite by @C.Kendall . I did participate in the group rite at the appropriate time. I will skip over the ritual part for that info I recommend looking for @Yberion he was amazing in this. Alright when the gate was opened and the darkness was coming through something came with it. Actually it was more like the darkness was coming from it. The size and energy of this was so massive I could barely comprehend it. Then it noticed me. I freeze. I can’t even blink. It is the hydra. I am suddenly in the air. All of the heads are staring into my soul judging me as if to see if I am worthy. I start to wonder if I have taken this too far. I solidified my intention and proceed regardless of the consequences if I ruin my life or even die then so be it. Next I feel darkness pouring into my soul. I have been accepted. My chakras start activating starting with root but there is something else being activated as well. A darkness twin vortex. This continues with all my energy centers. Then the dark twins began to increase their energy. They start to remind me of small blackholes. Then they act like blackholes and swallow all of my other energy centers. When they were done with the other centers they continued to draw everything in the pull of them is very intense. I still feel them now always pulling. I can no longer feel my chakras. I have tried to do energy work to no avail. They are gone. These things that replaces them are stronger. They seem to always be active unlike my chakras which I would have to work hard to get going. The amount of energy i can move is extremely .

Thanks for reading. Go with darkness.

The newly improved Eric.


Congratulations @4hmagm,

Sounds like you’ve got one of those preceous next Gen. Upgrades installed.

I’d love to hear more about it,
how they work in alginement with your work and magick,
how it feels over a period of time,
testing them out and checking the new degree of power.

i really liked the describtion of their activation.

Mind giving me a PM,
with a Drawing or Photo,
which indicates their exact location?

I have a guess,
and my current guess is about them either being next to each other,
basically in the kidney region (lower back, shortly over the hip bone),
one being at the upper body,
one at the lower body.

that’s for you to tell,
and for me to listen. xD

Looking forward to your reports.



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Ok here is an update on the new energy centers I have been given. They have their own gravity or pull. They are like little black holes with their own solar systems. There are two large ones and two small ones that orbit the larger ones. There are two more in my hands. With the exception of the ones in my hands they orbit my aura. I can control where they move and can affix them to any part of my body. They are constantly pulling energy in and filtering it to meet any needs I may have. They have a link to my inner universe that I have never felt before. They are darkness with the essence of the elements.

Since receiving them I have been able to communicate with my body and any spirits that I have been working with better. I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a time . My physical energy seems to be endless. My physical and psychic senses are both parciving more information than ever before. The amount of energy that I can move around my bodies is extremely intense. I am starting to get used to the feeling of it.

Soon I will explore some spell work with this new energy.

I will keep you posted on my experience.

Thanks for reading and dark blessings to you


If you are reading this please look at this link it may be important for you or someone you know.