A warning to someone

Okay, this will be awkward so lets get this over with.

Last night I had a vision about someone.
Because I have no one in my own circle of friends fitting the description I will put it out here, maybe someone else can make use of this (or knows someone who would fit the description).

You were:
english speaking
in your 30s (mid to end?)
blond-haired (probably dyed)
brown eyed
mother of two (I think it was one boy and one girl?Both were aged around 5-6 and around 8-10)

I witnessed you dying in a hospital. I had your youngest child on my lap while you looked at me with these sad brown eyes, telling me how you were not ready yet.
If you struggled with health issues like headache, seeing double, feeling nauseous on and off for no apparent reason - please go and see a doc as soon as you can.
In my vision you avoided it as long as you could because it was “nothing”.
I don’t know you and I probably don’t want to. But this feeling didn’t want to fade away, so here it is.



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I truly hope that she receives this message for her health and your peace of mind.

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Yikes, hope this woman can be found and warned.

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Thank you for posting this I hope she sees your message and gets better

Hopes this helps the person in question. It’s cool that you’re sharing.

Maybe we should all post some links to spread the message around better.

One last “bump” before I let that thread disappear (probably good for the folks in different time zones).
Over and out :v:t2:


@Lady_Eva, can you pls close this thread. Many thanks!