My Evocation of Lucifer Last Night

I have to tell you, about the evocation of Lucifer, I did, which i did last night. I was chatting with Lucifer, and I asked Him to activate all of my god-abilities. I could see all my chakras light up, including those above and below my body.

Then I was virtually imploring him, to show himself to me. He said: “Do not beg! You are a god and gods do not beg. They command. Command me to appear and I shall”. I commanded Him to appear, and immediately, I could see Him in my spirit vision, slightly above me again a blue sky, with just a few clouds. I was dressed like a Roman centurian/emperor, with His wings. He was wearing armour and an olive reed crown, which He then place on my head for a short time. He said: as i am a god, that one was being prepared for me.

Then He reached out His right arm to me, and I placed my left hand on His right hand. I went with Him to visit my partner in Poland. Then He brought us to see, the red brick cottage with a wall around it, in the UK, which He showed me earlier, how to manifest in July. Then He brought Daniel and I back to Daniel’s home, where Daniel was sleeping. Daniel held my hand on the way to his home. Then He brought me back to my body, in my room. WOW!!!


Wow. That is amazing. Can you please share with me the method in which you used to evoke him?


It’s absolutely phenomenal - really, really impressed. :champagne:


Of course it will. I use my bed as my altar, since my room is a small box room. I lit a red pillar, on which I carved the sigil of Lucifer. Behind the candle, I had a sandalwood incense cone burning. I noticed that the temperature had already begun to drop in my room. I could even see the vapour in my breath, as I breathed out. The incense smoke came around both sides of the candle to my face. It was a bit overwhelming at times.

Then I said the following:
Lucifer, the Light-bringer, bright morning star and evening star, Venus, Prometheus, benevolent god, I summon you.
Lucifer, the Light-bringer, bright morning star and evening star, Venus, Prometheus, benevolent god I conjure you.
Lucifer, the Light-bringer, bright morning star and evening star, Venus, Prometheus, benevolent god, come forth and manifest Yourself, within this temple; this room which I have prepared for You.

Then I repeated these sentences a few times.

Then I scanned the spiritual spectrum, and stopped when I found the frequency to communicate with Him on. I began having a conversation with Lucifer on this “channel”, as I would with a two-way radio system, to talk to a friend. You will know His frequency, when you get to it. Just like you recognise a TV station, as you tune into it.

The tuning in process is very similar to being in a crowded noisy room, and how you tune into a particular conversation, eliminating all the others, so that you can hear the one you want.

I hope that helps.

Hail Lucifer and the Original Gods!! :blush:


Thanks for sharing. I hope it works out well for me too when i do it.:thumbsup:

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I hope so. It’s about believing that what you are doing is real and effective.


I will do it tomorrow. Hold me in your thoughts and send me your magical energy to help of you like.


I will be delighted to do that for you. When I chat with Lucifer later, I’ll will mention you to Him. :slight_smile:


Thank you so o so much
My real name is needed?, I have been asking for His help and Bael with my current situation, if you could ask Him if He heard my calls and if He will help because I am so new at this my psychic abilities are zero :frowning:

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No problem. I’m sure you have psychic abilities, but you don’t know how to use them and trust them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can refer to you by your username. Lucifer and I know who we mean. :roll_eyes:

Thank you, I will not forget this. I hope some day soon to return the favour

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I’m glad to help. What age are you? I’m 52yo.

I am 35. So have you been doing this for a long time?

I first set foot on the LHP around 2008, but I became an independent Catholic priest and later bishop. Then about two years ago, I began to realise how two-way communication with the divine worked. I also realised that I had a lot of other divine abilities. About two years ago, I combined different aspects of both path, so that I could help the most people. Also around this time, I befriended a Luciferan priest. About three months ago, I discovered BALG website. Then about a week ago, I joined the forum and began evocation, which culminated in my experience last night.


Your experience with Lucifer sounds awesome.
I like how you described the tuning into the frequency for two-way communication.
What are your upcoming sessions/plans? Will you evoke any other entities, or continue to evoke Lucifer?


That is a great story. Thank you for sharing your story and techniques. I have never had Lucifer come without heat. When he comes to me he always makes me so hot. It was surprising that you said he came and it made the room cold. So cold in fact that it made you see your breath.

Hi @nikki and @FractalMimi I hope you are both well. Thank you both for you kind words. I think for a while, i will continue to evoke Lucifer. He and the other Original Gods have been much maligned by Christians and others. I want to develop a relationship with Him. I am also very drawn to Azazel, and I think very soon, I will begin evoking him also.

Almost two weeks ago, a Luciferan High Priest friend, suggested that I might a candle, take off my shirt and offer myself to Lucifer. I knelt down and began to chant A. E. Koetting’ s chant for making pacts. I offered myself, in exchange for god-like ablities/powers, and that i would become a god. Immediately, my vision began to go dark and channelled, as if I was going to pass out. I thought I was going to faint, and I reached out to a nearby press to prevent myself from failing. Then it began to pass, and my vision and balance began to normalize again.

I truly believe, that was Lucifer honouring my request and the pact. :slight_smile:

Hail Lucifer and the Original Gods!!


Please also mention me to him. If you need my details ask me.

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Do keep us posted with your experiences, because it is very interesting. I love reading about others encounters.
Did you end up using a circle for the evocation afterall? Or a triangle of manifestation? Or did you do the evocations without?

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@Lord_Raven I will. I love spiritual work. How is your spiritual work progressing?